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Kassadin Build Guide by RuminatingWin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RuminatingWin

Kiss My Kass

RuminatingWin Last updated on November 16, 2013
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5v5 Mage Assasin

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to the challenge. There exists a distinguished group of people in League of Legends: expert Kassadin players. People steam when Kassadin obliterates competition, he's a frustrating opponent. He's lethal but requires practice, skill, and extensive knowledge. Common belief declares Kassadin's item paths as relatively limited. I challenge you to expand your horizon: a 'glass cannon' build can work under the correct circumstances. Although, this one has a twist since it includes defense item actives. Choose an appropriate build accordingly!

This guide is quite lengthy and detailed since I thoroughly explain each concept. I suggest further evaluating what catches your eye on the 'cheat sheet' by reading the relevant chapter.

Here's some of my history with Kassadin (right click and view to enlarge):

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Menacing Factors

He is one of the best mages. Efficient hit and run strategy, commit big damage while avoiding damage. Also, the potential to escape or catch almost all champions makes him one of the most valuable team players.

Great burst damage. The combined damage from Force Pulse, Riftwalk, Null Sphere equate to one of the greatest damage outputs from any mage.

Kassadin is hated. Players will make the mistake of trying to shut down Kassadin while neglecting to neutralize other threats.

He's fun and challenging to play! He takes a lot of time to master but at the same time even an elite Kassadin player will find there is always room for improvement.

He can do things no other champion can. For example, he can safely harass or goad the entire enemy team. It's ridiculous fun Riftwalking in and out of the enemies base. Disgracing to your opponents, actually.

Unforgiving Mechanics

He's squishy, even more so early game. Low hp, low armor, and melee range make him vulnerable.

Kassadin will last hit champions. A lot of people will flame a good Kassadin player for that. They're oblivious to how much he's influencing the direction of the game. Examine the end game magic damage statistics if you'd like.

A Kassadin that is under farmed is a weak. The longer it takes Kassadin to get farmed sufficiently the longer it is before he can contribute dramatically. He needs adequate gold by mid game which is when he has the most impact.

He's challenging. While this may be a positive, adversely, small mistakes can be detrimental. For instance, one improper Riftwalk may leave Kassadin stranded or mana dry (often when stacked more than 3x).

He's high maintenance. You need to have constant map awareness. Be ready to cast Riftwalk. You cannot lose vigilance yet you need to stay relaxed which can be a difficult balance.

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A critical spell for Kassadin. It compliments Riftwalk since it prevents Kassadin from getting stun locked or chain CC'd. Read the following chapter for an elaboration on this subject.

The most popular spell in League of Legends for good reason. On Kassadin it can be used in conjunction with Riftwalk for some very adaptable and effective combos. For instance, Kassadin can Riftwalk to finish off an opponent and Flash away from the hostile tower to survive. He can Riftwalk and Flash in one direction to escape or chase easily. It's a reliable and simple spell which is complimented by Riftwalk.

It helps Kassadin get kills early game and is still effective late game. It can be applied to avoid tower diving which is vital early game. Kassadin may need to maintain distance from certain enemies and ignite can support that strategy.

Superb for utility. Since early game is a weakness for Kassadin Teleport is frequently needed to help him maintain a steady farming pace by allowing him to return promptly after regenerating at the fountain. If your struggling with Kassadin's early game weakness equip Teleport to fortify his sustainability. I suggest setting up ambushes by Teleporting to a ward!


Should be taken in certain situations. Equip it during draft mode or ranked against champions with a lot of physical damage that are difficult to avoid. For example, it is especially useful against Master Yi since he is fast during Highlander and cannot be slowed with Force Pulse. Kassadin may be forced into taking a few hits while Riftwalk is on cooldown. During that short period you need to Exhaust Master Yi or Kassadin will most likely die.

Increased movement speed means lowered danger from fast auto-attackers and it also promotes greater chasing capability. A strait forward spell so it's easy to understand the benefits. This would be my last choice in summoner spells since there are other more viable options. Keep in mind that movement speed bonuses are diminished when they are greater than 415.

