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Kha'Zix General Guide by Blazlyn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blazlyn

Killer Kha'zix

Blazlyn Last updated on October 2, 2012
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Ok so this is my first guide and it is still a work in progress and I will work on refining it in the weeks to come.

Kha'zix is basically Rengar 2.0. They are both fun to play but I definitely prefer some void in my life haha ( Cho = <3 ).

This is a part way jungle guide as it is more for roaming from the start.

Also summoner spells are Ghost and Ignite.

I have to go for now more will be up tonight/this weekend.

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His skills are really situational and should always be selected based on what your team needs.

His Q is basically the same as Rengar's and I rarely upgrade it as I find that the other three play more into the supporting build that a jungle is supposed to be.

I am always trying to max out his W first, it is also the first on that I upgrade. Here is why: It is a slow and a vampire-esque move all in one when it is upgraded. this is also the reason that I have worked some AP into the build through the form of the Rage Blade.

His E is a the prefect escape tool as well as a great gap closer. It also does a small AOE that I believe scales off of AP as well hence the Rageblade. This is the third thing that I usually evolve as it makes the range go from that of flash to that of about twice that of flash.

Ok now his R is a get out of jail free card as well as a I need a massive speed boost for a bit and it plays the role of I need to get them to shift focus in this team fight to the tank so I can reappear do some lifesteal and dissappear to repeat. The three "blinks" are why this is my second thing I "Evolve."

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Play style

You roam your job is to be able to appear mid lane and gank whenever possible have that flying leap into a turret and launch those spikes to snag that almost "B"ed mid kill only to ghost and ulti out of there with their team hot on your tail.

Start at that top bush and get first blood/an assist. LET TOP BAIT this means letting him get hurt, make sure he knows that. let the top get over xtended and dont be afraid to ignite him if he is running.

Then go into the jungle to get some wolves and wraiths.

Now with your ninja tabi go grab that big blue guy and take a look around see what is necessary when and have fun.

Spam your w like no tomorrow after it is maxed IT WILL KEEP YOU ALIVE.


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