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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nazera

LeBlanc the Tank Wrecker

Nazera Last updated on November 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

As long as you don't get stuck teaming with others who perform poorly & can't keep their lane opponents fully entertained, LeBlanc is easily the BEST mid lane champion in the game. She can easily counter Mordekaiser, burst down any squishy, etc. So far the main champ I've come across problems with mid-ing against has been Vladamir (big surprise right? lol). Vladimir often liquifies before your get your ultimate off on him & well his siphon has always been very annoying to a squishy champion such as LeBlanc.

Magic Penetration Marks x9
Mana Regen per LvL Seals x9
Flat Cooldown Glyphs x9
Flat Mana Regen Quintessences x3

[NOTE: At work, will edit/add details later.]

I went with the ever-so-popular 9/0/21 setup for support type and AP champions. The mastery choices focus on cooldown reduction, magic penetration, mana regen, movement speed, cooldown reduction on Flash, further cooldown on Flash & Clarity via "Presence of the Master" at the bottom of the Utility tree, experience point increase & finally more AP. Please note that in order to advance beyond the 1st tier in Offense I was forced to put a point into Deadliness. I felt deadliness was the only beneficial thing to choose for the 4th point at this tier. If you are a fan of Exhaust & not a mana *****, feel free to get Cripple instead & swap Clarity out for Exhaust. If you go with Exhaust, also be sure to remove the point in Insight in the Utility tree & relocate it into Good Hands. Also in order to advance to the 2nd & 6th tiers in Utility, I placed 2 points into Good Hands to reduce the time spent dead. If you are going to play mid and die, you don't want to leave the lane empty long enough for your opponent to start beating on your turret, or getting too far ahead of your in experience points.

FLASH - Anytime you use Distortion, your opponent will be paying attention to your starting point & aiming there. Especially prior to level 6, Flash can be used immediately after returning to your starting point with Distortion, ensuring you avoid taking a hit, especially at level 1, or 2. With Distortion AND Mimic, you will basically have 3 Flashes to cross terrain quicker, or escape.

CLARITY - If you are very aggressive mid lane, during early game, as you should be, you will run out of mana fast without this. During late game you will probably have no use for Clarity yourself, however it is nice to contribute to the team in more ways then just ganking, or slowing & stunning them with your chain when they are trying to escape. I've played many a game where no one takes Clarity & with the mastery to improve the amount teammates receive, you can help keep the pressure on the enemy, by refueling your team.

LeBlanc's biggest asset is her burst damage by using Sigil of Silence, followed by Mimic. Obviously like with most champions, you want to rank up their ultimate every chance you get & the same applies here. Mimic already boosts the damage of the ability it mimic's but you wanna push it even further. So other then Mimic, you want to make Sigil of Silence your primary concern. Every so often level up Distortion. You will use Distortion and/or Flash prior to doing your Sigil of Silence + Mimic combo. Early game, prior to level 6 however, since you won't have mimic, you will rely on Sigil of Silence, followed by Distortion to damage & then quickly silence your target once you land on them with Distortion. Early game, if you have Flash available, be ready to Flash even further away from your opponent, once you've already recast Distortion, sending you back to your starting point. Your opponent will often anticipate this and move toward the glowing circle on the floor you left, so be ready to Flash to safety before moving back in to hit on minions. Ethereal Chains is also a great ability that can add to your damage and often give you the advantage when your opponent and yourself are both low health and they are chasing you back to your turret. Chain them while running away, but be sure not to get too far ahead of them, so that the snare will take place & you can Sigil of Silence and/or Distortion them for the kill.

[NOTE: At work, will edit/add details later.]