When used with Summoner's Insight Clarity restores up to 50% mana to the champion and his allies. That's a significant benefit during team fights and lane phases. That mana restoration is enough for Riftwalk even if it's been stacked. Equipping Clarity is eccentric and I never use it, but Kassadin is mana hungry so this spell isn't terrible.


It's useful for checking minions and the jungle or bushes when your alone. The problem is it does nothing during combat and it's bad when you use it at the wrong place. It is too much of a dice roll since you're hoping to reveal a threat. Vision Wards and Sight wards are better serving for revealing enemy locations and intention, hence they should not be ignored.

Some (often newer) players might use Heal with Kassadin since he's usually built fragile. Heal will only help during the first few levels, if at all. Most of the time when you cast Heal Kassadin will still be condemned by crowd control. Consequently, Heal is meager during team fights and especially late game.

There are no other spells that come close to being viable for Kassadin.

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Kassadin is a target

Players despise Kassadin. For that reason he needs a way to escape the slow/stuns/snares/roots/fears/silences that will come his way, most often repeatedly.

(1) Ignite can be wasteful. Kassadin deals more than adequate burst damage and ignite can be overkill. Granted, Ignite is important because of abilities like Sadism, but Kassadin will most likely avoid champions champions like Dr. Mundo. Also, few carries have abilities that sustain them like Sadism.

(2) Cleanse removes the damage effect from Ignite! Incredulous?! Check it out: <Ingite mechanics.>

(3) Cleanse prevents bad outcomes. For example, with Cleanse Kassadin won't get glued and decimated under a turret. He won't be prevented from finishing a chase by spells like Light Binding. A vast variety of situations can be averted since Cleanse provides mobility.

(4) Suppression is the only crowd control effect Cleanse will not remove. Four suppression abilities:
If you're facing these champions purchase Quicksilver Sash at your discretion.

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Most people use 21-0-9 because it produces the most damage. These calculations will convey a general idea of how much more. For simplification this mathematical comparison will entail no items.

Calculations with 9-21-0 and 9-0-21 masteries:

27.5 AP + 18 AP + 15 AP = 60.5 AP

Damage calculation with Null Sphere, no items, and no enemy magic resistance:

.7 * 60.5 = 42.5 AP damage
280 + 42.5 = 323 ---> 313 total Null Sphere damage.

Calculations with the 21-0-9 mastery tree:

(24 AP{ + } + 27.5 AP + 15 AP ) * 1.02 = 69.825 AP

Damage calculation with Null Sphere, no items, and no enemy magic resistance:

.7 * 69.825 = 48.8775 AP damage
280 + 48.8775 = 328.8775 damage
(327.6 + 2% ) + 6% = 352.5 ---> 353 total Null Sphere damage

356 - 323 = 33 more damage on Null Sphere at level 18. Bear in mind this is the least damage difference. The gap is much greater with items!

<I updated this formula.>

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Greater Mark of Insight|

These marks along with 21-9-0 Masteries is the most potent combination for magic damage. Compare them to Greater Mark of Ability Power the next most adequate option, and you'll understand why. For simplification this mathematical comparison will entail no items.

Most champion level one magic resistance is 30. My source: "Leaguecraft". An old list but not much as changed.

Greater Mark of Ability Power, Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, and 21-0-9:

30 - 2.4 = 27.6
100 / (100+27.6) = .7837
1 - .7837 = .2163 ---> 21.63% magic damage reduction...
103.032 - 22.286{damage reduced} = 80.746 Null Sphere damage at level 1.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, and 21-0-9:

30 - 2.4 = 27.6
27.6 - 7.8 = 19.8
100 / (100+19.8) = .8347
1 - .8347 = .1653 ---> 16.53% magic damage reduction...
99.24 - 16.404 = 82.836 Null Sphere damage at level 1.

