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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Rhino

Kog'Maw the Range Supporter !

King Rhino Last updated on June 30, 2010
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Kog'Maw the Range Supporter !

To begin, I have read ALOT of guides and there comments on either or

I have seen the champion spotlight from Phreak and multiple gameplay commentary with Kog'Maw and I can say out loud... HE IS NOT A TANK, HE IS NOT A MAGE LIKE ANNIE OR A MELEE... HE IS A HYBRID SUPPORT CHAMPION !

I also encourage you to watch to the spotlight because it covers some of the basics for Kog'Maw.

** SCOOP **

This is probably not THE build you are looking for... There are multiple ways to build a champion. For example, I see alot of AP Focus guides, All the Way Hybrid type of guides and just pure damage guides for Kog'Maw. Just pick what you feel is the most suited for you. Oh and also let me quote Remain who wrote the Shaco the Insane build :

" You won't be the BEST CHAMPION IN THE WHOLE WORLD by following this guide, the only thing that can make your champ great, is YOU. "

But if you get high scores by following this guides then good for you !

Your main purpose as Kog'Maw is not to carry your team but to actually help you win teamfights (3v3 or 5v5) by slowing with Void Ooze, lowering and finishing off champions with Living Artillery and burning down tanks with Bio-Arcane Barrage. I usually get way more assists than I get kills but it really depends on your ability to KS with Living Artillery...

Bugs :

Zilean's utlimate, Chrono Shift, doesn't make you revive as the real Kog'Maw but only the suicide bomber version of yourself !

Although Guardian Angel does bring you back to life like it should.

- Good Supporter
- Great Harass
- AWESOME minion farmer ! (about 200-250 minions at least per game) (Living Artillery/Void Ooze Combo)
- Spammable Ultimate (Living Artillery)
- Long Range (Living Artillery and maybe Void Ooze)
- More annoying than any champion (Living Artillery)
- Suicide Bomber with Beautiful colors (Passive)
- Anti-Tank (Bio-Arcane Barrage)
- Can check bushes, creeps and of course Baron (Living Artillery)
- Fun tower pusher with Bio-Arcane Barrage

- One of the squishy champions if not the most
- Slow (No escape mechanism)
- Mana intensive (If you can predict your mana costs pretty well than your ok)
- Takes time and practice to get used too

Summoner spells:

I will not tell you EXACTLY what to get for Summoner Spells becauses everyone doesn't play the same but here are a couple spells I have tried and like playing with on Kog'Maw. So feel free to try others !

Ghost - This doesn't really fix the lack of escape mechanism but sure helps. Also fun to get back to your lane faster, to land

your Living Artillery while chasing someone or just by having more speed in Suicide Bomber Form ! (Icathian Surprise)

Cleanse - Then again, your a slow hero so this will help you get out or stop an ignite...

Clarity - Kog'Maw is an intensive mana champion so picking this up can help spam Living Artillery more freely.

Teleport - As the title says, he is a support champion so it's always useful to be able to follow your team more easily and make a push.


I pick Mercury Thread's because then again Kog'Maw is a slow champion who can't escape well so this helps him out.

The Archangel's Staff and Nashor Thooth will take care of your mana regen while still giving you 50% attack speed, some mana and AP !

Rylai's Scepter gives you survavibility a little with +500 health and a nice 80 AP!

For the last item I either go Guinsoo's Rageblade if theres a lot of tanks or team is stacking health and I know I get get a little closer since team is not focusing me or else I get a Zhonya's Ring, so I can have more AP for my Living Artillery and Void Ooze.

Runes :

Here go as you like, but I like having at least some Magic Penetration which explains the Mark of Insight and the Seal and Glyph of Clarity give me the possibly to worry less about mana a little. As for the Quintessences, they bring more survivability to squishy Kog'Maw.

I think movement Quintessences or AP runes could also benefit Kog'Maw.

Early game:

Buy Sapphire Crystal and 2 HP pots and get to either Mid lane or Side Lane. Keep harrasing or killing minions with Void Ooze. Don't be greedy or you will most certainly die since you have to escape mechanism. If your having a hard time, just stay close to your tower and keep using Void Ooze, most of the time he will not try to approach in fear to get slowed while getting hit by tower. Hang in there till lvl 6. Becauses Living Artillery should help you push a little towards there tower and keep hitting them while they think they are safe hugging tower. :)

Mid game:

By this time you should have Living Artillery rank 2 (Level 11) and your ennemies should start saying Kog'Maw is broken and range needs too be lowered or mana cost increased. Don't mind them and keep doing what your champion is made for... Shooting
Vomit from VERY far away to make sure your opponents cries. Also, group ups should be starting or already started, so stay with your team as MUCH as possible and help them by lowering your ennemies with Living Artillery before the teamfight actually
starts, slowing your ennemies with Void Ooze, burning down tanks with Bio-Arcane Barrage and of course trying to get a few kills either in fight or runners with Living Artillery.

Late game:

Watch out for the ganks and the people who were fed. Your an item dependant champion so you should be at your best right now. Your Living Artillery should be dealing enough damage to kill squishies from far away. Keep supporting your team like I just told you to in mid game. You can try and push towers with Bio-Arcane Barrage.

If you have any questions or feedback on the guide please do leave a comment.
AND OF COURSE IF YOU PUT A NEGATIVE RATING JUST COME TELL ME WHY... and I will either explain why I chose something or just try and modify my build if the comment is constructive.