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Shen General Guide by warossrazskull23

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League of Legends Build Guide Author warossrazskull23

KING TIGER tank solo top

warossrazskull23 Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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welcom to a shen build that is effective and overlooked its mostly 80% or more health and barly any armor in this build ill show ill tell you when and how to use your spells and everthing to make this work cause if you dont do this right it has a high chance to fail and if you

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Laning top

alright the key thing with shen is your purpose is in 1v1 to deny your oppent from getting farm depending on who you are fighting if its melee its easy to win gp is a good champ to fight for example once you get your w to lev 2 you can keep making him waste parla evertime and still be at full health with q and on thing that works well is to stay bye your turret and get harrased alot to make them think they can turret dive you and get a kill this works well with 2v1 top who ever is the one chasing you to melee exhaust w and taunt and 9.7/10 you will kill them worst case scenaroy you will get killed to if you are 2 low or do something wrong and if they dont wont to turret dive you whenver you block something or they do dmg to you just shift+4 and keep doing that they will get annoyed and do it works alot of times

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Unique Skills

this is one of the most effective ways to fight under a turret for your team if everthing goes planeed just keep spamming your w and it will take a while to kill you only promblem is if this works for you and you become the tank of tanks you get cocky and it can kill you but it will take everthing they got and as soon as you ult someone get ready to use the locket when you come out if your team is around bonus shields never hurt anyone(but the other team) in a team fight

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Team Work

for teamwork all you need is 2 thing if your on the def and want to start a fight but not go in first then look like the biggest juiciest steak in the world and look like a lost puppy but make sure you know your team gots your back if your on the offensive and you have another tank make him start while you go to a lane getting pushed and push it and then 2 things will happen team fight will break out then you ult your focused champ ad carry or ap or mabye your support tanks come last on your checklist for ult use and the second thing that will happen is one champ will come where you are to stop you pushing when they get there have the team start the fight and easy 5v4 but if they all go mia make sure your team goes to you to start the fight and last but not the worst go in and star fighting and when the rest of your team beggins e at what you think the best spot is for me whole team is nice but your main goal are the ad carrys cause they kill themselves ap are a bonus and tanks are to get them of your ads or aps and for induvidual ults use it on someone where hes about to die do that at lev 2 though but at lev1 do it at half health if it goes right you can taunt and pick up a kill then and if your getting chased dont be afrad to give up your life to save the ad carry most times you can still get away but if there chasing just throw your e into them and you should save everone less you miss and failbut those are were 80% of your deaths will come from most times

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Summoner Spells

this build works on TT(twisted treeline) not so much domionan but in TT use exhaust and ghost mabye heal anything works but tele exhaust needed though

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with the items there is no right or wrong item choces to pick between each one expect golden hear so like anything you pick for them would be good but extra health ones are alwase good choices but you decided on that part

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Pros / Cons

Great Tank
fun to laugh at your oppents
team will thank you alot if you do your job right
blocks top solo from getting farmed
hard to gank

Hard to learn and master
dont do zlot of dmg but its semi questionable late game
can get killed easly if you dont pay attion and get cocky
ult needs perfect timing cant be too soon or late
using this will increase shen ban rates in ranked

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if its 1v1 it should be easy to get creep score but if your 2v2 best thing to do is spam your q alot to get your last hits but if you want to you can still normal last hit but you will take a bit of dmg so best thing i can say go in hit minion Fient then q another one then get out rince and repeat

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alright so in a queck finelly wish you luck before you do this max WE then Q ult then tele never use tele after teleporting back only use it when you ult someone mid or bot but when laning phase over use it for whatevs Making yourself look like a easy kill top is a good way to get double kills or kills watch out for junglers that have cc like noc for example laugh alot to get dived if you need to be the biggest meat shield in the world your team comes first and your e is a good back breaker for the other team and ps if they have banshes veil just q them pisses them off good luck to you i know i dident cover everthing but i got lazy at this part but if you want hands on exp with this build pm and ill show you what to do

In game name WarbossRazskull
well good luck i hope this serves you well as it has me and if this gets good reviews ill share some other build secreats
one more thing im new at giving build tips so any advice would be well apriaciated


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