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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shiveron

Lee Sin - Float like a butterfly, sting like Bruce Lee

Shiveron Last updated on April 4, 2011
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Welcome to my Lee Sin guide. Also my first submitted guide here on Mobafire so be gentle. I'm not much of a writer and don't like to write too much so I'll keep it short and simple.

*Will work on it as I have time*

First off Lee Sin is a jungler. I feel this is the only way to play him currently as he is far to easy to deny and harrass in a lane. His Q does not reach far enough fast enough to poke and you have to be in the enemies face to do damage with your E.

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Runes are pretty simple. ArP marks and quints with dodge seals and attack speed glyph's. Alternatively you can use energy glyph's and be able to squeeze that last extra hit in during a burst if needed but I find the attack speed to be more useful.

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Masteries I use 21/0/9. Pretty basic DPS build. If you find you are having trouble jungling, 0/21/9 may be more for you.

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I like to start with cloth armour and 2x health pots. To start my Jungle I always start at wolves for the fastest possible quick xp you can get. Taking your W first take down the wolves, only using your health pot if needed. Do NOT use smite on the wolves. After wolves head over to the wraiths and immediately smite the blue one to kill it instantly and finish off the rest like normal. From Wraiths head down to the small golems and finish them off as well. This is where I like to recall for my boot's. After boots I head up to blue. If smite is up, use it to help you take down the blue golem if not, wait to use it on lizard. Take out blue and repeat the wolves -> wraiths -> small golems. Instead of recalling here, grab red lizard and then recall. Pick up your madred's and if possible grab a vamp sceptre.

After you have gotten this far you should be able to start assisting lanes and ganking when possible.

Why Hextech Gunblade and Banshee's? Well, banshee's is obvious. Free HP + free spell shield is something every champion can use. The Gunblade is another awesome weapon for Lee. The AD is there to help all of your damaging moves, and the AP boosts your shield. The life steel + spell steal are an added bonus. The on use makes a great initiator as well or can help you slow down that pesky teemo who's tryin to run from you.

Now some say that my item build is too expensive. Well, that's partly true, if you were laning. Lee Sin how I play him though, is constantly able to jungle. You could literally go out with cloth armour and 5 health pots and jungle til level 11 if you wanted to without problem.

Which brings me to another point: early dragon. Early dragon? Yes. Early as in nearly pre-nerf Olaf early. With your madreds + vamp sceptre and a health pot or 2, as well as learning to manage your abilities to make use of your passive can lead to a dragon kill as early as level 5. Don't forget to check the time and come back every 6 minutes to keep control of dragon and you'll easily provide yourself and your team with that extra gold.

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I like to take Safeguard first. There simply is no alternative. This move is amazing. Hit it on yourself once to give you a pretty solid shield, auto attack twice and hit it again and easily recover any hp you may have lost. One of the best jungling abilities in the game. Max this as soon as possible.

The second most important is maxing Tempest/Cripple. This skill nearly competes with Nasus' slow when maxed out. It also makes for great creep/jungle farming as it does a pretty nice amount of damage. Mid-Late game it is possible to wipe a creep wave with Tempest alone.

Last is Resonating strike. This move is a double edged sword. It is weak, the range sucks, and it is slow. But there are two sides to this. On one hand, it sucks for harrassing as Phreak demonstrates it to be good at in the spotlight. However, if used correctly this skill can become your most powerful. Notice how in the second half of the ability it says hitting the ability again will do more damage based on how much hp they are missing? Well I did. I have found that doing a quick Q -> EE -> R -> in rapid succesion is incredibly effective. The first Q initiates, the first E does a bit of damage, the second E slows them down, your Ult does a heft chunk of life and the second Q follows up by flying in and nuking down on them. Keep in mind this combo takes alot of getting used to as you need to make sure you get at least 2 auto attacks off in there somewhere in order to maintain your energy. I find it best to go E - auto - E - auto - R - Q. This particular combo loves the energy glyph's but can take some practice to get down.