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration|

Kassadin's abilities are the most mana consuming in League of Legends. Consequently, Kassadin needs mana regeneration for sustainability. Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration and Meditation is the best synergy for early game mana regeneration. Combined with the mana restoration from Nether Blade Kassadin will maintain a full mana pool while farming.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration is another effective rune. Select them instead of Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration if you're not concerned with Kassadin's early game mana needs.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health is viable in union with Rod of Ages, Banshee's Veil, or Rylai's Crystal Scepter. To gain the most benefit from this rune use Durability and Veteran's Scars from the defense mastery tree. Just remember this is an defensive bonus and Kassadin is an offense champion!

- Some players contest that Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power or Greater Seal of Ability Power suits Kassadin better. I prefer mana regeneration for farming and harassing. What's the function of pure ability power when Kassadin has an empty mana pool?
"Balance above all else!" - Kassadin, the Void Walker

Greater Glyph of Force|

Kassadin needs ability power. This glyph grants the greatest AP bonus. Greater Glyph of Ability Power does bestow Kassadin with 9 starting AP but that bonus does not scale adequately as the match progresses.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is also viable. If Kassadin is facing another caster with high damage output these will suppress their potential since Void Stone synergizes with Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

Greater Quintessence of Potency|

Fifteen ability power from these grants the most damage early and middle game of any quintessence. The next runner up is Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration. For simplification the following mathematical comparison will entail no items.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, and 21-0-9:

30{MR} - 13.83 / - 2.6 = 13.57
100 / (100+13.57) = .88051422
1 - .88051422 = .11948578 ---> 11.95% magic damage reduction
88.362 - 10.558{damage reduced} = 77.8 Null Sphere damage at level 1.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, Greater Mark of Ability Power, and 21-0-9:

30 - 2.4 = 27.6
100 / (100+27.6) = .7837
1 - .7837 = .2163 ---> 21.63% magic damage reduction...
103.032 - 22.286{damage reduced} = 80.746 Null Sphere damage at level 1.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power, Greater Mark of Magic Penetration, and 21-0-9:

30 - 7.8 - 2.4 = 19.8
100 / (100+19.8) = .8347
1 - .8347 = .1653 ---> 16.53% magic damage reduction...
99.24 - 16.404{damage reduced} = 82.836 Null Sphere damage at level 1.

<I updated this formula.>

I strongly recommend this page for it's thorough and in-depth rune comparisons!

Read this if you don't know what runes to buy for your champions.

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(1) Null Sphere needs to be maxed first. Lets compare the two. Harassing during early game and keeping a distance between you and the enemy are key points for Kassadin which are Null Sphere's strengths. The AOE damage from Force Pulse is potent for team fights, which happen more often during late game, and the AOE slow is valuable for chasing and escaping.

  • Level 5 Null Sphere ---> 280 + .7 [per AP] damage and costs 110 mana with 650 range.
  • Level 5 Force Pulse ---> 280 + .7 [per AP] AOE damage and costs 80 mana with 400 range.

As you can see they are similar spells. Essentially Null Sphere is better because it has farther range and silences the opponent. Also, Kassadin can use it more often since he doesn't have to gain charges for it as with Force Pulse.

(2) Nether Blade give bonus magic damage. Riftwalking into melee range isn't always bad idea considering Void Stone. It only costs 25 mana which makes it great for increasing his mana pool with Archangel's Staff. While Lich Bane is equipped combo abilities with Nether Blade for maximum effectiveness. Bear in mind Nether Blade contributes to charges for force pulse!

- Get Nether Blade at level 2. Kassadin needs the extra autoattack damage to last hit minions that are within tower range. It's enough damage to last hit minions between turret attacks.

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Efficient Dynamic

Kassadin performs better with protection. Group Kassadin with champions that are referred to as 'true tanks', ones that can soak damage and protect allies by using crowd control abilities. Here are the best options:

Kassadin and Galio combination is simple to understand and Galio is commonly overlooked so I'm enthusiastic about him. He's a great true tank and anti-caster. Righteous Gust boosts Kassadin's mobility, which is important, and Idol of Durand will protect him. Bulwark synergizes with Void Stone so in certain situations Kassadin should be prioritized for application. Just remember to excuse the casters when they cr2p their pants.

