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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSavior

KogMaw, Artillary Cannon

TheSavior Last updated on November 24, 2010
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Kog'Maw, the Artillary Cannon

I would like to start out by saying that this guide is not ensuring you that you will be the best champion out there, nor is it telling you you WILL do good with this build. This build is plainly my opinion of a good Kog' Maw build. I also would not like to take full credit for this build, there have been other build that are similar to this such as schadenfreude's. One last thing, I would also like point out that this guide is 'tweakable' and can be changed to your likeing.

-Insane ranged ultimate
-Low mana cost Ultimate (unless used within 6 seconds)
-Great Kser =]
-Can snipe targets behind towers, running away etc...
-Great asset to a team fight!

-Requires some skill at aiming
-Not very good solo
-Has low mana

=Item Build=
This item build is a pretty easy build to follow but is somewhat expensive, but you should be ok when you rack up all those kill steals! Start off with a Meki pendant and an HP pot, this is great for staying in your lane and harrassing. Buy a blasting wand for AP and turn that sucker into a Guinsoo's Rageblade for some attack speed and AP. Around this time you should also have your L1 boots. Mid game you should be getting enough to get a stinger and make it, and your Meki Pendant, into Nashor's Tooth. After that grab a pair of Sorcerer's Shoes and be on your way to help your team. This is where probobly the MOST important item for Kog'Maw comes in, Rylai's Crystal Scepter is extremely important because it slows your enemy champs with your abilities, INCLUDING, YOUR AMAZING AND EPICALLY RANGED ULTIMATE, making it even easier to show em who the Rock Lizard really is! After this your can either grab a Zhonya'sring for insane AP, or grab a Gunblade.


Early Game
Depending who you are laning with depends on how agressive you can be, if you've got yourself a good meatshield then you should be harassing the enemy champions just enough for you to push them into the tower. If you've got more of a squishier champion, you should try to keep them at bay, but do not be to risky.

Mid Game
By this time you should be either just finishing Guinsoo's or working on Nashors tooth. This is your time to shine as players will start to realize your true potential. In team fights, make sure to stay in the back, only moving forward with your team, this way your can KS like John J. Rambo, or slow the enemies with Void Ooze.

When ganking your opponent follow your active "tank" and when you get close to the enemy throw last night's dinner out your stomach to slow em down so they cnt run, then simply yell out "OPEN FIRE!" and fire your Living Artillary just infront of them as they run, (depending on their speed adjust your shot.) If you cannot get in range of them feel free to use ghost, but do not leave your team to far behind.

DO NOT TOWER DIVE EVER!, why you should be so close to a tower as Kog'Maw i do not know, but you should be able to snipe em out anyways.

Wath out for the traps, dont let a running player lead you into a gang of hippies and have lizard for lunch.

stay with your team, you will find yourself in situations where being alone is fine, but if your out in the open your most likely to get ganked by a wandering teemo.

=Post discussion=
Thank you for reading my guide, I will be updating and editing it in the future. please leave your comments below and give me some suggestions! Thanks!