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LeBlanc - Mark Edition

Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Hello. This is a person specific guide. Have fun reading it but it's fairly short for the reason specified in the last sentence.

LeBlanc is a strong early-mid game champion. This is why you focus on getting as many creep kills and champion kills as you can. As soon as you get to level 6 you're able to get kills with ease.

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Pretty simple:
Insight - best red runes for any caster.
Force - if you compare Force and Potency you get more AP from level 5 onwards - this makes Force a better choice.
Clarity - these are another option for seals but they're just a lane sustain rune set. At level 6 you get your ultimate and you want to go for a kill. With additional AP from seals that becomes possible.
Force - simply best runes you could get for blues. One may argue cooldown reduction is better but for your dmg output it just isn't.
Potency - potency quints are better than force as they provide more AP than seals and glyphs and make your early game better.

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Masteries are pretty simple 9-0-21 regular caster masteries.

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There are two choices to start wtih:
Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potions - Movement speed increases your ability to harass and get kills. Also gives you the ability to run from lane to lane to gank.
Second option is Doran's Ring - Gives you a good early game advantage with additional HP and AP.

Continue with 1-3 Doran's Rings - this mainly depends how well you want to go early game and not hurt your mid-late game. You probably want to have 2 most of the time getting the efficiency and not hurting your game.

-Buy wards/HP pots/Mana pots as necessary. Ward your lane. You want to have complete control over your mid lane. Push it - then gank. Where's your mid opponent? You catcb him with wards.

For your next item you want Mejai's Soulstealer. It's basicly made for LeBlanc. Amazing amount of AP on a champion that requires kills to do well.

Now it's probably a good time to buy tier 2 boots.

Continue with Kage's Lucky Pick for an early +gold or skip it and go for Rabadon's Deathcap. After you get Needlessly Large Rod it's a good idea to buy a blue elixir for additional power.

Go for Void Staff/Deathfire Grasp as necessary. Complete your build with a defensive item. You could get Zhonya's Hourglass or Will of the Ancients if you've got another AP caster. You can also buy Banshae's Veil or another defensive item. You've got many choices - build against your opponents.

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Skill Sequence

R > Q > W > E

Good combos:
Q -> R -> W -> Q -> E

Q -> E -> Q -> R

Q -> W -> E -> Q -> R -> W

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Summoner Spells

Flash is one of the best skills. Worth it.

Ignite adds additional damage to your combos securing you kills.

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You really want to get a good early game, this is why you want to gank as much as possible.