Simply consider Curse of the Sad Mummy. Kassadin can be rescued by Amumu's ultimate, similar to Galio. Kassadin is an excellent kiter which complements Amumu's Despair and Cursed Touch will increase Kassadin's damage output. Bandage Toss provides effective CC and can help Kassadin secure kills.

Shen is every ones friend, even Kassadin's, the other world outcast. Shen's ultimate Stand United grants a thick shield: 850 at level 3 is the largest absorption shield in League of Legends. His taunt Shadow Dash is amazing for shutting down carries. If you're team has first pick Shen might be priority. Of course he is the most frequently banned champion in League of Legends so have another true tank lined up.

Good jungling capability and exceedingly superb tanking qualities make him a champion pick that will force the enemy to rethink their strategy. Puncturing Taunt is effective at disrupting combat. Kassadin should stay near Rammus when he casts Tremors to repel the enemy.

A decent jungler with strong tanking traits. Permafrost and Glacial Prison can hinder the enemy team logistically. Kassadin should combo the enemy after she casts Glacial Prison and then escape safely during her Permafrost.

He has decent tanking capabilities but his crowd control effects make him shine. Staggering Blow, Dredge Line, Riptide, and Depth Charge all function to stagger the enemies fighting performance by at least immobilizing. Four crowd control effects on a tank is almost absurd. Nautilus is slow so don't stray far from him and set ambushes as initiation.

He has Pulverize as a knock up and Headbutt as a knock back. Both abilities establish firm combat control and these types of disables are only prevented by spell shields. Unbreakable Will will keep him in the fight and Triumphant Roar provides a decent AOE heal that is better suited for lane pushing. He can jungle, support bottom, or even roam the map which provides adaptability.

He's an excellent ally in most circumstances. Soaking damage, tower diving, along with chasing and escaping are his strong points due to Insanity Potion. Fling can separate a dangerous champion from Kassadin and Mega Adhesive is the second best slow after Nasus's Wither. Poison Trail does decent damage to multiple champions and Kassadin can lead enemies through the poisonous cloud or take refuge inside it. He requires solo top to be effective and should be played by an adept so choose carefully.

Group Kassadin with an effective support. There are certain combinations that work best. Kassadin gets targeted a lot during team fights so include a healer for those long lane pushes. Here are suggestions:

Arguably one of the best support champions. She is listed first since she excels as the best option for Kassadin. Astral Blessing and Wish will provide excellent combat endurance but Infuse is the real kicker. Infuse the enemy to chain silence with Null Sphere or Infuse Kassadin to replenish his mana. You've already heard how important his mana is so encourage the Soraka player to cast it on him.

Influencing the mechanics of combat is her strength which compliments Kassadin's strategy. Holy Fervor and Reckoning will help Kassadin destroy enemies. Divine Blessing prolongs his life and abets his escape/chasing abilities. Intervention is absolutely priceless in many situations and invaluable for any champion. Before attacking announce to the Kayle player your intention so they can apply Intervention at a favorable moment.

A strait forward support that can accommodate any situation or champion. Hymn of Valor, Aria of Perseverance, and Song of Celerity aren't specifically beneficial for Kassadin but still contribute. Crescendo should be cast after Kassadin silences and slows the target. If he's in danger Sona should cast Crescendo on a hostile before healing Kassadin with Aria of Perseverance. Sona stands out among other supports because of her ultimate and ability to adapt. If either of the earlier supports listed aren't available then roll with her.

She's unique since she provides more than average damage for a support. Inner Flame and Focused Resolve bring great crowd control. Her Inspire and Defiance are excellent for the movement speed and protection bestowed. Request Karma to Inspire Kassadin so he can chase more effectively.

An adaptable support for most situations. Her Bushwhack provides map awareness and jungle control. Primal Surge is a good heal with a short cooldown that restores a lot of health late game. Javelin Toss does ludicrous damage to champions with low magic resist. It has long range so it's great for surprising the enemy. Nidalee can Pounce to keep up with Riftwalk; Kassadin and her are an unlikely pair.

