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Mordekaiser Build Guide by KillerTehNoob

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillerTehNoob

KillerTehNoob's Mordekaiser

KillerTehNoob Last updated on January 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, I am KillerTehNoob and i am brazilian, thus, i am an expert Mordekaiser player.

I will teach you on the ways of Spell Vamp Mordekaiser. Before starting, I want to say that i will upgrade this guide another day, so it isn't complete. And I will work on formating the guide to be more pleasant-looking.

Mordekaiser is not in a good spot right now, with the nerfs to him and Hextech Gunblade. But he can be played as solo top. Rumble was considered Mordekaiser 2.0, but now it seems that Mordekaiser is Rumble 2.0. Before those nerfs, you could build Rylai's > Hextech Gunblade x4 and rape 1x5. Change Rylai's for Guinsoo's rageblade and you could do the same with jax.

Oh well, lets start.

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Mpen reds, flat AP blues and quints for damage.
Armor yellows to survive solo top against aggressive AD champions.

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21/9/0 standart caster mastery page with hp regen and little flat hp for the psychological factor. This matters a lot against low elo players. (truth be told, if you need a guide, you probably aren't a high elo player).

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You will start with pendant and one potion. Your goal is to farm, farm, farm, so you need this to stay in lane (and survive your own abilities killing you). When you come to base, you probably have gold for Hextech Revolver, boots 1, 1 ward and some health pots. ALWAYS. BUY. WARDS. Period.
Ganked Mordekaiser is dead Mordekaiser.

If you come back with 300 gold, buy one ward and health pots, and try to stay in your lane and farm better.
If you come back with 700 gold, buy boots 1, ward and pots. The movement is more important than the AP from amp tomes, but the spellvamp is more important than the movement.

Now you want to farm your Giant's Belt. With it it will be much easier to farm, since you can tank nukes well. If your enemy is melee and is trying to fight, nuke him then retreat. Only try to kill if you know there is nobody trying to gank you and you know you can kill.

Finish WotA and CDR boots, though you may want to buy merc treads or sorcerers shoes if you need to. Now you will finish Rylai's, wich will help you a lot since you have no form of CC.

Now you will want a defensive item. Look no further than Force of Nature, Thronmail, Randuin's Omen or Guardian's Angel. I usually choice Force of Nature, since you shouldn't be tanking damage, but your natural armor and runes will help you against AD champions, and you need to survive AOE mages like Kennen, Karthus, Rumble etc. But if your enemy team has a lot of AD champions, buy Randuin's Omen. If they are focusing you you may want to buy Thornmail since its cheap and effective. If you're playing 3x3, or you are in lategame where one ace finishes the game, you will want Guardian's Angel. Avoid defensive items that give mana stats unless you have leftover money.

The true power of Mordekaiser is that he has AOE skills on short cooldowns, so he benefits from spell vamp like Akali, pre-dodge-remake Jax and Ahri. So you will buy Hextech Gunblade now, starting with Revolver. Remember that his Q scales off AD, so you won't lose potential damage.

Your last item is Rabadon's Deathcap, because it is strong but Mordekaiser needs the other items first a lot.

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Team Fights/ Team Work

Enter the fights after the tank/offtank. Since Mordekaiser has no CC, his team needs to be CC heavy (support Sona/Alistar/Leona, jungler Amumu/Rammus/Udyr/ ap mid kennen/sion or ad mid pantheon are good examples). Your job in fights is to deal constant AOE damage, while shielding with W the ally that is being focused, and ult the enemy AD carry. The Ult + Ignite combo is strong. Just spam all your skills on the weakest enemy. Remember to control your ghost with alt+mouse. If he is fed, it can win fights and even get you pentakills. Imagine an enemy team that has 20 kills, but 16 of them are from one guy. You ult and kill him, and the enemy will carry your team to the victory! Isn't it fun? That's why we Brazilians love Mordekaiser.

But, remember, always communicate with your team. This is the key to winning. We brazilians suffer from sthereotypes that we can't speak english and can't communicate. What most people doesn't realize is that most brazilians dont show off they are brazilians. So, talk with your team (IN ENGLISH PLEASE), and carry them.

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I know this guide isnt complete, so i will update it tomorrow.
Thank you for reading, and i hope you understand how i play mordekaiser.