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Jhin Build Guide by Fruxo

✔️ Killing is my form of Art

✔️ Killing is my form of Art

Updated on May 1, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fruxo Build Guide By Fruxo 15 2 23,194 Views 12 Comments
15 2 23,194 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fruxo Jhin Build Guide By Fruxo Updated on May 1, 2019
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Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role
Ranked #15 in
ADC Role
Win 52%
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ADC Role Ranked #15 in
ADC Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

✔️ Killing is my form of Art

By Fruxo

Hello summoner and welcome to my Kai'Sa Guide! My name is Fruxo, a Gold rated player on the EUW server and I'll be your guide for today. I have been maining the ADC role for a long time (started in season 4) and Kai'Sa is one of my favorite AD Carries! ( Kai'Sa is one of the three best Marksman champions that i have ever played) I really love the champion, her abilities, her super unique play style. and so fourth. To me Kai'Sa Is an amazing champion that more people needs to try out.

My Fruxo02

If you really like this guide then feel free to check out a few of my other guides by clicking a picture down below! :)


> Long range poke
> Game changing ultimate
> lane control
> crowd control
> Always crit with 4th attack
> High damage
> Good late-game

Jhin has got single target burst damage. Remember that crits give you movement speed. When you are reloding you can't attack so use spells to farm while doing this.

> Low mobility early game
> Ult takes getting used to
> Skillshot reliant
> Can't do anything with basics when reloading
> Very squishy
> No built-in escape
> Vulnerable to ganks

Jhin is a really hard to master champion. You won't be able to last hit minions with your basc attacks while you are reloading so you have to spend mana in order to do so.

FLASH: Flash Is great if you are in deep trouble and in need of a fast way to get out.
HEAL: Heal is for when you are really low or your support is about to die, then you can use ur Heal in order to save them or yourself.
BARRIER: Barrier you can use if you are facing a matchup where you dont want to go Heal, because for an example maybe your Support went heal instead of Exhaust. Barrier gives you the extra shield if you are trying to survive the last auto attack or the last burns from an Ignite

Same as most AD Carries down in the Botlane, Precision and Sorcery is usually the runes that you need to go

Primary Path

Fleet Footwork
  • Fleet Footwork: Firstly I would choose Fleet Footwork as the healing helps you lane much better, it has been nerfed from 0.5 AP to 0.3 but i still think it is a good rune to use because of the extra movespeed you are able to get. Second option is Hail Of Blades for the extra burst potential.

  • Triumph: Next is Triumph which is an extremely good rune at the moment. Gives you extra survivability in lane if you manage to get that clutch kill in the end.

Legend Rune
  • Legend: Bloodline: After that from the Legend runes we'll take Legend: Bloodline because life steal is really beneficial for ADC's and can really help out in different situations.

Coup De Grace
  • Coup de Grace: Lastly I'd take Coup de Grace for for one reason. It gives you more damage as you burst down targets.

Secondary Path

Absolute Focus
  • Absolute Focus: Second tree you should pick is Sorcery. First rune you take is Absolute Focus for the extra damage it grants while you are above 70% HP. Really good rune in my opinion, it scales together with your level which means it will be even more useful to you during late game and most of all, teamfights.

Gathering Storm
  • Gathering Storm: Second rune is Gathering Storm. Kai'sa needs some time to ramp up and once with this her scaling becomes even better. As the game progresses this gives you a good amount of AD / AP depending on the game.

Rune Stats

  • First Rune: First rune gives you 10 Adaptive damage, which is either 6 AD or 10 AP, since we are playing Jhin we have to go AD, since this will be alot more reliable then going AP since Jhin is not meant to be an AP champion. Basically meaning that we dont actually have to do anything, the rune will change its 10 Adaptive to the 6 AD when you start your game.

  • Second Rune: Second rune gives you 5 Armor. Not really much to say, it will give you a bit of damage protection, not that much, you might not see a difference but its there.

