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Lee Sin the Blind Monk

Last updated on August 8, 2013
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Hello, my name is Hipizak im maining jungle since season1. Lee is my favourite champ two seasons.
Im gold1 85 LP, in season2 i was 1700 elo. I play for Spiritual Gaming is CZ/Sk team golds,plats.

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Marks-FLAT ad
Seals-Flat armor
Glpyhs-Magic Resist, can be Per level.
Quint-2x flat ad and 1 lifesteal for good start.

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I prefer 21,9,0 but can be 9,21 to be moar tanky.

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I prefer start with Dorans Blade. Sometimes ill start with hunters machetee. Doran take for early gank. Machetee for better farm and sustain in jungle. Next item is when doran take another doran.
When hunter take sightstone. Next time ill buy 100% mobility boots or mercury threads. And if u took doran and dont got sightstone take it. Next item take Locket everywhere. When we want damage we will take hydra, or last whisper. Last item ill buy sunfire cape or warmog.

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Skill Sequence

I start in E. and next take Q and in 3 level W. Next i max R<Q<W<E but i sometimes take R<E<W<Q.

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I take Flash and Smite. Its really good. Sometimes u can take exhaust or ignite and smite but i dont take it.

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Pros / Cons

+High mobility
+High DMG
+Powerfull early
+Can be tanky/adc
+Good ganks
-Bad late game.
-Squishi in early.

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Creeping / Jungling

If you start in purple site. You start on red buff. And if on blue u start on blue buff.
Next u go Red/Blue. And gank top/mid.

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In team fight u protect ad carry or jump on ad carry their. I pref protect adcarry its more usefull . If u got fed ad if u havent go to kill them.

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Unique Skills

U can jump with W or trick something like their jungler invaded our red and he is killing you u can Q on golems and easy run. With W u can trick like jump on creep/champ/ward. So buy sightstone to got lot of wards. Or get a ward in every back.


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