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League of Legends Build Guide Author rakalakalili

Laning build for PuGs -Tank

rakalakalili Last updated on October 22, 2010
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This is a build for Amumu that I have success in during solo-queue normal games. This is a tanking build. I don't claim to have a high ELO, or that I am super leet, but I have had quite a bit of success with this build.

Summoner Spells:
I like to go with flash and clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is great to have in any game with pugs, where you don't know if the people you are playing with will be warding or not. Use it to expose Garen sitting in your bushes and force him to run away, to check on their jungler, to check Dragon and Baron when they are missing, etc. Try to use this spell almost as often as the cool down is up.
Flash is great with Amumu. Like any champion, this can be used to save your life. Run to a wall and flash to the other side of it if you are being chased. Unlike other champions though, flash is very helpful for Amumu's ult. If you can't land a bandage toss to get into the middle of the enemy team (either because you missed or there are creeps, etc) just run up, flash and R.

Amumu is a very mana dependent champion to use. Early game, you can't spam spells. I've found that a philosopher's stone is about all you need for his mana though. Focus on getting this first, and let the gold per 10 roll in. You generally want mercury treads, though if the team is extremely physical based ninja tabi are fine. After your boots, pick up a kindlegem. Your biggest asset to your team is your ult, which has a long cooldown. The cooldown reduction on the kindlegem, combined with the health make this awesome. Now you have mana regen, health, and some CDR. You could go ahead and finish the Shurelya's Reverie here, but I like letting the Philosopher's Stone bring in some more gold since I don't think the upgraded stats and move speed boost are that important.
Its time to get tanky. Every team needs at least one Aegis of the Immortal on it. If there are no other tanks then you need to get this item next. It is cheap, gives health, armor, and MR. And gives armor and MR to all allies around you. Once you have the aegis go ahead and finish the Shurelya's Reveries. This will give you a bit more health, regen, and CDR, as well as an active movement speed boost for you and your team. This is great for chasing or fleeing.
That is your core item build: boots, Shurelya's, and Aegis. Once you have these three you need to speacilize to be the best tank against the other team. If they are heavy on the physical side, get Sunfire Capes. The damage aura stacks great with Despair and people will die just from being hugged by you. If they are heavy on ability power, go with a banshee's veil, force of nature, or guardian angel. Just keep initiating fights and cleaning up and you are doing your joib.

To start the game, grad a Regrowth Pendant. This allows you to stay in your lane and get last hits even through some heavy harassing. I get a point in bandage toss first, this gives you a ranged stun that can be useful in a lvl 1 fight or any early game ganks. As far as skills go, get 1 point in each of your skills first, then the priority is R>E>W>Q. Until level 6, just try to focus on last hitting and play defensively. If the opportunity arises, go for a kill with your partner. Either initiate with your bandage toss or wait for them to start running. Once you hit level 6, hopefully you have enough money to create your philosopher's stone and some boots of speed, go back to town and grab those.
With your ult, try to go gank a lane with more than one person. Sit in the bush and wait for them to push. Once they do, initiate the fight by bandage tossing and dropping your ult on them. If you can't land a bandage toss, flash in the middle of them and hit your ult. Once your ult is unleashed, toggle Despair on (W) and spam Tantrum (E).
In general, your role on the team is to initiate fights and use your ult. You then want to run around close to people to damage them with your Despair while spamming tantrum and cleaning up any kills with bandage toss. Amumu is one of the best initiators in the game, so hide in bushes or behind walls, use bandage toss to pop out of nowhere into the middle of their team and hit your ult.
After your first gank, continue to lane, and play carefully when your ult is down. When it is back up, go ahead and try to gank a lane again. Try to save your ult for when you can grab at least 2 of them and your team is with you and ready to kill them.
Whenever you gank bottom, ping dragon and try to get your team to come dragon with you. Despair drains a percentage of enemeies health, so it is very effective against the likes of Dragon and Baron.
When team fights start to happen, this is where you really shine. Always try to initiate the fights when your team is ready, preferably when their team is not. A perfect time is when their team starts retreating after being poked by your team. Bandage toss or flash in, and ult the trailing 3 members of their team. Your team should make quick work of them, and if the other 2 stuck around they will fall easily.