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Warwick Build Guide by fernan12345

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fernan12345

lanewick, the most op solotop

fernan12345 Last updated on January 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well. fisrt of all i am not english speaker, I am spanish, so my english wont be amazing.After lots and lots of games playing with this ww I have seen that for the moment, it is the best solotop ww, and one of the best solotops of the game. Dificult to harrass, very strong lane with a very important work in teamfights and a good dagame are his advantages.

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WW have more or less opened runes.In red runes I use magic penetration.This runes give you the extra dagame vs enemmys with medium-high magic resist and let you do a insane dagame to carrys and suports.In tellow runes i get armor normally for get a good defend vs ad tops, but another are posible depending on your are opened, right now i am playing cooldowns because they are my favourites, but magic resist direct or per lvl are good option too.Also you can play manaa egeneration, but in my opinion and with this masteries if you dont waste the mana,you dont need it thanks to the doran ring.Quintessences are opened, you can play any that you like, i am playing maximun hp, but there arent the best in my opinion.

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Summoner Spells

Well, I always get flash and ignite because they are the best for my style, but you can get some variety.

Flash: It is nice to engage with ulti in teamfights, escape of enemy jungler or just resolve a bad situation problem.It saves you always so for me this spell is necesary.

Ignite: It isnt as necesary as flash, but it works pretty good with my ww style.I use it to get kills at the lane at the same time i use ulti doing q+ulti+ignite+q that do a insane dagame ammount and heals you so not much enemys can resist it.It is also good vs enemys like vladimir, etc...

Ghost: Some people use ghost in WW but in my opinion if you use WW good you dont need it.It can be use to escape or to engage fights also, but it isnt very good for following enemys becuase you have your e for it

Teleport: It is pretty nice because with your resistances and healing you can stay long times on lanes and this spell let you go heal without lose any farming or buy some things with the gold you have farmed without let the enemy attack your turret.

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Well, I use this masteries because they give you mana regeneration for meditation, some extra gold on time and cooldown reduction and a pretty nice reducition of cds of summoner spells, so you can use flash so often, doing dificult gank you.I get the red masteries because they give you basically the magic penetration, very nice at medium-late because you dont have any magic penetration items.

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Skill Sequence

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Fisrt of all, I will explane why i get madred, and when because there are a very cheat item on WW, but much people dont thing so.I have a caomparative with madred not madred of another guide

why you dont want to go for Bloodrazor first

It's pretty common to go for Madred's Bloodrazor as the first item (exept the boots) with Warwick. And as a jungle Warwick it works quite good due to the farming potential of Madred's Razors. Also offers some armor and of course a lot of damage. Seems like a good choice for Warwick in general if you think about the synergy with your ult... or not?

Bloodrazor is very strong, but there's one thing to argue about: it costs 3.8k gold.
Just to remind you: the core build of Lanewick costs 3265 gold - 535 gold less. And by going for Bloodrazor your core normally includes your Sorcerer's as well => 4.9k gold. That's Lanewick's core plus Giant's Belt and another 600 gold to spend (close to Sorcerer's Shoes). Let's compare:

Bloodrazor core:
- 30 AD
- 40% AS
- 30 armor
- 4% of max. HP as magic damage
- level 2 boots
- 20 magic penetration

Lanewick core:
(plus Giant's Belt and Sorcerer's Shoes)
- 10% CDR
- 780 HP
- 60 MR
- 15 AP
- 12.5/5 manareg (plus 1% per missing 1% mana)
- 15% increased heal and regeneration
- level 2 boots
- 20 magic penetration

One thing is sure: Bloodrazor deals more damage, especially with your ult. But in lane you mainly deal damage with Hungering Strike, for what Lanewick's core is way better. My main argument:

Madred's Bloodrazor deals 20% of the maximum health as damage with your ult (ok plus some autoattacks but you won't do thaaaat many of them, especially when you dont have that much armor and MR) and costs 3.8k gold.
Hungering Strike deals 20% of the maximum health as damage as well, but costs no gold, is spammable (with some manareg-items for sure) and ranged (even though it is a short range)!

Well, fisrt of all i dont get sorccerer, so i have more magic resist and a very important date: Tenacity. Wihtou tenacity you are much more vulnerable with the metagame right now because all decent teams have 2 stuns MINIMUN, and normally have 3-4.That mean they can stun.That means spirit visage

Another mega fail is the percent of hp that q does IT IS ONLY FOR MINIONS so WW dagame to champions is not as hard as he said.