  • Third Rune: Last but not least, the third rune which gives you 15-90 HP and it scales together with your level. Not really much to say, it will give you a bit of health, not that much, you might not see a difference but its there.

Jhin has 4 different passives which are all different.
As you can probably tell
Jhin is obsessed with the number 4.

Death In 4 Facts (Passive): The first passive Jhin has is Death In 4 Acts Jhin's basic attacks use ammunition and his attack speed cannot be improved except through growth by level-up, and his attack speed growth is classified as base attack speed. Jhin can attack 4 times before having to reload for 2.5 seconds, and does so automatically after 10 seconds of neither attacking or using an ability.

The fourth attack will critically strike for 15 / 20 / 25% of the target's missing health Attack damage bonus physical damage.
Against structures, this deals 44% reduced damage and doesn't apply the bonus physical damage.

My Thoughts
This is what allows Jhin to attack the target four times before having to reload, now that fourth shot however is guaranteed to critically strike which will deal targets missing health bonus physical damage.

Whenever Jhin critically strikes he will also be granted 10% + 0.4% per 1% bonus attack speed in bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. His critical strikes however will deal 25% less damage but he does get a nice chunk of movement speed.

Finally, Jhin is granted between 4 to 44% based on his level, that means since his critical strike chance and his bonus attack speed converts into attack damage, he will have a ton of attack damage which will make him do a lot of damage per single auto. Jhin will take a little bit getting used to because of his passive, mostly because he does have to reload his weapon and his attack speed is not near as quick as most Ad carries out there.

Dancing Grenade (Q): Jhin launches a canister at the target enemy, dealing physical damage. Dancing Grenade bounces to up to four additional enemies beyond the first, with each kill it performs increasing its total damage by 35%.

My Thoughts
First is your (Q) ability Dancing Grenade. This ability is really great for Jhin because it makes it great for last hitting and harassing the enemy champion, because the damage will go up more and more everytime it last hits a target.

If you are able to last hit three minions using this ability and get the fourth bounce onto an enemy champion, it will do an absolutely insane amount of damage. Therefore you will want to try and bounce this on to the enemy with that as much as possible, but it is also great for last hitting if there is a bunch that are really low health next to you.

Deadly Flourish (W): In 0.75 seconds, Jhin fires a shot in the target direction that deals physical damage to all enemies hit until colliding with an enemy champion. Deals 75% damage against non-champions.

My Thoughts
Next up is your (W) ability Deadly Flourish. So first passively, enemy champions that are damaged by Jhin, is allies, or if they are inside a blooming Captive Audience will be marked for 4 seconds, now if this ability hits a marked enemy champion, Jhin will root the target and it will also grant you movementspeed from your passive.

So this is a pretty strong ability and you will want to use it to crowd control targets whenever it is possible. Of course like previously mentioned this can either be from a Captive Audience, yourself or your allies.

This is what's gonna give Jhin a lot of kill pressure in lane because if he is with a Support that has crowd control he can use this to chain CC with them and get off a ton of damage. The crowd control duration also scales as you level up this ability so you will want to put points into it as much as you can right after maxing your (Q).

Captive Audience (E): Additionally, Jhin periodically stores a Lotus Trap, up to a maximum of 2 stored at once, which are unaffected by Beauty in Death.

Jhin places a Lotus Trap at the target location that lasts for 2 minutes. The Lotus Trap blooms if an enemy walks over it, revealing all enemies caught inside for 4 seconds. Blooming Lotus Traps slow all enemies inside for 35% for 2 seconds before detonating, dealing magic damage to all enemies caught in the explosion. Lotus Traps deal 65% damage against non-champions and champions recently hit by one.

My Thoughts
Next is your (E) ability Captive Audience. Now this ability is definitely not reliable because you have more than enough time to escape the trap's so this is the ability we want to max last.

It is an okay ability to put a point into early on though because you can drop it around the lane to watch for enemies coming in for ganks. Other then that though it is not the best ability out there, we definitely want to focus on maxing our (Q), (R) and (W) instead.

