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Kog'maw - build on attacks, consistent BIG shred damage

Last updated on May 22, 2011
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Hello everyone!

This is my first guide here, but I though id share my awesome kog'maw build with you guys. I have seen alot of kog'maw builds out there and many of them are quite decent - however I do think alot of them have flaws.

Kog'maw is a versitile ranged carry and should be played that way. So we are gonna focus on making our bioarcane barrage and autoattacks hit like a truck - not focusing on his spit or void ooze

Many of you will look at the guide and not really understand choice of items and/or skills. But after the guide you should get a good idea why this build will abosolutely tear apart your enemies.

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Kog'maw is a ranged carry with AP abilities so lets try and build runes around that. I take magic penetration marks, this will make me damage even more on tanks which are stacking magic resist, as 70% of our damage is magic I feel this is a really good choice - in the start I took attackspeed, but since we get so much from our items and the passive it doesnt really make alot of sense. For seals and glyphs and quinteses I take abilitypower/level. I see no reason to take flat AP runes since Kog'maw first becomes a beast around level 7+.

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This is where my build differs ALOT from other builds. Many people go him as a pure caster and build pure AP, with utility masteries. I would like to hit people ALOT of times very quickly with damage that just shreds away their HP.

I therefore take most of the good points in offence - leaving out crit damage because we dont focus on crit, but rather BIG flat damage.

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Now to the items. The whole point of the items is to get "add-on damage". Each attack of kogmaw will do 5%(madreds)+6%(bio arcane barrage) of their total HP in damage, in addition we will stack hit the with magic damage from wit's end and malady while also reducing their magic resist and having magic pen and armour pen in our runes and masteries and items.

If you havent allready gotten your enemies to surrender yet due to your inzane awesome pwning you will top off with a lichbane which will extreamly ofent (since you have 4 spells) proc, adding even more damage to you and slowing your enemies with frozen mallet, making them very kiteable (especially with Ghost and flash)

Let me note to you that the dorans blade in the start is a "safe" choice since you get a little extra HP, and you will be able to lifesteal a little while keeping your distance to the enemy - kog'maw is weakest his first 5 levels when he cant harras his enemies with his ultimate.

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Skill Sequence

Quite briefly. This is a attackdamage-shred build. We dont like to add spells which will do OK damage, but then will leave us with doing less damage. The spells are nice, but since cooldown exist we will ofent get caught with our pants down - hence why we focus on attackdamage.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer using Ghost and flash since which will make sure you escape some times when you get in a bad spot. They are also good for chasing enemies, or kiting melees.

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Ok some clifnotes

1. We build on autoattack damage with AP build in - not on spells.

2. We like having "shred-items" that works well with our bioarcane-barrage, mandreds, malady, wit's end and other on-hit effect items are extreamly good.

3. Our runes try and support up on our abilities - since we allready have attackspeed from items and passive skill, abilitypower and magicpenetration are good choices.

4. Items can vary a little bit depending on what your are facing - we are still trying to focus at on-hit effects with compliments our bioarcane barrage.

With this build you will never have problems with tanks who simply wont die - You will drop tanks EXTREAMLY fast and if you have a team that can guard you a bit and have some crowd control, you will be an absolute beast. I prefer playing with a taunt tank, and preferably also 2 beefy melees with playing as kogmaw.