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Sejuani Build Guide by Guest

Kyle bnuj's Sejuani build

Kyle bnuj's Sejuani build

Updated on January 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 3,956 Views 0 Comments
3,956 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sejuani Build Guide By Guest Updated on January 26, 2012
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Anti AD Sej

With this build an Ad carry will fall to your feet... while u just sorta stand there. Your efficiency is unmatchable in team fights. You can disable an enemy in a matter of seconds and laugh while your team, or your awesome item build will eat them away.
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Why THESE items?

Well, i will go through my exact reasoning for each, lets start with the basics. THE BOOTS! - these little guys are very valuable vs your Ad opponents. Just look at them, a rather helpful and effective armor, and damage reduce, stats on them. what can i say more, u take less damage =] . This item is your bread and butter the all mighty, and cheap, THORN MAIL- this little item makes u nearly impossible to kill throughout the game, and for only 2k! Just look at its beauty, that massive armor and the best part of all... the damage returned. if u have enough health, these squishy little carry types will fall around u as u.. sit around. Now for the Frozen Heart- this little guy fits perfect with our character. i mean all your manna issues are solved, cd reduction to spam your ulti / other usefull disables, and dont forget the 20% reduced attack speed. Dont forget about the armor and attack speed reduction aura, can u say op? take less damage and make their team crippled for a fight (winning). All right now for a bit of damage, Sun Fire cape works perfectly with all our needs, this nice survivability armor and hp ftw, and the extra aoe damage realy stacks with our w. also, have u noticed how a percent of your hp does damage on our aoe?! well that extra health from the cape is the icing on the cake for that one. alright now for the obvious, you dont feel comfortable without another slow right? welllll i dont either, thats why i throw randuins into the mix. just think of it, they attack you-they are slowed- they cant run- team kills- u win. simple as that all the great buffs on this item suit you perfectly for those Ad carries will fear attacking u , even more , with this new shiny item. This last item - Atmas Impaler is realy just to do some extra damage, some crit chance damage from your nice beefy health bar, and lets not forget the armor bonus too.
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Summoner Spells

simple as this!
FLASH = OP as all hell! used to chase and escape ! a dead tank is a useless tank.
HEAL= you are a suppppport role! some people just dont get it, you want to support your team! how does one do that?! welll you stay alive, take some damage and keep your team from dying! and when you heal you, and your team mates, will live just a bit longer which can make a huuuuuge difference in team fights.
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y this skill order?

ok arctic ***ualt is just used for its great initiation/ running ability. no need to max it just yet, will help u just as much now as it will in a couple lvls, but this cant be said about your other skills. YES YES IK! permafrost next, what am i thinking? well... its what some dont think... northern winds barely does enough damage to do, well, just about anything (until your hp gets a boost) so permafrost is a massive aoe slow..can u beat it? initiate with arctic hit once and gib their movement speed with permafrost while your team laughs and strikes them down as they try to walk away crippled. then you need some damage output for team fights... this is where northern winds comes in. You will be a bit beefier by lvl 3 so your damage output is just that much better, and like i said , no need to lvl arctic ***ualt too high (wont do much good) so might as well have some shiny aoe damage! (o and your ulti.... just lvl it as anyone not that crazy to change that one up)
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Team Work

you! yes you! you must keep everyone alive by tanking. you are the one to initiate. look at your skills for a second, and just take them in. once you charge your way into a team fight whats gonna happen?! they will all start to hit you, which is totally a good thing, you must try to hit these squishy little carry types very quickly! you know why? welll you must get your perma frost off so they cant escape (whahahahh). once the enemy team is distracted your team flies in and starts picking off their major damage dealers.

Chasing- always try to just hit them with an auto attack! if you can arctic rush into decent range and then blink if needed and just get a hit off, your perma frost skill will wreck their ms so you can lock in those final kills!
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Sejuani Guide
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Kyle bnuj's Sejuani build

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