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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fakfejs

Kog'maw : Feel the power of my shower AS/AD

Fakfejs Last updated on February 9, 2011
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You want to take mages and archers in blink of an eye ? Thats guide for u.

This guide is based on other guides that i have tested. Every one of them had something that is useless. This maw at late game is a heavy dps with good escape capabilities. So read, try than comment :D

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Its 9/0/21 build because:
- you get AS from runes and items (at lvl 18 with full item set around 2,5 AS)
- you get lots of survi thanks to utility masteries like HASTE and BLINK OF AN EYE
- good cooldown reduction and mana regen
- longer neutral buffs
- +15% magic penetration

I chose AP tree to get best summoner spells and spammable skills.

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We need more HP to get better survi. More AS to get max speed. Cooldowns to spam barrage and ooze later in the game.

All runes are primary. Putting secondary runes is a waste of potential.

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We need to spit fast as soon as possible so we choose AS items first. Reason why i choose before is simple. You get lots of dmg and mana burn in early stages (+40 dmg and mana burn). Thats ALOT ;] When you get you buy to increase your survi and catching abilities (slowing enemies). From this point its your call what u do. I prefer geting huge burst of AD and LS from . When u dont have much cash and your team sux you will propably leave and buy something cheaper with decent AD or HP if you have your *** kicked all the time. If you are having killing sprees all the time change boots to sorcerer ones. More damage that way. Buy agility pots to get your AS to 2.5.

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First we get all skills to get long range spitting , slowing opponent and creeps and +10% AS.

1st max to slow enemies before barraging or slow them if you are escaping from them, besides this skill does lots of dmg at higher levels

2nd max cause its your weapon of mass destruction

3rd max because if you harras enemies than you need to do it with style :P

4th max Why ? It'll get you some AS, not needed early it the game. You get AS from runes and items early.

Some pple say ooze is not good for as/d kog. TRY IT.. u get money way faster and u get lvl 18 + ite set way before other team.

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Why not exhaust ? Because you are so little and frightened creature you need to RUN to base not RUN to kill. Your ULT will do the kill running for you anyways.

I prefer to have ready both of skills when i go solo or pushing. Its really esy to kill our little kogie so u need to watch for ganks all the time.

FLASH will save your life many times. GHOST will ensure that your flash was not used for nothing ;]

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Your ULT can uncover hidden Bushmasters xD so check regulary.
Your ULT can kill enemies huging towers or camping behind them.
You kill with your auto-attack :D powered by barrage
Usually you are most focused champion in team so others can do the killing when u run ;]
Try to kill after you die... yes thats right you will be just like Osama Bin Laden using after you die so run to enemies or creeps to score some more gold ;]

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Always keep your self behind team. and when some enemy is not carefull anough, finishing combo with .

Don't run solo mid and late game and most important ... CARE all the time.

If you are getting focused and chased run back a little and than come back to team fight to help your team mates.

Like in all team battles try to hit the most delicate champs and leave tanks without any support on battlground. Situation changes when a tank is starting an attack at your team. They get focus so other team mates have easy time delling with your team. Dont worry ... kog maw to the rescue. Mid and late in game you will make those tanks run very fast cause their Hp will go down very fast ;]

This build is definitly the best def and attack build for Kog'maw.

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Till lvl 7 u can farm on creeps. Last hit them to get more cash. Maxing can help you kill whole waves. Past lvl 7 you can easly kill small neutrals like wolves , wraths nd golems. From around lvl 10-12 u can kill buff neutrals. Its easier to kill them when u have ready and + ofcourse. Try to not miss a chance to kill some neutrals when you go back from your base.

Blue buff is the one you will need very badly. Its not essential but it will make your harrasment more effective and easy without going to base every 2 minutes.

Red buff will make your spitting abbilities better so dont hasitate to take him too if you have a chance.

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Pros / Cons

Big threat late in game

Great range in Living Artillery and Bio-Arcane Barrage

Great lane harasser.

Little threat at early game

Silencing spells make Kog act like target practice

Limited escape ability when you have used your flash and ghost

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Kog'Maw is not an easy champ and it needs a lot of awarness, predicting and focus. Greedy maws usually end dead, so keep n eye out for ambushes.

I think this build is definitly the best def and attack build for Kog'Maw. AP builds usually end up losing and dont get dmg necesary to kill tanks. With carefull playing style your team can even win withut tank.

Please comment and have fun