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King Jax in the Top lane

Last updated on October 2, 2013
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Hello and welcome. In this guide I'll show you a few basic methods for playing Jax, in the top lane. I myself have been playing Jax for quite a while now(since season 1) and over time I have experimented with just about every possible way to build this champion and which ways work the best in which circumstances. While I still don't think I'm qualified to write this guide I'm gonna do it anyway. Oh! Who am I? Im sure your all eager to find out about me and who I am, #sarcasm, but don't worry about it. Just focus on applying the knowledge in this guide to your next game.

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I have a few Different set ups as far as runes go. I currently have over 3 separate rune pages dedicated to Jax, but im only gonna give you 3 so here it goes. My first page is counter Ad. I take flat physical dmg quints, attack speed reds, armor yellows, and scaling mr blues. My second page is counter Ap. I basically take the same set of runes except instead of scaling mr blues i take flat mr blues. The last page im gonna share with you is somthing that i picked up from another guide I read along time ago. The page consists of flat ad quints, flat ad reds, flat armor yellows, but instead of mr blue I take scaling ability power blues. The scaling Ap stats make your lvl six harass insane. The amount of dmg your passive proc will do is ******ed. Mind you the third page is only for games with 0 to 1 ap based champs on the other team.

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For masteries I go 9/21/0. In offense I take: 1 point in summoners wrath, three points in fury (not 4 only 3), then I put 4 points on deadliness and 1 point on weapons expertise. In defense I take: 3 points on perseverance, 4 points on durability, depending on my lane I either put 2 points in 3 points in hardiness and 3 points in resistance. After that i put 1 point on veteran scars, 2 points on relentless, and 3 points on tenacious (this is your most valuable stat on the whole mastery tree), after that i put 1 point on defender and 1 point on honor guard. Why do these masteries work so well? Idk ask riot!

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Jax can use a varaiety of items and build many different ways but since this guide I'm only addressing 3 builds so I'll try to keep it relatively short and sweet. For boots I go tabi vs Ad, merc treads vs Ap, and bezerkers greaves if I can really dominate and abuse the hell out of the other laner, and always buy enchantment when you can. For offensive items there are 5 general items I want you to have in mind; Gunblade, Bork, Tri force, zephyrs, and Guinsoo's. One rule of thumb though is never mix Gunblade and Bork in the same build, its either or. Some good defensive items are; guardian angel, maw of malmortius, Banshees veil, thornmail, iceborn gauntlet(not recommended), frozen mallet, sunfire cape, randuins omen(probably my favorite item in the game),and last but not least warmogs armor.

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Skill Sequence

Jax's abilities consist of his q(leap strike) his w(empower), his e(counterstrike) and his R(ultimate/third strike passive). When you get to lane you wanna take your first ability based on what type of opponent your facing. If your facing vs a ranged take your q first and try to passively farm till lvl 3. If you do have to trade with your ranged opponent before lvl 3 you should q on to him and auto attack him once or twice. You can also take your w at lvl 2 and use that after a q or on top of your q to deal more dmg when harassing. once you hit lvl 3 you'll be able to trade more effectively. You can activate your e 1 to 2 second(s) before you jump on your opponent. After you activate your e jump on your opponent using q and w at the same time and reactivate your e once you land to stun them. After you stun them you can follow up with a few auto attacks and maybe a empowered strike if you can get it off (careful when using your full combo because it can deplete your mana very quickly). Once you hit lvl 6 your harass combo changes a little. At lvl 6 you should get 2 auto attacks off on the creep wave and them leapstrike onto your opponent following up with a empowered third strike passive proc. This combo lets you do a **** ton of dmg to your opponent with little risk to yourself (note: plz don't attempt to do this combo if the enemy has ******ed lock down cc that can make you lose the trade). When facing melee opponents you should pick up e first. to trade before lvl 3 with a melee opponent auto attack your opponent so that you draw minion aggro. once this happends let him attack you and activate your e. Your e redirects the dmg dodged into bonus dmg when the stun goes off, this leads to a more effective trade. After lvl 3 everything is pretty much the same and your harrass combos don't change much. You can also use your w to get a second auto attack off instantainously when farming or trading. All you have to do is auto attack and the follow up with a w immediatley after the auto. It is also important to hit the enemy with your 3 passive proc whenever you get the opportunity. for example when he walks up to last hit a creep he can leave himself open to a free 3rd strike auto with an empowered on top of it.

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The best summoner spells are flash ignited, but other possibilities include but are not limited to: ghost, teleport, exaughst, heal and barrier.

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Ranked Play

When playing ranked make sure to ward. Warding is one of the most important keys to success. also avoid stupid trades and unlogical decissions. Another thing I like to do in ranked is steal the enemy jungle. When the second blue buff, or red buff respawns I'm there! Also avoid picking Jax against; Renekton, akali, malphite, nunu, kennen vlad, garen, olaf and a few others. Jax is not very strong against ap casters. Picking Jax against a auto attack based champion is a really good idea, and he is also pretty good at laning against bruisers that rely on abilities for most of their main dmg. For example: darius, riven, volibear (Jax is not a good pick against garen because he has a silence which helps him to trade much more effectively, but if you know how to lane with Jax decently well you should be able to beat Garen. Especially once you hit level 6 and have 2 dorans blades a vamp scepter as well as a flask for mana).

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Pros / Cons


easy to learn
great split pusher
good farming
great single target focus
has a stun and dodges
gets pretty tanky without many items
******edly scary late game
pretty good mid games
strong laning post lvl 6
good gap closer/escape


isn't good in lane vs really tanky opponents
pretty weak pre lvl 6
countered hard by cc
difficult to master (dispite being easy to learn)
weak vs high burst
hard to do work in team fights if your team doesn't play correctly
weak vs ranged opponents
no natural sustain

(Honestly, most of the cons that I listed are easily played around if your skilled enough. there are always items and trading techniques that can help you out play your opponent even if their a counter)

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Try to last hit and not push the lane with your ult passive as this will leave you open to getting ganked.

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Overall Jax is one of the strongest champions in the game, in my opinion. He's pretty strong all throughout the game if played correctly, and is very versatile as far as rolls and builds. I pick Jax in ranked every opportunity I get, and if I play my cards right its difficult to lose a game. I think you should give it a shot and try to master the champ and see if your opponents can get, "a peice of the champ!"