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Killer Lee Sin

Last updated on October 3, 2012
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Well Lee Sin is my favorite champ even though he has been nerfed so badly. But this build is the key to success if your good with him already. The reason i say that is because you need a lot of money for this build so if your jungling you need to gank all the time or if your laning you need kills all the time.

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Masteries, runes, and summoner spells

Well basically i put like all my stuff into the offensive obviously but its up to you really, I prefer ones that enhance my summoner spells so it might be different depending on what you use.
My runes are standard. I prefer my red runes to deal damage. Newer people will want the ones that dont level, so you can start off stronger, better players can take the leveling ones because they will do good already. Now i like the runes that shorten cool downs, these runes help you get that extra q just in case you need to catch someone. Lastly i prefer the armor runes for the yellow, idk why i just need a little armor to start
Now the summoner spells I take most often are the Flash and Ignite, i think that Flash is a must. It gets me out of situations i couldnt otherwise. Ignite is for the enemies that are slippery and run away with low health. Another viable option is Ghost, but you have so many moves to get you through the lane already i prefer Flash. And if your gonna jungle obviously switch out the ignite

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I think its pretty obvious the order, you use q to get close then use the e to slow. And the w is nice for harrassing early on because you can jump back to an ally after hitting them, if done right you can even avoid the turret fire.

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Finally the pros and cons

-You will deal massive damage, at least 1200 every hit,
-You get both crits and damage, so your skills dont suffer
-The stats dont include the 40 from the max blood thirster so potentially even more damage
-your tower taking power is going to be incredible
- your passive brings up the speed somewhat
-you will not be that fast
-you can always take someone that deals damage fast, like master yi
-magic champions will easily take you if you get silenced,but that always happens to lee sin unless your a tank