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Lee Sin Build Guide by Eazzel

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eazzel

Lee Sin lost in the woods (Jungle)

Eazzel Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lee Sin the blind monk is without a doubt one of the top tier junglers. Lee sin can start with ANY runes and go into ANY jungle camp he wants, but if he starts at blue then he should start with more offensive runes.
PLEASE NOTE: This guide is the way >I< jungle with Lee Sin and the paths >I< take but you can start and use any runes you want.

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Lee Sin's Passive

PLEASE READ LEE SIN'S PASSIVE... This makes jungling and 1v1 combat a faceroll. (Read Passive then come back to this.

Jungling and in a 1v1 fight: Use a skill then wait for two auto attacks, use the secondary version of the skill and then use a different skill. (Rinse repeat)
In the jungle if you are not in any real PvP danger I use the skill order - (2 = Two auto attacks)

W - 2 - W - 2 - E - 2 - E And then repeat it. (Use q if you have to but I like to save it in case a random fight breaks out near by).

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Creeping / Jungling

I Start at the enemy Golems because Lee sin is the most useful jungler for the fact that his counter junging abilities are awesome<3...
Jungling: Start at enemy golems (Use smite here) but make sure at 1:30 you move inside the camp whee they spawn or else the lane minions WILL SEE YOU at 1:40 as they pass. If there is no jungle you should feel free to also take wraiths then gank mid if you have the HP for it.
In case of jungler: If you feel confident enough to take wraiths with another jungle about then you should do so bu make sure you keep your eyes on mid and stay as close to the river as you can without letting the wraiths reset, this lets you know if you are about to be ganked. Then go to your wolves and continue jungling.
In case you are ganked: If you stayed close to the river then just immediately run to your wolf camp and continue your jungle taking wraiths then golems after wolves. (Use smite on big wraith)
Lee Sin at level 3: Lee Sin at level 3 should have almost full HP (Unless counter jungled or damaged in fight) and with my rune set up you can easily take red then safely go "b". (You might even be level four if you successfully counter jungled).
Normal path without any interruptions: Enemy Golems - Enemy Wraiths - Wolves - Wraiths - Golems - Red - Base - Blue (Never give away your first blue)- Gank top or enemy red (Better chance of getting a kill at enemy red if you successfully counter jungled).

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is self explanatory after level 4.

W-E-W-Q And then R>Q>W>E. I hope this wasn't hard to understand...

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This is my first mobafire guide so I'm pretty confused with the item stuffs. Basically I set it up as the order you should buy your items.

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Team Work

Team work with Lee Sin isn't the most difficult but you can definitely lose control of what you're doing very easily.

Team Fight's as Lee Sin..............the Blind Monk...
1. Let your tank initiate, you are useless dead.
2. Feel free to use your Q, just don't accidentally fly over and become Insta-food.
3. After the tank initiates you should immediately look for the squishy character not already being focused and try to set up your R to either -
A: Kick out of the team fight
B: Kick towards the group of people to knock everyone else up.
C: Be useless and steal a kill with it :D!!!... (Just kidding, please don't)

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Thank you for taking a look at my Lee Sin guide. I know that it's not completely 'Pro" But feel free to take this and turn it into YOUR style of gameplay. Leave some comment s if you feel I could add some more stuff and thanks again for reading!