Passively Jhin will summon a blooming Captive Audience under every champion he kills.

Curtain Call (R): After a brief delay, Jhin begins channeling for up to 10 seconds, during which he has the ability to shoot enemies using the Curtain Call ability up to four times.

After 0.25 seconds, Jhin fires a round in the target direction that deals physical damage to all enemies hit until colliding with an enemy champion, revealing the traveled area for 0.5 seconds and all enemies hit for 2 seconds while also slowing them by 80% for 0.5 seconds. Curtain Call's damage is increased by 0% − 250% (based on target's missing health), and the Curtain Call's 4th final shot will critically strike for 100% increased total damage.

My Thoughts
And finally we come to Jhin's last ability which is his (R) Curtain Call. So this is a really strong ultimate because it has a 3.500 range which means you can use it from a very very safe distance.

This ability makes it great for executing enemies that are running away from you, but it is also solid to start a teamfight aswell because the slow it provides can allow your team to easily engage onto the enemy, therefore you will want to use it in those scenario's but make sure you are really safe because you will be very vulnerable while casting your ultimate.

If you manage to hit your (W) Deadly Flourish onto a enemy champion you are able to quickly cast Curtain Call after the (W) hits the target.

> > >

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
Personally i think maxing Dancing Grenade first out of your basic abilities and i feel like it is the way to go as it deals a ton of damage, especially on the fourth bounce. Second i would max Deadly Flourish It gives more movement speed upon hit, and because it is a very good ability for rooting the enemy if your passive is on them. Lastly max your Captive Audience and of course take those points on your Curtain Call whenever it is possible.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade is one of the items you usually go when playing Jhin, if you are going for a really aggressive lane. It will give you a decent amount of AD, Health but also Life steal. Doran's Blade is the one item that you usually pick if you are against a matchup that should be significally easy for you, that way together with this item you will do way more damage in the early game. Buying this item, will only leave a spot for one Health Potion and that is it, if you play safe, then just having one potion will be enough.

This item is the other option you can go, mostly used if you are facing a matchup that is really agressive, and you feel like going defensive, also a really good item if you have a Support that isnt usually very aggressive either, like Lulu or Soraka etc. Doran's Shield will regenerate 30 health for you in the time of 10 seconds (based on your missing health, which has a cap on 25%), which will make it very great for laning and/or poking if possible. You will not have the same poking damage as if you went with Doran's Blade but going Doran's Shield is still a very good option.

Health Potion's is a really good item for you, as a ranged Marksman , you will always be in danger every single time by the enemy teams Marksman because he/she will try to poke you down. Health Potion's will give you the necessary health needed in order to survive and maybe get a really clutch kill in the end that you got from just being lucky, and that you can be proud of, it will also make it easier for your Support if you are able to go in for trades whenever your Support does.

Stealth Ward is and will always be your first -starting- totem. You will get this item together with your Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield together with the number one Health Potion at the very start of the game. This totem will let you place down wards all around the map, it can stock 2 wards and has a cooldown of 90-120 seconds based on the average level of your team. Try to use your Stealth Ward to place wards all around the botlane bushes, (if your Support hasn't done so already). That way you will always be aware when the enemy teams Jungler is preparing to gank you.

Trinket & Consumables

Control Ward's is really useful for you to be able to keep an eye out in bushes that the Jungler tends to go into in order to prepare a gank. It has five hits before it goes down and it will show any hidden enemy wards while being in the bush. You can stock two Control Ward's at a time of every buy.

You usually tend to buy Farsight Alteration when you enter the late game. Farsight Alteration is really useful to be able to ward places like the Baron pit, Dragon pit, bushes where the enemy team might go into, or other useful places. It has one use before going on cooldown and it has only one hit before going down.

Pretty self-explanatory, you buy Elixir of Wrath lastly once you have maximum items, it gives you 30 Attack damage and a buff that will heal you whenever you deal physical damage to a champion, will last for 3 minutes.