His late game is questionable so your teammate should be a veteran. Heightened Learning boosts solo lane advantage by hastening Kassadin's progression. Achieving level 6 a moment earlier then the enemy can influence the outcome of the laning phase. Time Bomb does potent damage early and middle game when comboed with Rewind. Kassadin will enjoy Time Warp. Combine it with Force Pulse when the momentum is in your team's favor. Chronoshift is Zilean's game changer, due to that he should not be overlooked.

He has one of the highest win rates in League of Legends. Imbue serves as a strong heal and Shatter helps Kassadin fend off those pesky AD champions. Dazzle is Taric's strength, chain combo the target beginning with Null Sphere's silence. Radiance gives a bonus to Kassadin's damage output and should be paired with Force Pulse.
  • Disablers rock. Champions like Amumu, Udyr, Warwick, Fiddlesticks are efficient. Kassadin has a silence and a slow. Adding one or two disables will influence team fights greatly. Less enemy champions will escape and less allies will die. Disables also hinder the enemies ability to harass and perform organized assaults. They will become scattered and chaotic.
  • AOE damage. Champions with abilities like Curse of the Sad Mummy, Absolute Zero, Crowstorm, Trueshot Barrage, Grand Skyfall, and Blade of the Exile aid Kassadin well. An AOE damage team is my favorite composition type because it's effective at damaging a whole team quickly and is difficult to counter. Kassadin compliments with potent AOE damage from Riftwalk and Force Pulse. More importantly, the high AOE damage output scares enemies from getting close to Kassadin since they'll have to be near his team to do so. Just think 'circles'!
  • Junglers who don't use mana. A champion that can start jungling at Lizard Elder will help Kassadin the most. He should let Kassadin get the 'blue buff' from Ancient Golem at level 4 or 5 and throughout the rest of the game.

Meager Dynamic

  • Physical DPS majority without a tank. Kassadin needs someone to soak up damage as do many other champions. Without a tank most teams have issues pushing lanes and enduring long team fights. That is the consequence especially during late game.
  • Full tank team. Having 3-4 tanks forces the carry to be the main source of damage. I've seen many full tank teams before and they can be very hard to bring down but against a properly balanced team they crumble due to low DPS.
  • A team with more than one support champion. This is a bad option since it diminishes damage output and creates a defensive tendency. With Kassadin it's even worse because they cannot keep up logistically. The supports will have to diverge from the group to assist Kassadin while leaving the other 2-3 to fend for themselves. There are situations when he's better on his own. Your teammates must understand that.

Use this chart for the current and most frequent champion bans.

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A Comparison

- Lich Bane grants 80 AP.
Rabadon's Deathcap grants 120 + 25% total AP.
Rabadon's Deathcap grants more AP in all circumstances.
+1 Rabadon's Deathcap.

- Sheen costs$ 1,240.
Kassadin can acquire a passive bonus (extra damage) sooner with Sheen.
Rabadon's Deathcap cost$ 3,300.
Rabadon's requires significant gold to acquire it's passive.
+1 Lich Bane.

- Lich Bane grants 5% movement speed.
If you want to dominate with Kassadin's Riftwalk you'll need to be as fast or faster than the prey.
Rabadon's Deathcap grants no move speed.
+1 Lich Bane.

- Lich Bane grants 250 mana.
That extra mana aids Kassadin and compliments Archangel's Staff.
Rabadon's Deathcap does not grant mana.
+1 Lich Bane.

- Lich Bane's grants Spellblade.
It's virtually a 5th spell! 50 + 75% of Kassadin's ability power converted to magic damage is substantial.
It synergizes exceptionally with Nether Blade.
Spellblade damages turrets, inhibitors, and the Nexus! <Turret characteristics.>
Rabadon's Deathcap does not offer those benefits.
+1 Lich Bane.

An opposing Kassadin using Rabadon's Deathcap (right click and view to enlarge):

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Right click and view to enlarge:

Core build:

Primarily offense:

Balanced offense and armor:

Balanced resists:

Magic Penetration item order:
: :

The objective of this path is to perform as a specialist by focusing on Kassadin's mechanics as a counter to magic casters. Improve his ability power, mana, and nimbleness for flawless execution. Include safeguards for emergency situations and you have adaptability. I'll explain items according to purchase order.

