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Build Guide by Cywil

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cywil

Killer Wolf by Cywil

Cywil Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi All!

Sorry for my English but still learning. If I made any mistakes please correct me.
This is my my first build so please do not judge me too harshly. I decided to write my build, because when I played, people thought that it is great.
Masteries he added, and so far I did not disappoint.
So let's start from the beginning.

I have several ways to play the wolf.

For those less experienced.

1. Our first item is a dagger gives us the speed of attack and is required for the berserker's graves. We go top / bot trying to avoid a firing distance of a warrior or mage, it is best to have a partner wolf shooting someone then there is no problem in gaining a greater level. Add the skill as it is given in build. We consider up to 5 levels because then we have a wolf lifestill we do not have too much problem in the game. Item buy but as I gave it 2 our item can be either a last-whisper, or wit's end. Everything depends on our opponents ... Once dominated by heroes of mana, I recommend you use end'a because ulti on the opponent he loses a large part of its mana. But when we have heroes murder types, mundo, Garen better to buy a whisper. At 6th level, we try to have the will of the gang. Our wolf having a blood scent should not have much of a problem in attacking humans. In the meantime I recommend taking the creeps and the mana buff. I suggest not to move yourself, but calmly wait for their prey. Are you sure you happen to chance to catch and kill.
Playing a wolf when I was little chance of making Restarting Items 5, 6. So 35 minutes a game this should be the maximum time for us.

Okay now for the players who are swallowed by the wolf.

2.If we have the opportunity and the team will agree we can go to try to measure but it is obvious that there will encounter the enemy shooter so I suggest to be a really experienced player because the wolf had no skill to the problem. Playing in the middle of our trying to strike an opponent's magic as often as possible. The advantage of playing in the middle is such that it sticks fast rate and we are able to measure to reach the top / bot. If you really have a problem it proposes to forgive someone means to buy shoes and go creep. Then we have a lot of money, and the enemy did not expect when we come to kill him. Of course, the wolf is a figure which has not too much of life so I suggest caution in the beginning because of course then we have a wolf lifestill that there is no major problem with this. Like I said before item 2 is up to us whether it will whisper or wit but it is, please read in advance.

Our wolf is chasing the form so please do not hammer him on the boor in the middle of the fight because it is not profitable for us, it's better to wait a moment where the enemies will use their magic. Then we have to attack a few seconds so be quick and resolute in their action. Usually when I jump in the enemies begin to rozbiegańá. Try to choose those victims who were separated from their rather than chasing three people running away together.

Playing a wolf I had several times pentakill and I managed to even have the time, the only time legendary kill. Wolf is a fast and strong character. In good hands is a great killer! Statistically 20 to kill a piece of cake!

Thank you to players who have read my 1 build.

I wish you every success in the game and kill many I hope that my help with something useful to you.

Good luck & Have fun!

by Cywil