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League of Legends Build Guide Author nolimits42

LeBlanc, more like LeRape

nolimits42 Last updated on January 9, 2011
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1. Introduction

Hello new time LeBlanc players, or long time LeBlanc enthusiasts! My IGN is nolimits42 if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment or pm me in game!
First, this is my first build and it really is not that different from Jebus_McAzn's guide found here:
BUT there is a few more things I wanted to talk about and go a bit more in depth on, plus there are differences in the build layout.
What you have to understand about LeBlanc is she is a NUKER, that means hit and run, until they die. The play style is kind of like Ryze, but I believe LeBlanc is more powerful, and in the right hands better for the team all around.

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2. Masteries, Sequence, Runes, Summoner Abilites, and Items explanation

If you are under level 30, go for Archaic Knowledge first, that is a MUST for this build.
Otherwise, a normal nuker build in all, not much to talk about here.

Sigil is your BEST FRIEND, but guess who is Sigil;s best friend, Distortion. these are your bread and butter skills, chain being to slow down attackers or initiate that gank. Ultimately, the combo will be E-Q-R-W, but full explanation on that later.
but just remember, R>Q>W>E, but still grab a Chain at level 4 to have it in sticky situations.

Runes and Summoner Abilites:
The AP runes stack nicely with Mejai's. and you will really start to see their effect once you get Rabadon's Deathcap. This build doesnt have much Magic Penetration, so the Marks of Insight really let you blast them and get past that Magic Resistance barrier, especially on tanks. and clarity for some extra mana regen while you arent blasting away at squishies or demolishing a tank.
Ghost is good for LeBlanc to catch enemies and get in range for Chain for an easy kill and Teleport lets you go back to heal and regen mana at base, while still being able to teleport back and not miss anything.

These are VERY important to LeBlanc, get the mana crystal at the start for that extra mana pool to really harass your opponent, and once you have enough get Catalyst. Once you have Catalyst some people rush for Rod of Ages, but I feel you can really make use of the heal at level up on it if you watch your experience and farm and level when you need to, so boots is next and once you have Mejai's, then Rod of Ages is a must for some much needed AP. After, other builds have you go for Archangels for the Mana Regen, but that isn't necesarry because your teleport will allow you to b and heal every 3 minutes or so without losing too much exp or gank opportunities, so Rabadons gives you that massive 155 AP + 30% of your AP which is VITAL to LeBlanc for nuking. IF the game isn't over by this point it becomes situational, if they are getting away you can grab a Rylai's for the slow or a Void Staff if they are stacking Magic Resist.

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3. Early, Mid, and Late strategies.

Early Game: lv 1-6
LeBlanc is a mid character, if you don't have mid then LeBlanc becomes a ganker so pick a tough partner who can solo defend a turret once you hit level 6. Otherwise, mid is all yours and VERY few champions can stop you, the only ones I have trouble with are Vladmir, (his healing is crazy), Ashe (She can be VERY aggresive and not let you harass) and Caitlyn (they should nerf her range soon, so that probably wont be a problem soon).
The strategy in mid is to last hit minions and stay the hell away from the other champion until level 3, once they think you wont even do anything slowly work your way into range and sigil + distort, and quickly press w again and run out of their range. Do this twice (or more if they have heal or health pots) or until they are a chunk under half health, by then you should have chain and then go in for the kill, make sure you dont miss with Chain, then sigil and distort. Easy kills. Once you have 925 gold go back and get Catalyst then either harass again or once you hit level 6 go for some ganks.
If you do decide to lane, pick your partner well. Make sure they have a stun or spammable slow, ranged is best. Good laning partners: Lux (yes lux, just try it haha), Rammus (his taunt lets you nuke enemies to hell) Ashe (slow and a stun? hell yes.) and just about almost any tank.

Mid Game: lv 6-12
Now is when LeBlanc shines, just gank away at top and bottom, go back to heal, then teleport to mid so they do not hurt your turret too bad. Once you get your ult, you ALWAYS initiate with ethreal chain, and ALWAYS sigil then mimic your sigil one after another, make sure to follow up with distort and if that doesn't kill them dont distort back, just chase (safely, don't over extend) and sigil until they are dead, repeat to rack up kills and gold! Once you get Mejai's and get a few stacks play cautiously and try not to die because those stacks are important!

Late Game: lv 12-18
Late game is when the team fights happen, this can be good or bad depending on how you play, most likely they will try and focus you so never initiate a team fight, stay behind your team and focus on the squishies first. Remember your combo, but there is an exception to this combo, if enemies are grouped together (3+), you can sigil one, then distort and mimic then get out for some AoE damage which can turn a fight in a few keystrokes. Just make sure not to get stunned before you distort out after you hit them with your ult r or else they can stun you and the timer to teleport back will run out! If you hit 20 stacks, this game gets ridiculously easy due to the 20 second or less ult CD and sigils every 3 seconds! remember, SPAM SPAM SPAM!

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4. Tips and Tricks

There are many strategies, do's, and major don'ts. Here are a few just to let you try them out and feel free to post any in comments so I can add them later! :)
-Use Distortion to evade enemies and go through jungle walls (make sure you can get through it or you'll waste distortion and almost guarantee a death)
-When running from enemies, chain, and then double Distort with ult for an escape that almost never fails!
-Turret dive when you can, you can walk in, sigil and ult sigil, but never stay longer than that and make you you can Distort out!
-read your enemies, you can check what summoner abilities they have on the scoreboard, and make sure you know what their abilities can do. IF you know they are going in to hit you, expect it and chain where they will be, LeBlanc can eat a spell or two while still being effective

-NEVER ultimate chain, it is a waste of Mana and a waste of a good extra distort or some major damage with Sigil
-Dont turret dive if you aren't 100% positive you can get the kill, a well timed stun will stop you in your cold, dead, tracks.
-Don't only go for one person, if you ult someone and they are going to get away, but your ally has a guy on him, dont chase, you might get a kill but your allies are more important. There will be other opportunities.
-DON'T ks, I cannot stress this enough! LeBlanc gets enough kills and you may think you need Mejai's stacks, but your allies need kills too, LeBlanc cannot solo a game, she needs team mates who can do work and not be meat shields.