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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pieptoet

Lee Sin (Jungle), blurry screen is hurting my eyes!

Pieptoet Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my first build. In this build i will explain how to jungle with lee sin. I play Lee Sin as a jungle/Offtank/CC'er.

This doesn't mean the best way of playing Lee Sin is as a jungler. I'm just jungling because
I love ganking^^. Besides that, i got a friend of mine taking the top solo often as a Jarvan, and that's just ownage^^

Enjoy reading this guide and give me some feedback in comments!

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I'm using Amor penetration runes in Marks and Quintessences for dps.

In the glyphs i'm using CDR so you can spam your skills.

As seals i use defensive runes: magic resist or armor. Armor most of the time.

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Summoner Spells/Masteries

Summoner spells:

i'm using ghost and smite atm. I don't think i need to explain why i'm taking smite. I'm using ghost to get faster in ganks, chase faster, escape from ganks and getting faster at losing lanes to help.

Flash could be very usefull instead of ghost. But i'm simply preferring ghost because of the opportunity to get faster in ganks/lanes.


I'm using a 1/21/8 set up.

1 point in improved Smite ofcourse.

because i can't play games without some health/mana regen and improved exp im using my points to get those. I love improved ghost to.

the 21 points in defence speak for themselves.

Why am i building a defence mastery Lee Sin?:

i think Lee Sin just isn't strong enough to be a full dps champ. The Damage output is just way to low if you're comparing Lee Sin to champs like Ashe, Kat, Yi, etc. Those champs are squishy to, but their damage output is much, much higher.

(If tested some dps builds with Lee Sin, imho it wouldn't even come close to the dps you can get with champs like ashe or yi).

This is why i won't be playing Lee Sin as a dps champ.

(Besides that: without points in the defence tree i can't start at blue buff with jungling^^)

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This Item build is just an example of how you can build a Lee Sin. Every game can be different on how you are building your champ. Much AP? get magic resist items, much AD? get armor. U got a tryn and yi on the other team? Thornmail is fun!!

With this build you will be protected against a pretty balanced team. Items like madres razors, mercury threads and frozen mallet are the core items of my build, the rest of the build could (should) be different in every single game.

I'm starting with the regular items as a Jungler: with Cloth armor and 5 hp pots.
As soon as i have enough gold for Madreds Razors i buy them. After this your jungling will go very quickly.

Mercury Threads: i just love this boots! Early and Mid game Lee Sin is a squishy champ that will go down quickly. 35% less CC on him can be a lifesaver. Besides that, how often do junglers fail to gank because they get instantly cc'd while running in? I love a instant slow or stun on a enemy jungler that's running in for a gank. With these boots you'll get some nasty CC reduction.

Frozen Mallet: After my boots im getting Frozen Mallet, much health + a slow on your normal attacks. What can you possible want more for a ganking Lee Sin? This item will get you enough HP to lose a bit of your 'squishieness'.

These are the core items of my build. After this your item build depends on the progress in the game.

U got some nasty feeded AP champs on the enemies side? get force of nature or other heavy magic resist items

Got a tryn that knows how to play? get a thornmail

your team is feeding on the other team? get some more dps items in combination with some defense.

The items i chose are usefull against every enemy team (in my opinion).

But remember: don't follow this item build blindly, look at how you can disrupt the enemies team.

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Creeping / Jungling

After buying Cloth Armor and 5 hp pots im running to the blue buff. Choosing 'W' Safeguard/Iron Will as my first skill.

Remember: allways let the mid and closest lane covering your jungling. You don't want to get ganked while fighting blue Golem. It's a free kill.

Important: Just spam Lee Sin's skills when they are available. especially Safeguard/Iron will. The lifesteal/armor rocks.

At 1.55 the golem will spawn. Attack the big golem. After your first hit, use your skill and use a pot. After 2 hits (allways use your passive!) activate the second part ' Iron Will', this will give your armor and lifesteal. Use this rotation untill you killed it (don't forget smite ofcourse). After 10 sec remember to activate another health pot! After i got it down im at 1-2 bars hp. After the blue buff you will be lvl 2. Learn your 'E' skill 'Tempest/Cripple'.

Rotation: Blue Buff (smite) - Wolves - Wraiths - Lizard (smite) - Small golems - Wolves - Wraiths - Recall - Small Golems.

After this rotation u will be full hp and lvl 5 and ready to gank when the enemie team got some low hp champs walking around or the top solo-er sucks. When both aren't the case: just go blue - wolves - wraiths - small golems again. After that you will be lvl 6 and you need to start ganking.

- I'm allways killing the big ones first (Big Golem - Red wolf - Blue Wraith - Big Lizard).
- I'm spamming every ability that's ready to use, Iron will has prio because of the lifesteal. after lvl 4 you can jungle non-stop without getting lower then 90% hp. (ideal for a ganking jungler)

And the most important thing: DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSIVE! allways wait 2 strikes before activating the 2nd part of your skills or the next skill!

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Gank Rotation

Start ganking as soon as possible, when you reach lvl 5 and you see a enemy champ on low hp, go get there asap. Lee Sin's CC on lvl 5 is lovely. You have a aoe slow, a dash to enemy champs, a dash to allies (what can you possible want more?!)

Ganking and suprising rotation:
when you run in, make sure you hit your Sonic Wave. after that, dash to the enemie, and instant slow him with double E. and dps him down while he tries to get away (most of the time your allies will help to). when your E slow is over your Sonic wave is from cod again so you can dash to them after a flash or ghost. By now you should have killed him.

Rotation: Q - E - W - Q - E, etc.

A Fail Gank:

They got a ward and have seen u coming in? make sure your allies run in 2 and teleport to them with your 'W' ability, then Q - E. And their slowed again!

Its impossible to get away from Lee Sin when you got skilled allies and you time your Sonic Wave well (this will take some practice).

Note: - Your ult is a game changing skill. Use it well!

Early game - Kicking enemies in turrets or allies (i love kicking them in my turret, then slow them!xD)
Mid/Late game - Kicking squishy enemies in the middle of your team in teamfights, with a few tanky/hp items u can dash in a team, aoe slow them and kick the squishy carrier in the middle of your team, its awesome, good luck saving your carrier! mouhahah!

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I think Lee Sin can be a awesome champ with great ganking skills. when played right you can be a massive support for your team. Think about the possibilities of your ultimate and AoE slow! I think i'm going to enjoy playing Lee Sin, and i hope you guys will get the same amount of fun.

Thank you for reading it, please comment good and constructive feedback, don't just - vote it and say its a sucky build.

*note: Sorry for the bad english, didn't had much time typing this build. I'll try update this build as often as possible!