Core Items

Gives you a lot of extra movement speed but movement slowing effects are also reduced which is always great.

Infinity Edge is a really good first item at the minute on Jhin. You will get 80 AD and 25% Critical Strike Chance which is really good to have early on, and will help you be able to put out the damage needed for the early game.

Great item for Jhin. Often times I go this item as it helps you poke your opponents. It gives you extra range on the empowered auto attacks once this item stacks up.

This is a really good item that you can use if you have your full build and you want to get some extra attack speed for poking or if you need the 25% crit chance to get that 100% to be able to deal a ton of damage.

Gives you lot's of sustain and damage, and the shield helps especially a lot in teamfight's once you stack it up.

Guardian Angel helps really a lot especially if you are getting focused down in fights which in most cases happens.

Situational Items

Helps really a lot dealing with tanks especially late game where they have 4-4.5k HP.

This is a really good item to pick up if the enemy team has a lot of healing, especially like Soraka, it will the healing she can give others, and it will reduce regeneration by 40%. The armor penetration you get from it is always a good thing to have aswell.

Really good lethality item, I always love to go this item early game first item since i love to be able to burst down champions in my lane pretty hard. :) Also gives movement speed upon use, great for escaping from a chase or preparing to get away from a gank by the enemy jungler.

This item is really good if you are struggling with AP matchups like LeBlanc, it will give you some magic resist and the cooldown reduction is always a great thing to have. You will also get a great shield which will absorb some magic damage, and the damage you get is always good.

Really good item for both Attack Damage and CDR, it also gives you healing which is a really great thing to have when playing Jhin.

I really like this item, gives good AD. Also gives you a "mess up chance" basically, if you manage to get yourself hit by a stun, root, hook, or blitzcrank grab you can instantly "QSS" it, basically meaning you use your Mercurial Scimitar and it will cancel out the effects.

Pretty standard boots for ADC's. Gives you attack speed and movespeed. In some cases you can change it for another kind of boots depending on matchup, but in my opinion this is important for your DPS especially early on.

These are boots that are really great to pick if you are against really heavy AP matchups, otherwise i'd rather go for Boots of Swiftness or Berserker's Greaves.

These are boots that are really great to pick if you are against really heavy AD matchups, otherwise i'd rather go for Boots of Swiftness or Berserker's Greaves.


In teamfights Jhin should stay back and not be in the frontline, he needs to be in the backline or he will get focused and may die early on, we dont want that.
While being in the backline he should be careful and throw his Dancing Grenade + Auto Attacks to peel the enemy. After peeling the enemy,(hopefully by here your team hasnt lost alot of their health yet) use your Deadly Flourish to root any marked champion that your team has attacked.
In this situation be careful and try to focus down one person at a time, going for everyone will only lead that you and your team will most likely die. Don't focus the Support (never focus this role first), instead focus the people doing the damage ( Marksman , Mage , Jungler or Assassin ).
Use your Captive Audience mostly to be able to slow your enemies down to make your team be able to have more time to kill them. (since it is most likely that the enemy will not stay in your Captive Audience before it explodes, unless you are able to hit a really good (W) or if they get knockuped by Malphite).
Continue doing this and if your team has killed most of the enemy team, then use your Curtain Call to finish of enemies that are very low and that are trying to run away. If there is no one to shoot down with your Curtain Call then dont use it.
Guardian Angel would be a great item for teamfights like these if you are very insecure about whether or not you will die early on when trying to take down enemies or just trying to stick with ur team.

Pre Game

During the Pre game farming is of course one of the most important parts. Jhin is a champion that does have a lot of attack damage so last hitting shouldn't be that hard for you. You can also use your Dancing Grenade to last hit multiple targets since the damage is raised every time it kills an enemy.
The other important part of the Early game is trading. If it is possible, you want to try and bounce a Dancing Grenade onto the enemy when they are near minions after it last hits them, that is because the damage is increased by 35% every time it gets a last hit so if you can last hit three targets before getting the fourth bounce onto an enemy champion, it will deal massive amounts of damage onto them.
Also you want to use your Deadly Flourish to be able to chain crowd control the enemies together with your Support whenever you can see the opportunity. This can allow you to hold the target in place and allow you to get off a bunch of free damage.

