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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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LeBlanc, The Immortal purple Assasin! Easier said then done

Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
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Defense: 0

Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

Good chaser
Very good solo mid lane
Very fun build
(Advice: Try to get solo mid lane, if taken just lane, never jungle with LeBlanc!!)
-Not many Crowd Control skills
-Not a good farmer
-Needs skill to play this build
(Advice: Do not just buy random CC items just because you don't have many CC skills! For example, don't get hextech rage blade for slow just because you want to chase people!)

Early Game:
-Start off with a Dorans Ring because you will needs its ability power and its mana regen, even just 10 ability power can save your life! Get a red potion because LeBlanc is a fragile champion early game, but late game she is an overpowered burst damage champion (even tanks are scared of her late game).
-If you are vsing fast pushers(For example: Teemo, Heimerdinger and so on) then only last hit the creeps. LeBlanc is a really quick attacker, so wait for the creeps to get weakened by your creeps and then attack them.
-Once you reach level 2, start harassing the champion a bit more by teleporting to the enemy by using distortion and then you sigil them, if they are close enough, you sigil them then you distortion them.
-If you are mid solo always try and get at least 1235, to buy a mejai's (only if you are killing and not dying) As soon as you reach level 6, start ganking the lanes that need help. If you get all the runes this builds tells you, then you will easily get first blood because you would have around 30 ability power extra at the beginning.

Mid Game:
-If you are mid, try ganking as much as you can, before ganking try farming up enough for a mejais, so you will at least get something when you kill an enemy (ability power).
-If you are ganking an enemy from top or bottom, always hide in the bush, and let the enemy push towards your tower, if they are at the tower you are at an advantage, because the turret is watching your back. Also if your team mates are weakened and staying back, then you ping them, and then you distortion the enemy, then you sigil of darkness them, then you mimic sigil, then you chain them. Try and keep in range so your chain will do extra magic damage. If the enemy is weakened before you initiated then they would be dead by now.

Late Game:
I don't even have to say anything, LeBlanc is overpowered late game (thats only if you don't feed....) If the enemy is staying at their base and are too scared to push, you can distortion into their base(through the walls), then you sigil them, then you mimic it and then you distortion back. Try and make your move quick, so their team mates won't gank you. If you aren't fast enough you won't have enough time to distortion back into the same spot, which causes you to die. LeBlanc is simply overpowered, she is hard to use, but the main thing you have to do to be a good LeBlanc is to not feed the enemies!


-Abyssal Scepter may be switched with banshees veil.
-Mejai's should only be bought if you are not dying and you are killing enemies.
-Zhonya's is a very useful items but only buy it if you know how to use it(What I do: I get a note and stick it up onto my computer, write Zhonya's in Capital letters, then you will remember to use it!
-If there are tanks on the enemies team, Death fires is really useful against tanks, always use deathfires at the beginning of a fight with tanks(because it is more effective with the enemie's max health, also if you are getting deathfires, get kage's lucky pick at the beginning so you receive 5 gold every 10 seconds! you may get deathfire grasps and swap it for Abyssal's scepter or Void Staff. If they have champions with low magic resistance then swap deathfire's grasps with void staff. If they have a lot of champions with magic damage, keep abyssal's scepter. Only keep Void staff if they have people with high magic resistance!
-If they have lots of Crowd Control you may get Mercury Treads, personally I would get Sorcerers shoes for the magic penetration.

Summoners Spells:
If you are solo mid you may get the summoner spells:
-Flash and Ignite (Very good late game, and early game, Ignite is good early game and late game, Flash is good to get into position in a fight, or escape, good ganking spells)
-Teleport and Ignite (Good for maintaining a lane, teleport may be used as an escape or a ganking spell, and as always ignite is a good offensive spell)
-Ghost and Ignite (They are good spells, but I personally wouldn't use these spells)

Advice: You see how all of these spells have ignite? Well Ignite is needed for LeBlanc, it is handy and necessary for chasing and ganking. It is also good for team fights.
There is a very good escaping skill that no other champion can do, you distortion, then you mimic distortion and then you flash! No other champion can do that...

Last bit of advice: Never aim tanks and keep watch of the time limit left before you cannot distortion back to your original spot!

Thanks for reading my guide for the epic LeBlanc! Comments are welcome ^_^