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League of Legends Build Guide Author CBR1000Rider

LeBlanc - French Fried

CBR1000Rider Last updated on November 4, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first build. I consider myself a pro Kassadin so this character sort of fit right in with my skill set.

Ok so first let me explain the build. LeBlanc's damage is affected primarily from her ability power. The build below is excellent for ability power while keeping a sufficient flow of mana.

I start with a for the extra mana so I can stay in my lane. This will also be upgraded to a Catalyst the Protector soon after. However, if you are facing another LeBlanc, a is a better option since it grants you a few bars extra life which will give you the edge in getting first blood against LeBlanc in mid. You will still want to sell it soon after first blood so you can get a Catalyst the Protector.

You will want a simply for its ability power stacks.

is an important item for LeBlanc because she can not afford to be silenced or stunned. If she is she will not be able to escape a gank. She will immediately be focused down which will cause unnecesary deaths. grants you the passive to block one of these spells every 30 seconds. However, if the enemies are stacking magic resist, you will want to substitute the for a which will grant you extra magic penetration.

is important for the mana boost and mana regen so you can stay in battle instead of rushing back to base for mana. This will also allow you to save your teleport for ganking opportunities.

will give you the 15% reduction in cooldown time in addition to ability power. This is very important for LeBlanc who is only an effective assassin with her ultimate which has a 30 second cooldown. This item will bring that cooldown to 25 seconds.

is the cherry finish. This grants a major boost in ability power.

To begin, you want for its ganking perks. I can not count the times I have seen a team battle on bottom or top early in the game where I simply teleport on a minion and burst damage down an enemy in a heartbeat. is important as well simply because early kills are key!!! If you do not get early game kills your chances of losing go up tremendously. Do not waste your time with flash/exhaust/ghost. They are simply not needed.

First, you will want to start off with mid. I don't care what any one tells you. TAKE MID. With mid, you usually should be able to pull off first blood by level 4.

Generally, after Catalyst the Protector I will go for instead of investing in boots. The extra ability power will really help your ganks after level 6. I find I do not need the speed early game. Getting first blood and a follow up kill is much more crucial than boots. You will not need to get these first 2 kills.

Your goal is to get level 4 with full hp and 2 left. Once you have Sigil X 2, Distortion and Etheral Chains you are ready to get first blood. This can be tricky but with most squishies you will need to butter them down to about 75% hp before you go for the kill. Shoot off a couple sigils at them with out a follow up ability to do this. No follow up = no extra damage + silence. Make them think your ability is weak.

If you are facing a nasty champ that wont let you cast a sigil with out taking a lot of damage. Go ahead and cast sigil and then distortion to activate your mark to do extra damage and then immediately press distortion again to retreat in time to not get attacked.

Once they are at about 75% hp you are ready to strike. You first will want to close the gap to cast sigil. Once cast, immediately jump on them with distortion. This will trigger the mark and deal extra damage and silence them. Immediately cast etheral chains and ignite. They should now be around 20% hp. You should now have one more sigil cooldowned to throw at them while they are walking away slowly with your root; do this and they should be burned to a crisp by ignite. Congratz, you have first blood and your teammates are now wondering why they argued with you about who takes mid at the beginning.

You are now level 6 close to getting . You now must be looking for an easy gank via teleport into bottom or top.

Once you teleport or run in, you should be facing a buttered down enemy and a full hp enemy. What you must do is cast sigil, mimic, distortion, etheral chains (Q-R-W-E). Now, this is the mother of all burst damage. The mimic'ed sigil will activate the extra damage and silence on your first sigil. Then your distortion will activate the extra damage and silence on your second mimic'ed sigil. Your etheral chains will slow the target just long enough to cool down another sigil which will be more than enough to finish off the target (whether it be a squishy or a tank).

Congratz, you now have 2+ kills and you have your team giddy and the other team feeling hopeless at the sight of the amount of your burst damage.

Go back to mid and fend off the minions, run backwards towards the tower then back to top or bottom for another gank if a gank is available. If not, go and purchase your .

This is crunch time. If your team is failing, you will need to finish this game off before level 16. If you do not, the enemy team will focus you down so easily it will be a slaughterhouse after you die. This is not fun. If your team is doing well then don't worry, take out some towers and finish the game.

You will want to use the same combo above (Q-R-W-E) in most gank situations. However, most enemies will flee at the simple sight of you, leaving no room to cast Q. You will have to switch up your strategy and instead cast (W-Q-R-E). This does the exact same damage as (Q-R-W-E) though you have a much higher chance of missing your etheral chains due to a minion or bad cast, thus, your extra damage and silence from your second sigil mark will not activate. Luckily, most of the time you will not need this extra damage since the enemy will already be dead after mimic with possible ignite.

You should now have 10+ kills and few deaths. Finish the game.

There are some fun tricks you can do with LeBlanc. When you spawn at base and need to get at a tower quickly, use a distortion/mimic combo. This will close almost 20-30% of the gap between you and the tower almost instantly. This is also a great combo to use to retreat from the enemy.

You will find with the above build more than enough mana to finish off team battles. So much mana in fact that you may want to drop the Archangles staff all together and buy another ability power item such as a haunting guise or a health item such as a Giant's Belt.

Another fun trick to retreat is to distort through a wall such as the jungle. If you are a Kassadin player, please be aware that LeBlanc's distortion is a much shorter teleport distance than Kassadins rift walk. Make sure the wall is thin and you are pressed up against it before casting distortion. Now if the enemy runs around the wall, press distortion again within 3 seconds to go back to the other side of the wall and run away while they are confused.

Distortion has a 3 second countdown to teleport back to your original location. An easy way to tell how long you have before you can use distortion again is this: When you cast distortion, immediately count in your head (1...2...3...4). You will need to say "1" in your head the instant you cast distortion and continue counting to 4. You need to press distortion right before you get to the 4 count. After practice you will nail it every time.

Well there you have it. I really hope you enjoy this build/strategy. If you have any comments or suggestions feel free, I will definitely update the build and give you credit if I find your tip useful. However this build works perfectly for me. I know Phreak has a different strategy in his champ spotlight however I simply do not find it useful at all to mimic etheral chains and get an assist when LeBlanc can mimic sigil and get the kill instead.

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