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Top Lane Kingdom, The Theories of Domination

Top Lane Kingdom, The Theories of Domination

Updated on June 20, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author enteg Build Guide By enteg 429 Views 0 Comments
429 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author enteg Build Guide By enteg Updated on June 20, 2024
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Champion Build Guide

Lane Kingdom, The Theories of Domination

By enteg
Every single game of league you play will have a lane phase. Whether you are in solo queue, clash, proplay, the first 15 minutes of the game are arguably the most important. Get the lead and learn to carry it through the game, to help other lanes, to dominate and become the king of the lane. This guide isn't going to teach you to roam, but as you learn these techniques, you will have more timings and learn, but as for this guide lane domination is the key.

Before we fully get into it, what does winning lane mean? Well it depends on the matchup. In the losing matchup (you're the beatdown as you'll learn later) going even, or staying within X amount of CS without dying is winning lane. Other matchups you must be X CS ahead, get early kills, snowball the game.

Lanning is at its core is 2/3 rules you may or may not have heard before. There are links provided to the full theories in their original forms. I recommend you read these as I will not be explaining more than the basics.

1. Who's the beatdown -
2. Footsies -
3. (Botlane only) Parallels - (until 2:30)
The idea is simple, are you in a losing or winning position. Easy enough, now lets change your perception of the entire game real quick before we get truly started. League of Legends is a turn based game. "But everyone can move at the same time" I hear some of you saying right now. Let's start simple with an easy example of auto attacks. We'll use Caitlyn and Sivir for this example, Cait has 650 range, Sivir has 500. So when they go to auto attack one another who has the first turn? Cait. Second turn will be Sivir while she gets in range and Caits attack is still on cool down. So you get the basic idea of the game being turn based, and a heads up you can apply this to every game you play.

Now let's get back to who's the beatdown. Knowing when you have an advantage and when you can be aggressive is obvious, everyone knows that's part of the game, but let's just expand that. Lets go ahead and put your top lane for this example. You are Yorick vs Camille. Yorick loses this lane until level 6, so how can you stay even in farm and survive? Well you abuse your knowledge of your opponent. You have a large wave pushing in on her, she is the beatdown, aka, your turn. If she gets aggressive she will get bonked and maybe even die. However, once those minions crash under tower and you don't have the protection, you need to respect that you are now the beatdown / it's her turn right? Of course.

Now do you remember those games you went in and lost a trade that you felt like you should have won? It feels like you can't ever go in again right? That's fear. Even when they are the beatdown you're too scared to do anything so you continue to act as the beatdown and bleed resources and objectives. Let's go back to the Yorick Camille lane from before. Yorick has that big wave and Camille goes in, loses the trade badly. She backs up and farms under the tower. Now you have two options as the Yorick, continue to be aggressive and risk them going in again and being able to win this time or back up and respect them... Or the secret third option, footsies.
Footsies is also simple, surprise, surprise, the game is easy. Put simply put footsies is the use of range or a danger zone to bait opponents into making bad decisions. Walking into range for a moment and back out can cause champions to use spells, this is how you dominate mana early game but more importantly cool downs. Let's use Blitzcrank. If you momentarily walk out into the danger zone blitz might throw out a hook. Blitzcrank hook is extremely expensive and is a very long cooldown. Now walk back out of range or behind a minion right after so you can't get hit. Congrats you now have 20 seconds of making them the beatdown almost no matter the lane state. That's it, bait out spells with the use range or a danger zone. Once again, the game is simple, it's easy, just practice and use your brain.
Alright, supports and ADC's, listen up good here because this is most likely why you lose lane. But unlike the other two sections, let's start off with a video. Go ahead and watch this until 2:30. Heck, watch all of the guide, it'll do you good.:

Am I taking the easy way out of this one with this video? Yes, but I can't explain better over text.
Now it's time for you to go and int a few games while you practice these new ideas. Yup, you're going to lose, you're going to fail, you're going to make mistakes. But you know what's more important in your climb than elo right now? BEING BETTER. So ruin your rank, go on the red carpet all so you can get the moment where it all clicks, where you start winning lane almost every game. You'll start walking on grass soon enough and reach that rank you've dreamed of. Remember, the game is easy, simple and all it takes is you trying, so turn off Family Guy and pay attention to what you're doing.

Good luck.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author enteg
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Lane Kingdom, The Theories of Domination

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