Don't use this build against a ranged ADC or Kassadin's counters:

Evolving to Perfection

Early vulnerability and lack of sustainability are Kassadin's weaknesses. Kassadin will face many opponents with problematic health restoration mechanics. Ranged casters will often harass Kassadin while he attempts to last hit creeps. Due to those circumstances strengthening endurance is pivotal. Meanwhile, spending all of your gold on Health Potions proves cost-ineffective. Flask provides adequate sustainability and is useful throughout the match. Purchase the 4th Health Potion the instant you have 35 gold and Kassadin won't miss experience points.
  • Plan A: Optimal first Recall is 1,025 gold for and
  • Plan B: Gather at least 700 gold for

Mana gives Kassadin superb utility.
Early on Kassadin has sufficient damage so don't prematurely stack ability power. Ability power only increases offense. Mana contributes to offense, defense, and utility by allowing more application of spell effects. Good versatility. Mobility advantage from Riftwalk is diminished without Boots of Speed. Also, Stacking Tear of the Goddess early supersedes purchasing Sorcerer's Shoes so delay upgrading Boots of Speed. Returning to lane with Health Potions may be necessary.
  • Mejai's Soulstealer is not consistent. If Kassadin dies he loses too much acquired AP. He may achieve the bonus 180 ability power but that is only the third highest bonus. Rabadon's Deathcap gives the most followed by Archangel's Staff.
  • Catalyst the protector is not cost-effective for health sustainability. It struck me as an obvious flaw in many builds since Catalyst is so common. Since I avoid Rod of Ages it's even less necessary. Let's make a simple comparision:
    3x = 450 health for 105 gold
    Catalyst the Protector + 1 restoration = 350 health for 1,200 gold

Basic and fundamental caster footwear. During early game these shoes are the most cost effective option for a direct increase in damage output compared to any other item. That's because they cut the typical base 30 magic resist in half. That makes their effectiveness and priority greater than Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Kassadin will not need Mercury's Treads, that's what Cleanse is for.

Kassadin gains a boost to movement speed, extra mana, extra ability power, and the Spellblade ability. Those attributes compliment Kassadin's mechanics. Read the previous chapter for an elaboration.

Archangel's Staff grants the second largest AP bonus along with the greatest mana bonus. Those are key traits to improve for Kassadin since his mana is consumed quickly because of Riftwalk. When Archangel's morphs into Seraph's Embrace Kassadin gains 250 mana and 'Mana Shield'. Using this build the shield is 610, which is substantial. That shield will be complimented by 'Stasis' from Zhonya's Hourglass. In my opinion any build that does not include Archangel's Staff loses potential. If the opposing team is stacking magic resist postpone Archangel's and purchase Void Staff.

Mobility compliments Riftwalk. Alacrity helps exploit Lich Bane since movement speed supports better positioning for Spellblade.

The extra armor is needed against physical damage champions. Gaining two seconds of invulnerability during Stasis is invaluable. Mana Shield from Seraph's Embrace compliments Stasis allowing for an excellent defensive combo. Which active to cast first is determined by circumstance. Riftwalk after Stasis for escape.

Situational Late Game Items

More ability power is generally the first priority for Kassadin. This is an obvious and excellent choice for any caster. You should always weigh the benefits of pure ability power to a mixture of ability power and defense stats.

Opponents often purchase magic resist if Kassadin is snowballing. This occurs most frequently during late game. Void Staff is always a good option for damage and it has priority over Rabadon's Deathcap if they've accumulated substantial magic resist. Bear in mind that one Negatron Cloak counters Rabadon's.

This item grants a good boost to Kassadin's magic damage and gives him magic resistance which can be important late game. Abyssal scepter contributes to the entire teams magic damage output. It's especially effective paired with teammates such as Amumu and Morgana because of their magic resistance reductions. Abyssal Scepter is one of two items that will reduce magic resistance below zero. Malady is the other.

In situations when Hourglass doesn't provide enough armor this the best option. The 20% ability cooldown makes Riftwalk more effective for avoiding dangerous champions. Survivability is this items strong point. The bonus 400 mana synergizes with Archangel's Staff, a good secondary benefit.

