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Larmind's Diana Burst Monster

Last updated on August 11, 2012
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Now i will explain why i use this type of runes and masteries.
Diana is an assassin champion who like to jump to their enemies to melt them down in a seconds, thats why i pick Runes and masteries like this. I want to get as many damage and sustain as i can. Magic per level and Armor runes will help you on Top or Mid lane bacouse you will be able to play more agresive and will need to less recal. Diana is the best in 1 v 1 situations, but her E can help your team a lot in team fights, and this is the second reason to build some sustain.

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Summoner Spells

Now why those summoner spells.
Flash will help you in offensive and defensive situations.
If enemy team have champions that consist of spell vamp or life steal Ignite will be great spell, becouse while ignite is on enemy champ it should give you enough time to melt him down.
ALSO good spells will be: EXHASUT against high dmg based enemies like AD carries, AP carries and other champions who like to deal a lot of damage.
You can also pick a TELEPORT against Squishy enemy team to assassin them more, but in that case you will need a big map awareness to make the best benefit of this.

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WHy items like this?
- DFG will incrase our burst a lot, makes enemy easyer to kill.
- Zhonya's will give us some ability power and will incrase our sustain, and we will chave a chance to avoid the critical situations with its pasaive.
- Abyssal Scepter will replace our magic pen deficiencies and will give us more sustain against ability power based champions.
- Lich Bane works great with Diana's passive it will give us oputrunity to deal tons of damage in just a couple of seconds and standardly will incrase our sustain.
- Now we can choose between Guardian Angel witch will dramaticaly incrase our suvivabiliry and it works great with Zhonya's, and i recomend this item agains teams with huge dmg or a lot of cc. Second item what we can choose is Hextech Gunblade, it will give us a nice dmg and ability power boost adn of course slow from its passive, plus life steal and spell vamp, and this item is recomended by me against squishy team that you can just melt down one by one.

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In early game we want just to farm as much as we can and try to harras enemy with Q, when we reach level 6 and we have at least DFG we can try to melt down the enemy, skill ussing sequence is: Land a Q then launch W, jump to enemy with R and if he try to run just use E, after this we can land another Q and R, meanwhile using our DFG. Enemy should be dead now ;)

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Team Work

After reaching level 6 try to roam to enemy lanes as much as You can, remember to keep safe your lane as well with DFG you should be abble to melt down almost everyone, just keep in mind that your survivability isnt too big. You want to focus most squishy targets like most of the AD or AP carry. You also must remember that diana like to consume a lot of mana in early game, so keep in mind that you must have at least mana for your Q+R combo.

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Summarizing Diana is:
- best against squishy targets
- she like most 1 v 1 situations
- her mobility makes her ablo to jump from target to target
- she can melt down almost everyone with good damage/sustain build
- must remeber she is pretty squishy

I am sorry for my english, and if i writed something you dont understand, this is my first guide so feel free to comment and tell me what is wrong and what is good. Greeting Summoners!