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KS master Miss Fortune

Last updated on October 30, 2012
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Ever want to just troll around on bots and piss your team off? Well, Then this is the build for you! Focus on building movement speed for maximum KS (kill securing) potential. Miss Fortune's passive helps out a lot with a huge movement speed buff throughout the game.

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I go for a very standard full offensive rune page, investing nothing into defence or utility because if you die to bots you should feel bad about it.

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I shift around a normal 21/0/9 page for a 24/0/6 page, grabbing the three points in Havoc which greatly increases damage output and rage within your team. Feel free to switch between this and the 21/0/9 page, grabbing mana per level, movement, and neutral buff duration in utility.

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Your first item should always be a sword of the occult. Start with a long sword, to lower its initial gold cost. In normal games, this is ill advised, but in bots or against scrubs, troll around as much as possible. Get a health potion for survivability. Upon getting 1750 gold in lane, immediately recall, buy a sword of the occult, level one boots, and a vamp sceptre. Rush a boots of mobility, and as many zeals as you can afford. Upgrade them into phantom dancers, and get a bloodthirster last, if the game permits.

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Skill Sequence

Max impure shots first; it allows for easier cs and damage to enemies. Don't ever help your team, just go in at the last second to secure the kill until you can burst down bots for an easy 1v3 triple kill. Max make it rain second; the slow lets you land bullet time much more easily. Then, max double up last. Get points in bullet time whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost provides movement speed for early kills and getaways. Teleport allows easy KS. These spells are essential for KS master Miss Fortune.

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If you are above 1000 elo, you should be well on your way to a 30/0/0 bot game as Miss Fortune. Have fun trolling!