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Lee Sin Build Guide by Riffles04

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Riffles04

Lee Sin, The Blind Monk (Damage heavy)

Riffles04 Last updated on October 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Lee Sin is a damage heavy, Assassin/DPS. The biggest mistake people make with him, is that they build him too tanky. While it is annoying, your ability to change and manipulate teamfights and fight single targets lowers. Damage Sin is the better way over all to deal with both teamfighting, and with single target fighting. Fed enough, Lee Sin can 1v1 any character in the game, with little consequence.

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The items may look weird, especially the attack speed, but with his passive, the attack speed along with the damage are your best friend.

The reason you start with a jungle build is because it makes you resilient in lane. With resilience and 5 health potions/no mana, your ability to stay in lane should be better than most people on either team.

You should stay in lane until about 1600+ gold, so you can get a full wriggles, and a pair of boots. From there, you can go back when you please, getting health potions, and building into your trinity force. I say phage first, because the health and the damage are very important early game. Even though it may not look like much, mixed with his Q, the damage is perfect.

The Sheen is next, because of the damage proc with his passive. The ability power also stacks into his shield, and can cover a bit more damage. It has saved me more than I can count, with that 40 extra health buffer.

From there, after the trinity is down, you get a B.F. Sword first, because the damage is important. With these runes, the damage from the Infinity that you will eventually build into, will have a crazy damage output with the combined crit chance from runes, trinity, and infinity. This should be somewhere around 40, if not higher. That will make or break a single fit. With his passive, two crits can round up to about 800 damage per second, with autoattacks alone.

From there, the damage, Lifesteal, and armor pen are pretty straightforward. Infact, the Bloodthirster, and Black Cleaver can be changed out if you need to purchase a banshee's veil. You might lose the damage, but with the crit already in your power, you need little more. The last two items are just a buffer for if you need more survivability and damage.

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Skill Sequence

Your Q (Sonic Wave) is the highest damage skill in your inventory, even more than your Q. I say this, because of the damage based on how much health the other champion is missing. The important thing about your Q is that you do not have to double proc it everytime. You can harass with just the Q until they are lower health, then when you double proc'd the Q, the damage will be higher than expected, at first. You usually don't want to try for kills in laning, until level 4 when you have your shield. Because the ability to dash in and out of combat is Lee Sins shock value.

Your E (Tempest) is also important for closing the gap, and doing that little bit of extra damage to stealth champions, champions that are a bit too fast for you, and champions that attack faster than you. The de-buff this skill has is very important to Lee Sin. The slow, the stealth check, and the attack speed debuff are essential to a good combo. Slowing your enemy, and having vision is an important trick to his final combo.

Your W (Safeguard) has lifesteal, and is your best escape. I personally have my W bound to T so that it autocasts on myself in a fight. This buffers your health, and grants you lifesteal for a short amount of time, which will make or break those last few hits, especially in a 1v1.
It is also an important shield. The daamage buffer can save people from ignite at level 1, and it can save someone from that last hit. It can also dash you out of a nasty situation quick. With such a low cooldown, remember this is very important.

Your R (Dragon's Rage) is your final hit. I usually use this to slam the final blow to a champion, because it disables then for just long enough that they can't recover from an ignite, or, if done right, you can kill someone, playing with fate so to speak. It is fantastic for escape as well, knocking up enemies behind your target, and knocking away your target. This is important to use in conjunction with your W.

You can always, Q-Q, ignite, Kick for a final blow, or one of my personal favorites, Q-R-Q. This workes, because, remember, your Q does more damage based on how much health they DON'T have, (10%). This allows you to do an extra ~500 damage, and still have the gap closed.

He is a combo champ, and you have to play smart enough to not get killed, but to do some killing yourself.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Important to use with Q, escaping, and getting close for a kick. My personal choice.

Ignite - Nice buffer with your kick. It will get that last sliver of health if your kick doesn't. Also what I use.

Exhaust - Nice for 1v1's, but not totally recommended.

Ghost - Can close the gap, but not as well as flash in some instances.

Smite - Jungling. Enough said.