You should also put your Captive Audience's all around the botlane entrances and also in bushes. Therefore if the enemy team decides to try and gank your lane, you will be ready for when that happens. It is also very good to use because the mana cost for your Deadly Flourish is really low which will lead to you being able to use itmore often.

Mid Game

During the Mid game you are going to have your first few items and your powerspike will start to become apparent. Like said before, stay safe, don't get caught, do a little bit of picking at them, you just pop them a little bit with your Dancing Grenade's and auto's. Save your fourth shot from your Curtain Call for a low health enemy to maximize all that missing health damage and burst.

Use your Curtain Call to pick off stragglers or to secure kills from enemies who have flashed away during like mini or big teamfights etc. It is also a great ability to secure kills even if you are not going to get the kill with your Curtain Call specifically, the slow is hefty enough for your enemies to catch up with them.

Late Game

In the Late game it is always about positioning and deleting people. If you didn't get super far behind then a single four shot should be able to kill a large portion of the enemy champions health, so like said before, stay safe. Because if you get CC'd by literally anything you will be completely dead.
Pop off shots at enemy champions but don't fully commit unless your team already has. Nothing is more worse then pretending you are a really Fed Tristana and running into fights one versus 5 when you have nobody to back you up, and you will just die a horrible death instead. And also for your Curtain Call it can actually be a great engage since it has an 80% slow that is pretty damn hard to miss when you have an entire club of five enemies in the midlane. So pop a shot or two to let your team collapse on to them, then pop the other two shots for a huge damage on low health targets.


What Is Kiting?

First things first, kiting is moving in between your auto attacks to keep distance from your opponent. This can also be called Stutter stepping or Blocking, but we'll call it Kiting for short. Every champion has a delay in which they can auto attack, during this time it is very efficient to keep on walking because you can't auto attack anyways and it keeps distance from the enemy player. While this can be used to create distance between you and your opponent it can also be used to stick on to someone while trying to deal damage.

For example if you're chasing someone and you want to be able to deal damage to be able to kill him, it might be better to fit in some auto attacks while you are chasing your opponent which is way more effecient and it will have a higher chance of not letting him get away because, the more time you waste, the more time your opponent is going to have to get away.

How do i Kite?

There is a spot during your auto attack animation that is not necessary to dealing damage as part of the animation is called the rewind animation, and is the ending animation of your auto attack, this is where your character sets up for the next upcoming Auto attack animation. It has to reset back to its original attack animation state so, you can use that little bit of time to walk away from your opponent while still dealing damage in the meantime.

The basic kite is that you auto attack and while the rewind animation is going, you proceed to walk away from your opponent. For an example lets say a random melee champion like Riven is going very aggressive on to you, you want to be able to deal damage to her while not letting her get close to you, you auto attack her and while the animation is about to rewind, you walk away from Riven to keep distance from her but also to be able to avoid her specific abilities. And then you start over again, so you continue to auto attack and move away from Riven until she either dies, or you die.

The time you have to walk away is something you will have to get used to, sometimes you have more movement speed so you can keep your distance by just taking one step, or you have less movement speed so it will take longer for you when moving. Practice tool is something that is the best way in order to train on how to kite, just put in a dummy and train your auto attacks and movement on to it. It is only practice, practice and more practice in order to become better with it.

Fighting is one of the most importnat skills of any Marksman in the Ad Carry role to practice, because this is one of the core-mechanics of the role. Keeping distance from a bruiser that tries to chase you happens all the time, and being prepared for that is the key to winning the game for your team.


Infernal Drake
Infernal Drake is by far the best drake because of it's strong power boost. If you see the chance, then contest for the dragon at all cost. In the early game the increased damage from the buff won't do much, but the Infernal Drake 's late game power is massive, especially together with Aspect Of The Dragon .

