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League of Legends Build Guide Author punishatron

KogMaw's punishment

punishatron Last updated on October 21, 2010
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this build ****ed up while i was making it -> ill add in the items picture etc later

My build is an AD/AS KogMaw.


With Kog, we want to have a crazy attack speed, but we might not want to keep that Last Whisper forever, as we can replace it with infinity edge. Hence, alacrity is important. also, we know that Kog is super squishy, so it is logical for us to improve its vitality, however, Kog is very item dependent, and we will consider its hardiness later in items


standard 9 0 21


Last whisper is great throughout the game, unless you really have excess cash. its great to build this first, which should get you some kills, as the higher the attack speed the easier it is to last hit minions and champions. mercury treads are also a great buy here - when you were building your last whisper by buying a recurve bow first, you should have enough for boots1 as well. we then build a guinsoo's, for AP and AD, plus, it has great AS stacks. at this point you should be a strong kog, remember to always play safe, very close to your tower, as kog excels more in mid -? end game

as stated above, to improve health, building a frozen mallet will really improve kog in this aspect. perhaps at this stage the team fights increase in intensity - > you should be staying back, using your ult, but if everyones in, dont be afraid to E>W>Q then hit stragglers with your ult. again, make sure your ult, dont ever overstretch your boundaries.

the rest of the build is just AD, and flexibility through mobility and health. when you have the bloodthirster, tower hugging is now less of an issue, as your auto attack will regen lots of HP.