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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Lee Sin - First Blood

Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why I choose Lee Sin

For any guide to work, you sort of have to know the play style of the person who wrote it or the guide may not fit your playing habits.

I'm a glory gamer. I like to have a high kill score and a low death score, and I love making myself hard to kill. I like coming out of nowhere, doing as much damage as possible, and disappearing. I also like making people regret running, which is the ultimate goal of this Lee Sin guide.

For my style, Lee Sin is one bad Mutha... (Shut your mouth!)

But I'm talkin' 'bout Sin!

By the way... this is a LANE build. Not a JUNGLE build.

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So this is kind of an unorthodox Sin build order (same general items most use though), but it works for me. It's meant to maximize the amount of times you can use his shield in any given fight, it focuses on keeping him alive as long as possible. The damage output mainly comes from his stacked life being converted by Atma's. I go for a lot of cooldown reduction so he can keep that shield up. Sin doesn't need a lot of armor or magic resist as long as you keep that shield up and you're smart enough to get OUT when you need to.

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Laning/First Blood/How to use Sin

Let's start with important points.

Firstly, Lee Sin has a hard time farming early game, especially if you have speed farmers like Nasus or Malzahar in your lane. So how do we get more gold? 2 ways, first off, you rush Avarice Blade. Extra gold, crit chance, and it's part of the brutalizer, which is a core item for my Sin. Secondly, go for first blood and know that most of your income is going to be champ kills until you stack some AD and get your AOE skill on E.

Second, Sin is squishy early on. You need to know how to get out. For me, I walk a wave of minions up to meet their wave, usually the enemy is behind THEIR wave. I use resonating strike, two auto attacks, and that usually drops about 1/3 to 1/2 of their life dependin on squishiness. Then I use my W to get out, targeting a minion. I harass (auto attack poke and run, poke and run, poke and run) the enemy in the chaos of the minion fights, saving my resonating strike for when they run. When I see them start to abandon the fight, I'll shield myself, flash to them, auto attack as much as I can, and when they get away from me, a resonating strike will usually drop them for FIRST BLOOD.

Later, when you get your E and your ULT, the sequence becomes: Harass until they're about half life, shield yourself, resonating strike, E, nuke your E for slow, auto attack twice, re-shield, auto attack twice, resonating strike to them and ult them back into the lane, and with your cooldown reduction, you should be able to chain this sequence twice back to back (minus the ult on the second run, of course)

This build isn't designed to chase, tower dive, 1v2, or handle well against heavy CC. The general rule here is to live to fight again. If you need to get out, resonating strike back to one of their minions, shield flash to one of yours, and get out of there with ghost.

You should always be fighting on THEIR side of a minion clash. Its how you keep your escape route. At the very least, fight with your own minions behind you so you at least have a minion to teleport to.

KEEP.YOUR.SHIELD.UP. Spam that. Nuke it when you use it, the shield remains even after you proc the defense/life steal bonus.

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Team Fights

You're gonna wanna dive into a team fight with resonating strike and Nuke your E, shield your tank buddy, and auto attack til you get cooldowns. that's what all sin players do. NO. THAT'S A BAD LEE SIN. NO! Go to your room.

Shield flash into the fight. DO NOT use your resonating strike. You're gonna use that to catch stragglers. There's ALWAYS stragglers after a team fight. Its all about waiting for the reward, not going for the instant gratification of a nuke. Kick one of the enemies out of the team fight with your ult and tell someone to exhaust him, that's a good way to tip the odds in a team fight with Sin, remove someone from the equation.

Auto attack to your hearts content. You aren't playing to be the heavy hitter in any team fight, you're playing to kill the guys that are looking to duck out, which happens 100% of the time. If you see someone run...

Ghost out of the team fight, you ignore collision with ghost. Catch up to that runner and resonating strike him, E, nuke your E, slow him down, smack him around, shield yourself ONLY if he turns around. Why? Because if one of your buddies heads him off, you can shield flash over to him and DOUBLE head that runner off. If he gets away from you, that's why you ghosted through the team fight instead of flashing out. Flash to him and close the distance. Drop that straggler. Chickens deserve to die.