Other thing important is that madreds improve your farming with a little dagame you need for last hits and do a nice dagame vs champions in startings fights thanks to WW w.It let you get red/blue also without lose farming in the lane.Thats madred´s razor. then you get the pickaxe, increasing the dagame of your ulti a very nice dagame and doing posible fight with autoattck when q is in cd and the bow is simply to get a harder dps dagame doing you hybrid at middle game because you hit with q and ulti and with autoattacks.

Another important thing is that his ww dont have resistances in runes so he is so soft at fights comparing with my WW.But not all are advantages, its true that it is so so expensive but with the nice WW farming and 1 or 2 kills they are getted more or less fast

Anothe advantange that madred´s bloodrazors have is that in the actual metagame, Atmogs builds are very very played by junglers and lot of tops(atmog= warmog+ atma´s empaler) so they are also good.

After say this i have another comentary: I dont get this items always fisrt after boots, only if the enemy is ad and there are 2 or more ad in the team, and if 1 of them is atmog i am sure i get it. If not I ussually get wit´s end that also stack with passive or if the ad enemy is so hard i get madred razor and then glacial shourd.One advice, sometimes if you are vs ap top and you buy bow, and then you farm lot and lot or get some kills than you didnt expected(like in a dragon fight), maybe you should think about get madred :D.

IMPORTANT: Madred right now (3/1/2012) do impacts effects on ulti(5 times)
Explane my madred opinion,i will explane my build the most important thing of the guide.

I always start with doran ring, ALWAYS.I do this because it give you hp for survival that is necesary because you dont get much more hp in my build( I am testing sunfire again on it at for the moment it works),but the really reson i get it because it gives a very necesary mana regeneration on WW. Get specific resistances is also good but you cant harrass enemy at the same form and also thing at this: If you have more mana regeneration, you can harras more but you can also heal you more often so you dont really lose survival respect get specific resistance.

Afther this i farm until can buy mercury´s treads directly.Why mercury´s? Its easy, as I said before the metagame is very based on stuns so the tenacity is pretty nice for you and it also gives magic resist. At this point you start to do your build depending on the enemy dagame and their stats.

If you can stay in the lane without any problem with mercury mr, or if your enemy is ad you can get madred´s razors.I only get razor´s if i am oging to do madred, so i only do it when the enemy have 2 or more ad and if one of then is atmog. If not dont get madred, it isnt good.

If you go very very good and you have a big amount of gold you can try finish madred´s, but I dont ussually do this because madreds arent so good at early-middle.In resume get madred if there is a goos situation, but dont get them at start never its always betterstart with other items.

After get the boots you can get madred´s razors vs and ad in top as i said before or get a glacial shroud.If the enemy is ap, i always get wit´s end because it works specially good with your ultimate and it also give a very very nice mr at start.

After this i create my build depending on the enemy team:

If they have hard ad/no or one ap.

I do mercury treads or tabi if they dont have much stuns and then get glacial shroud and upgrade it to frozen hearth.Then i go for sunfire or madred´s depending of the enemy enemy champions and then i get angel´s and wit´s end to get some magic resist vs their ap.

If they have hard ap/no or one ad:

Well, I get mercury treads(obviously) and go directly for the wit´s end that will give you a good amount of dagame and magic resist.Afther this I go for a veil and I get a frozen hearth to stack some armor vs his/her ad.Then i go for angel to get some mr and armor.

If they have 2-3 ad/2-3 ap:

This is the most ussally enemy team, so this is the most ussually build you will play.I go for mercury treads and then I get glacial shroud or wit´s end depending on enemy solotop.Then this is the most important part of get the build because you must see and valorate with your playing experience to know what itmes you must pick.The most important things you have to see is the amount of ad/ap, then what champions are and their scores and then what of the enemy playe´s is better.If this questions are more near of ad enemys, you should finish your frozen hearth and do a wit´s end Whereas if the answer is nearest the ap you should get the wit´s end and then go for the frozen.

Then you must see how are teamfights going and who are the really dagame dealers of the enemy team and do a build trying to be strong vs then.If you do this and you do a good fight, your team should win. If not because some reason(enemys so fed, team so noob) you have done all you could so is a bad luck, dont get depress you will win next time.