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Kog'Maw The Hybrid Pwner

Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Hi all!

This is my first build and I'm doing this cause i was trying lots of build for kog'maw to make him powerfull and at the end i've find the ultimatum build.

First of all srry for my English it isn't very good but i'll try you understand this guide.

Summoner Spells

1st spell we choose is exhaust, it is one of my favourite spells cause it is defensive/agressive spell we will use it to pwn our enemies (specially when a hard carry or meelee attack use like master yi or xin zhao) or to run back nd slow them.

2nd spell is Ignite, you can choose other spells like Heal, cleanse, ghost, etc. I choose ignite cause i prefer to play agressive nd ignite will be a great tool to kill your enemies that run with 5% of Hp

I choose that runes to make powerfull our attacks with the armor penetration and the other runes are to make kog'maw a great powerfull late gamer char.

Game Guide

Early Game

At the beggining I buy dagger and HP potion cause with this build at the early game you will be a AD char. Dagger improves to berseker boots and you need them fast then you will start to make Mandred (starting with bowgun). At the early game you can go at mid lane or other lanes but your work is easy farm last hitting and with your summoner spells and your "high" attack speed you won't get problems to kill 3 or 4 times in the first 12 min.

Mid Game

This stage you will start to take AP objects than will give you AD or SA that is very important for this char. Making guinsoo you will see that the HP of your enemies will fall down very fast if you combine your autoattack with your slow ball and your ultimate.
In this stage you can try to gank the other lanes or make a hard push with your aoe spells.

Late Game

Here you will get BT first to take a bit of lifesteal that will help you in teamfights and will make you a great teamfighter. After that if you have time enough to complete your
build it means that you will rape their ***es in the late game.

I Hope you like this "mini Guide" nd enjoy this build. I'm waiting your comments to see if we can improve this hybrid guide together. Last game with this build I've done(19/4/14)

Thanks for Reading!!