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LeBlanc - Perfect Sustain + Nuke

Last updated on December 10, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my LeBlanc guide. This guide is basically my first guide, and its going to be how to play LeBlanc..

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Pros / Cons


- Epic Nuking
- Escape with passive
- Jumping through walls with W


- Squishy
- Hard to use
- Easily focused

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For runes, i take Magic penetration marks, Seals of replenishment, Glyphs of potency, and Quintessences of Potency. I take magic penetration marks, to do as it says, get more magic penetration so you can deal more damage. I take potency glyphs and quintessences because of early game need of AP for LeBlanc.

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Why no amplifying tome?

Okay, I've seen people successfully get kills and rule mid on (5v5) with an amplifying tome and a health potion, but early game sustain is needed due to people mid, such as Caitlyn, Morgana, or anyone else, may ruin the chances of getting kills and risk dying. Amplifying tome only provides 25 ability power, while Dorans Ring provides some health aswell.

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Last hitting with LeBlanc can be hard, so trying to last hit is the main goal with her. Using auto attacks, just last hit like any other champion. Be careful not to overextend too much.

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Summoner Spells

I take flash, for of course, escaping or chasing down an enemy. You already have a ability to move quicky to a location and deal damage, but it has a pretty long cooldown. Ignite is for securing kills, or even if ashows up and tries to drain!

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Ranked Play

If you decide to play LeBlanc in a ranked game, If she isn't banned of course, Then you could follow these guides. Check out some of my LeBlanc ranked stats -