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Kog'maw The Gatling Gun

Last updated on July 27, 2010
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This build, puts a focus on kog'maw's ability to me a nice range physical dps'r rather then just an artillery barraging fool. With your rune set for armor pen at level 18 you have 30% armor pen without your Caustic Spittle, with Caustic Spittle a 25% increase you have 50% armor pen rate, wihtout having to be alot of items and can buff up your main stat which is attack speed, In this builds their is destructive attack speed with some decent damage, with this build tanks will fear you any melee dps will run in fear when they see you in a lane, since you have bio-arcane barrage this adds a percentage of the opponents helath as bonus damage, ontop of that you malady which is an added 36 which isnt that much but stacked with your bio-arcange barrage and your madreds bloodrazor you will be doing some serious damage mid to late game. your last whisper is a key item because of a small damage boost which is needed in this build and also for the passive your attacks gain 40% armor pen thats a 90% with your runes and Caustic spittle up, and your guinsoo's just helps this build all round and adding a touch of Ability powers which cant hurt anyone and ontop of your void ooze this really help you gank people and chase down people in a lane and is also an amazing survival skill for double slow. Mid game to late game you will dominating the lanes, king of the ganks get a good tank infront of you and i can guaruntee a win, also if you really get the 100% out of the build. Lizard whenever you can get it can add another percentage of damage ontop of malady and madreds which will destory mostly anyhthing in your path also with a slow to boot, thats 3 slows. Also golem cant hurt because of this mana lacking build this is kind of a must if you dont go back to town every so often and cooldown reduction is amazing so you can have bio-arcan barrage up in almost any fight! which is a big help to this build.

Well i hope this build made you appreciate kog'maw in another light. just wanted to show you champions are very versitale :D! and dont be afraid to try new builds and item comps!
Please leave any comments that can benifit me this is my first build:D <3