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League of Legends Build Guide Author Algamar

Lee Sin the Pipe Slider

Algamar Last updated on April 14, 2011
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Welcome lads and lasses to Algamar's very first guide! To start things off, this build is not for the faint of heart or, for that matter, any of you who love to auto-attack. I can't stress that enough. Seriously, do not try to melee with this build unless it's 1v1. Even then it can be risky. This is not a tank build, you are going to be fragile. However, thanks to Lee Sin's amazing mobility, coupled with cleanse, you should not die very often. After watching many a Lee Sin feed with builds involving Wriggle's Lantern and other such auto-attacking nonsense, I decided to acquire Lee and see what the problem was. The first thing that struck me was how Riot chose to label him. Assassin. To me, an assassin is NOT someone who stands around punching you in the face while eating a stack of clammy rogers. I picture an assassin as being someone who has the ability to slay you with the quickness, and then get out of danger. If used correctly, Lee Sin the Pipe Slider excels at just that! So without further ado, I shall go about informing you lovely readers on the 'how to' of Pipe Sliding.

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Hotfix increased all of Lee Sin's ratios
Sonic Wave bonus AD scaling increased to 1.0 from 0.8
Resonating Strike bonus AD scaling increased to 1.0 from 0.8
Tempest bonus AD scaling increased to 1.0 from 0.6
Dragon's Rage bonus AD scaling increased to 2.0 from 1.5
Flurry passive energy gain increased to 15 from 10 per hit.

Changed skill sequence to max Tempest / Cripple before Safeguard / Iron Will.
Patch v1.0.0.115
Sonic Wave - Base damage reduced by 10 at all levels. Improved general missile usability.
Resonating Strike - Base damage reduced by 10 at all levels.
Safeguard - Range increased by 50.
Iron Will - Lifesteal and spell vamp percents reduced by 5 at all levels.

Basically what this means, is that the master Pipe Slider just got more powerful. You can now escape with Safeguard from a slightly greater range and you get more bang for your buck with AD, which is what this build is all about.

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Summoner Spells

I almost never walk out the door without my Flash. I believe it is a must have spell on nearly every hero. Countless times has my life been saved by a well placed wall jump or juke. Flash also allows you to get behind an enemy and dragon kick him into your tower or awaiting allies!
The fastest way to shut down a Pipe Sliding maniac is to stun or snare him. So with that in mind, I present to you, Cleanse!
Another viable summoner spell for chasing or escaping is Ghost, however, I think you sacrifice a lot of flexibility by swapping it with Flash, and without Cleanse, chances are you won't be escaping anyone if they have a disable.

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All of Lee Sin's abilities are physical damage, so obviously Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation are a must. I use Greater Seal of Vitality and Greater Glyph of Vitality to help alleviate Lee's fragility. However, they can be swapped for just about anything else. I don't have many runes, therefore my testing ability is limited and I can't tell you what the most delicious combination is.

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Fairly standard AD hero masteries. You can put the last 9 wherever you please, I prefer the extra armor/magic resist and then topping off Sorcery and Archmage's Savvy. Giving your shield a slight boost and lowering your CDs by a fraction. Occasionally, I will spec for the dodge/nimbleness instead, but I think 2% chance to dodge/increasing your ms by 10% is unnecessary on Lee, thanks to his Pipe Sliding prowess.

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Skill Usage (PIPE SLIDA!!!11)

Q- Pipe Slide - So you wanna be a Pipe Slider?! Throw your Portable Pipe at that ruffian's slappy ham! Portable Pipe launch was a success?! Initiate Pipe Slide!

W- Reverse Pipe Slide - Just punched a kid in the face after a successful Pipe Slide?! Reverse Pipe Slide out to an ally before some enraged hooligan brings a stun! That space cadet's friend caught you?! Flip it on him with berserk mode!

E- Ground Pound - Cowardly stealther sneaking around like a hoodlum?! Punch the ground and reveal nearby weaklings! Xin Zhao trying to ruin your slidin with some cracked out attack speed?! Punch the ground again to show him you're serious and bring that goon back to reality!

