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Lee Sin The Blind Assassin

Last updated on December 28, 2011
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Well, this is going to be a build about Lee Sin the blind monk if you haven't noticed by now i've been playing him since he has came out and he's by far my favorite champion. He is extremely mobile because of his Q and his W saving team mates or last hitting a foe. In this guide i hope to further increase your knowledge of this champion bye explaining key components and abilities.

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I personally Like the ARP marks because of their value when ganking and auto attacking in the jungle. Then i take armor seals for the damage reduction of physical attacks.
For glyphs you have two options, either magic resist glyphs or cooldown reduction, I personally like the Cdr because of the amount of help they have when using your abilities to get away, looking back on it I would probably take CDR per level glyphs because he doesn't need cdr all that much during early-mid game.

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I like 21/9/0 Because of the damage, with the new masteries it is very easy to clear jungle with lee sin using these because of how little damage he takes the percent scaling on most of the points in the tree help late game.

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This is clearly a damage/assassin build for Lee Sin. But there are more options for this champion, for example you could do frozen mallet atma's impaler warmogs With a force of nature Maybe even sell wriggle's lantern for a bloodthirster. But it's pretty rare to get that fed, It's also extremely fun to do the "invincible" Lee Sin as I call it, which includes wriggles and mercs then into a Heart of gold, Then a phage, then Warmogs Then frozen mallet then force of nature then finish heart of gold into Randuin's omen. That's pretty damn invincible if i'd say.

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Summoner Spells

Smite flash, When jungling you need smite for buff control/Dragon/Baron control. You cold maybe swap out flash for ghost since flash was nerfed and sometimes you need the extra speed to either get away or chase someone. But i still like flash more.

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Pros / Cons

PROs: Highly mobile, good kiting skills awesome getaways, with his W Amazing farming skills with his E his ultimate Is Like a bowling ball, His E/Q both break stealth.
Cons: Well first off, He's blind :p he's easily baited because if you land sonic wave/Resonating Strike your first thought is YES I HAVE TO KICK THEM This can lead to sudden death due to cc or having to flash out rapidly, he has somewhat low movement speed, so chasing champions such as Garen Can easily catch up to you and silence you if you have no team mates near you to jump to.

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Unique Skills

There is some pretty ****ing awesome stuff you can do with Lee Sin, Especially if you A. have a ward on you, Or B. Have your wriggle's off CD Because you can run up to a wall and place a ward on the other side, Then safegaurd to it. Or you can have a teammate run to the wall and you can jump too it. The next trick I like to do with him is Whenever you have multiple people chasing you it's very easy to bait them into a bush and Kick the tank with your ultimate revealing the squishies behind him.

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In the jungle I like to start Wolves/blue. Have a teammate hit your wolves (Not leash) You can usually finish them off before Blue spawns (wolves spawn at 1:40 Blue spawns at 1:55) have a couple teammate help with blue if they can, If your team can get it lower than 50% you should be able to get blue only having to use 1 health pot. After blue I check my mid lane. If they are getting **** on I will gank. IF they aren't getting **** on I go to wraiths and then golems then red then gank either mid or top, I then go back for the first time to buy the items listed above. Then i get wolves and go either mid or bottom.

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Honestly, this is my first moba build, I thought I put ample time into it, I'll put some math historys in soon. But until then, I hope you guys enjoyed this lee sin build. I hope you have as much fun reading it as i did making it. Please leave a comment they really help me improve on things, Constructive criticism is most helpful. Grammar Nazis are also welcome. (No, Not really)