Ocean Drake
Ocean Drake is very strong during the laning phase, it will make it even harder for poke lanes, forcing the enemy team to spend much more mana then usually and could prevent potential ganks from happening.

Mountain Drake
Mountain Drake is really strong during the late game, and it will make it much easier to take down Baron Nashor for your team if needs be. Mountain Drake will also help out and make it easier whenever you are pushing down turrets.

Cloud Drake
Cloud Drake will be useful for both teams, the leading team can both create pressure, split push, or rotate around the map faster for positioning, while teams that are behind can still use it to expand vision, respond to split pushing, or position defensively.

Elder Drake
The Elder Dragon 's buff, called Aspect Of The Dragon will boost all other dragon buffs for your team, meaning the more drakes you have, the more effective this buff will be.

So to end it off shortly, there are four types of dragons, when you kill them it will give a permanent Dragon buff aswell as a Dragon stack which can be stacked up depending on the drakes you kill of the same sort, which will grant different effects based on the dragon that you have killed. Elder Dragon however, will only grant a temporary buff called Aspect of the Dragon . Elder Dragon 's after the first one on the same team will grant the buff called Empowered Aspect Of The Dragon instead, which is twice as strong, and lasts longer.

Best way to take any type of drake during a game is to either sneak it if your wave is pushed and the enemy botlane hasn't gotten back to lane yet. Or if the enemy team's jungler is dead you may be able to see a chance to take drake out with your Support and your Jungle .

Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral monster in the game. Killing Baron Nashor will grant a buff called Hand of Baron . Best way to take out baron is when your team manages to get an Ace on the enemy team, or if you are trying to force it, although forcing it could go wrong because your Jungler might miss Smite etc. and you could lose it, so it is a very risky choice but if it works out it will be a very valuable asset to your team.

Hand of Baron lasts for a maximum of 3 minutes so take advantage of that early on to take objectives or to get a few kills here and there before you lose it. The buff massively increases attack damage and ability power but it also has an aura that affects nearby minions in order to make them very strong. Aswell as a recall time decrease.

Never try to solo Baron since most of the times it won't work, the only times you can really solo a baron is only if there is a really fed Master Yi, Nasus or other related champions with either massive tankiness, outrageous attack speed or massive damage capabilities which doesn't happen very often. So, if you want to take baron because you have seen a great opportunity to do so, then tell your whole team since it is significally easier to take baron if you are five or four people instead of one or two. If you or your team knows that you are able to get Baron Nashor for free, then set up someone to be able to splitpush another lane and take use of the Hand of Baron buff so that you can manage to both get the Baron buff, but also to make a massive dent into the enemy teams base while they are putting all their focus down in the Baron pit.

As said, taking down the Baron with a full team of either five or four is really simple, especially if there is a tank or bruiser etc. that will be able to take most of the damage.

Thank You For Reading!

So, that concludes my Jhin guide, Jhin is an amazing champion that i have been playing for a super long time, i think he is really fun and you should try him out. I hope you will be satisfied with his amazing playstyle just like i am! :)

If you enjoyed the guide, please upvote it if you want as it will always make my day better, or downvote if absolute necessary and please, tell me what i did wrong or if i did any mistakes, so that i can make the guide better to try and fit your expectations. If my guide was helpful to you then feel free to also give me a +Rep too as it means a lot. Feel free to give me a PM or leave a comment in the discussion section if you have any questions and I will try to get back to you as soon as i can. :)

There is a few people I'd like to thank:
  • jhoijhoi, Jamespongebob, IceCreamy and Foxy Riven for their amazing coding guides.
  • Hoppermh for the amazing guide icons used in this guide.
  • Jovy for making all of the amazing banners, table of contents and back to toc's used in this guide and in most of my other guides!
  • Wicked Cherry for helping me with a lot of the pictures used in this guide!

Have fun in every game, together with the flowers in the dark..

Cheers, Fruxo


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