R- Beginner's Crash Course to Pipe Sliding - Poser Shen is trying to imitate your mad Pipe Sliding skills?! Show that clown how it's really done with this instructional kick to the face!

Actual Usage

Q Last hit: Use Q to last hit mobs or enemy champs. I do not condone ksing!

Q Escape: Use Q twice on a mob or an enemy champion that is in the opposite direction of whoever you are running from.

Q Harassment: Use Q either once, or twice to harass an enemy champion. If you use it twice be careful not to get caught.

W Shield: W can be used on yourself for a shield if there are no allies nearby. Useful to stop the last tick of dots.

W Gank Escape: Lure your opponents away from your ally and then W on said ally to escape their wrath.

W Lifesteal/Armor: Using W a second time for lifesteal is a great way to stay in a lane longer. Or for extra armor, if you get ganked, as you are running to your tower.

W Super Pro Escape: Carry a ward with you, or if you want get a Wriggle's Lantern, drop the ward on the other side of a wall, or in front of you, and W slide to it.

E Reveal: Use E to reveal stealthed champions. Great against Akali's Twilight Shroud, a near death Twitch/Evelyn who just stealthed, or that Teemo who just went Camouflage.

E Slow: Hitting E a second time slows both an enemies movement speed and attack speed. Useful for both chasing and escaping. Also useful against auto-attack champions like Master Yi or Xin Zhao.

R Setup kick: Get behind an enemy and kick him into your awaiting tower or allies.

R Escape Kick: Kick an enemy champion away from the direction you are running. :) If you can kick them into other enemies, the other enemies will be knocked up and take damage.

R Kill Kick: R deals a delicious amount of damage, so kick a near death champion to kill him. Don't worry about wasting it, the cd is low and it costs no energy.

Q+W harassment: Hit and enemy with Q, Q again to Slide on him, and then instantly (or after two attacks) W to a nearby ally. Warning: Make sure an ally will be nearby before you slide.

Q+E+W harassment: Hit and enemy with Q, Q again to Slide on him, hit E, and then instantly (or after two attacks) W to a nearby ally. Same as Q+W, but slightly trickier because you need to wait a second or two after you hit Q the first time so that you have enough energy to complete the combo without being stuck in enemy territory.

Q+E+R+W Kill: Same as Q+E+W, using R to finish the champion off. Once again, keep in mind that if you don't wait before casting Q a second time, you may be stuck for a short period before you can W slide out. Be careful when using this.

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The key here is to stack AD and beef up your Pipe Sliding. I firmly disagree with Doran's items in many cases and the master pipe slider is no exception, so let's start things off with a Long Sword and a health pot. Since you shouldn't be getting harassed too much, try to stay in the lane until you have enough money for both your The Brutalizer and Boots of Speed. Otherwise just buy another Long Sword and upgrade later. Next you're going to want to get your Mercury's Treads for those nasty disablers hatin' on your slidin'. Follow them up with yet another Long Sword and a Sheen. Upgrade your Long Sword into a Phage when you get the chance and if possible into a Trinity Force. After finishing Tri Force just stack B. F. Sword. If the game lasts this long or you have farmed up, turn your B.F. Swords into The Bloodthirster and gather stacks to increase their damage.

Optional/Situational Items

-No disables on the enemy team? Go nuts with Boots of Swiftness!

-If you think you're going to have a good game, throw in a Sword of the Occult before your Brutalizer.

-Enemy team is really stacking that armor? Grab a Last Whisper instead of Youmuu's Ghostblade.

-They all have disables? ARE YOU KIDDING ME WTFFFFF!!!! Equip yourself with the very latest in anti-disable technology, the Banshee's Veil!

-Feel like you want to auto-attack? ������ ������²������ _������ ������²������  Instead of a Bloodthirster, upgrade a B.F. Sword into The Black Cleaver.

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Thank you for stopping by and reading my first guide! I hope it helps you and your friends in your future pipe sliding ventures. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, tips, tricks, haterade, insights, or if you approve of Lee Sin the Pipe Slider, leave a comment. I would like to hear from you!

Please, don't bash it before you try it. Or at least give me some feedback so I can improve the guide. Thanks again =D