There will be matches when bruisers are a major threat. The issue is their mechanics of high health and high resistances. Even if Kassadin equips Void Staff their large max life makes them a tough target to eliminate. Deathfire's active can negate that advantage when used properly (start a spell combo on a target with full health).

This item is listed last since it usually has last priority. Although, in certain circumstances survivability may have higher priority than more ability power. Regardless, it's function should be obvious. If Kassadin dies, he's revived. Kassadin poses a greater threat late game which means he is more often targeted at this stage. Also, the respawn timer is longer late game so Guardian Angel becomes more valuable. Sometimes Guardian Angel will discourage the opposition from targeting Kassadin.

If you're facing champions with suppression purchase it at your discretion:


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Purchasing Boots of Speed with 4x Health Potions is a common approach. The extra movement speed provides excellent utility. I've introduced my version of this popular strategy by applying some minor yet effective changes. I guarantee you won't be disappointed

Utility Benefits Early Game

Kassadin will be missing ability power from the Offensive Tree and Quintessences. Don't worry, you won't miss it. The trade-off is extra movement speed (449 late game), bonus experience, summoner spells cooldown reduction, and ability cooldown reduction. Bear in mind the extra AP from deep Offense Tree is more effective late game.
  • The bonus movement speed from Utility grabbed my attention when I was contemplating the Boots of Speed and 4x Health Potion path. The extra 25 movement speed isn't a significant bonus when laning. Most of the time it isn't a deciding factor in escaping a jungler gank or chasing an opponent.
  • Nimble , Wanderer , and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed increases movement speed to 400. During combat it shrinks to 393 but that still qualifies as a sufficient contribution. Lich Bane insures a movement speed advantage during mid game.
  • Reducing Riftwalk cooldown isn't overkill since it's so vital. Level 6 Riftwalk will be adjusted from 7 to 6.3 seconds with Intelligence and Sorcery. Level 1 Null Sphere is reduced from 9 to 8.1 seconds.
  • Greater Seal of Armor compliments Kassadin's ability to avoid damage. He will traverse the farming zone more comfortably since auto attacks pose less danger. That's especially important against ranged casters.
  • Rod of Ages is a standard choice. Just like Boot's of Speed this item is a safe start. Standard compliments classic.

First purchase:
  • Plan A: Optimal first Recall is 1,545 gold for Catalyst the Protector
  • Plan B: Gather at least 1,200 gold for Catalyst the Protector

Consider using this build when Kassadin is facing a champion like Ahri that relies on skill shots. Dodging those spells and positioning Kassadin for last hits becomes effortless.

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Durability for Survival

The runes, masteries, and items work together to strengthen lane sustainability and increase Kassadin's health as the game progresses. Greater Seal of Scaling Health, the Defense Masteries, Rod of Ages, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter strengthens Kassadin to 3,400 health. Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration restores 97 health per minute and the Perseverance Mastery further contributes. You will easily achieve level 6. I've included Ignite for lack of early on ability power. Don't forget Homegaurd since it instantly restores the large health pool.

Some players equip Greater Glyph of Magic Resist. Kassadin is often counter picked by physical damage champions like Talon making magic resist obsolete. He may be countered by AD or magic and it's often difficult to predict who you're facing at middle lane. Just use Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power.

First purchase:
  • Plan A: Optimal first Recall is 1,525 gold for Catalyst the Protector and .
  • Plan B: Gather at least 1,200 gold for Catalyst the Protector.

Consider using this build if you're having trouble with Kassadin's early phase, you were counter-picked, or if you need him to be tough throughout the match.

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Staying Alive

- Don't die early game. It can slow Kassadin's progression so be patient until he's Level 6.

- Relaxed = rapid reflexes. Be vigilant but stay calm, a swift balance.

- Don't hesitate to use Riftwalk! Stay mobile.

- Pay attention to your mana pool. Keep it mind when making combat oriented decisions, especially with Riftwalk. After three stacks mana cost offsets damage output.

- You need to make good split-second decisions. Discipline your intuition and patience.