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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yajiru

Lady light Lux

Yajiru Last updated on January 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone and welcome to my guide about this little girl called Lux :)

I've been playing Lux for quite a long time now and I want you to have as much fun as I have when I'm playing with her ^^. This build makes her very squishy during the whole game but gives you A LOT of damage, so you might need a few games of practice before being comfortable with this build.

If you disagree with any point developed on this guide please comment before rating -1, just don't rate -1 without any reasons.

English isn't my native language so forgive my mistakes and feel free to correct anything :)

Here's a preview of what can be done with this build :)

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

    *Spammable Ulti
    *Great capabilty to harass
    *Your first skill is a great setup for your ulti
    *You can kill almost any non-tank hero with one full skill rotation
    *Blonde :)

Cons :
    *Extremely squishy during the whole game
    *You will be one of the firsts target (if not the first) of the opposing team
    *Kinda hard to master (don't miss your cage ^^)

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: Magic pen will help you a lot and will make your Lux much more dangerous
: Mp5, with this you won't have to worry about mana management, just spam and harass the enemy :)
: Cooldown reduction, the best choice for Lux, you want to have your skills up as soon as possible
Quintessence : Ability power, the most important stat of Lux

There's not a lot of things to say here, those runes are what makes Lux work, you might want to change the Quintessence of ability power into Magic pen but I don't think that's really useful in early game and you will have enough Magic pen in late game

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Early game :
So first you want to pick a sapphire crystal, this will help you in your first levels to spam your skills without worrying too much about your mana. Try to harass as much as possible, but don't get too cocky, remember you're Lux you can die REALLY fast.

You will have to stay on the lane at least till level 6 or more (ideally 8) if you are not in danger/oom, then go back to the base and finish your tear of goddess then grab some boots and go back to your lane.

Mid game :
By now your Archangel's Staff should be finished, same for your boots and you are working on finishing your Rod of ages.

End game :
Now the Rod of Ages is finish and so is your Deathcap, your Void staff is almost finish and you are seriously terrifying the opposing team

Key Items :
: This item is REALLY good, it gives you everything you need right away : mana & ability power
: Since this build makes you very squishy, this item will give you an extra protection and will make you survive a little longer, you will STILL be very fragile
: A really good item, boosts your ability power like crazy, this is what will make you feared :)
: I prefer those ones to the sorcerer's shoes, as I said you will get enough magic pen and cooldown reduction is really good for Lux
: I know I'm picking this item late but you just don't need it earlier in the game

Alternative items :
: Not a lot of Magic armor in the opposing team but a lot of HP ? This will help :)
: Getting ganked ? This might help you survive (and give you a little extra ability power)
: I don't like this item, but some people feel comfortable with it, I don't think that the gain of cooldown reduction will compensate the loss of ability power, plus this build will give all the CDR you need, getting this would just be a waste of money.
: Don't like this one either, but if you feel comfortable enough to take it, go for it. It's too much of a gamble to me
: This item can be very useful, if you get ganked hard in team fights. The 2 secs invulnerability is really great since it makes you impossible to target. I usually take this item when there's an invis hero on the opposing team like Twitch/Shaco/Eve/even Akali, when they engage me I just use it and it gives enough time my allies to come support me

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Skill Sequence

Not a lot of things to say, this is a dps build so you max the shield at the end but use it A LOT during team fights, it REALLY helps.
: This is often underestimated, blow it as much as possible, especially on heroes during early game, this is a GREAT dammage dealer
: This is what makes Lux soooooo annoying (Mass slow, AoE damage), spam it :)
: Two-person cage, great for help, great for fleeing, great setup for ulti, great skill
: Don't be afraid to use it, think of it as a way to lower all enemy team's HP in one blow and not only as a skill to use to steal a frag or to kill a low HP hero. I usually use it when all the enemy team will be hit during team fights

Skill Sequence in engaging fight (alone) : I usually use my Q skill to cage, then I throw my E skill but I don't use it yet (he's just here to slow), then I blow my ulti and press E to finish the guy. That skill rotation, if successful, will kill almost any non-tank hero.

Skill Sequence in engaging fight (team fight) : First put a shield on all your team, then try to cage any opposing hero, always stay behind your tank and slow the opposing team with your E spell without blowing it instantly (that mass slow is often underestimated). And if you have the opportunity to hit the whole team with your ulti, just TAKE IT, don't keep your ulti for you getting a kill. You are a support in team fight, you are here to bring kills to the team not to increase your score.

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Summoner Spells

Since this build brings almost no survivability to Lux whatsoever (no forzen Heart/ Banshee's veil/...)you want to use those two summoner spells to help you LEAVE the fight and not to chase an enemy (you will get ganked if you do that).

So remember those two spells are here to help you save your Lux, not to help her chase a hero (you have your ulti for that).

If have trouble with your mana pool, consider taking Clarity instead of Ghost, Flash is still the best survivability spell for Lux

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I'll finish this guide with some little tips while playing Lux :

    *Always keep in mind that you are squishy, ALWAYS !
    *If you can't hit at all with your ulti, trap the hero first with Q then ulti him :)
    *Spam, spam, spam, spam and spam, your spells have to be on cooldown most of the time
    *Remember, even if you deal great damage, you're more an assist than a hero killer during team fights so think about your shield and use your ulti when you know you can hit everyone
    *Steal Nashor's buff :D, first scout with your E skill then wait and use your ulti to steal the buff (if you are used to it, you can steal Nash with only your E spell ^^)
    *Kill a lot of creeps, you need money
    *Use your E skill to scout bushes
    *DO NOT engage anyone alone if you don't have all your skills up
    *If you go for blue buff, even tough you don't really need it for this build, be sure that you are not alone or that there's no miss on any lane (gank probability is HUGE, they know you want this buff)
    *Kill A LOT of minions :)

This is my first guide, I hope you will find it useful :)