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LeeGion (Jungle) Hidden Tiger - Pouncing Monk

Last updated on August 1, 2012
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My name is Smoke and I've been playing League for a few months short of a year.

I enjoy playing every role in League but my most experienced role is definitely in the jungle. I have played a fair few champions in the jungle, ranging from slow clear junglers such as Riven, Alistar, Maokai to fast clearing junglers like Lee Sin, Skarner, Fiora & Mundo.

This guide is aimed at Lee Sin, giving you optional item choices and skill sequences depending on situation and match ups. I will also cover smart casting and tricks with Lee to be able to pull off some really awesome plays.

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I use my standard AD runes for Lee since his mobility is already high and he puts out a lot of physical damage. Using AD quints and 6x red ArPen 3x red AD is better than using ArPen quints in general, this gives you some more early damage (which is where lee shines) and still has use mid/late game from the ArP. It also helps you clear jungle as they do have armor.

I use 9x flat armor yellows and 9x flat magic resist blues for early game dominance. You could change the 9x flat magic resist blues to per level for a better mid/late game.

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90% of the time, I start with a Dorans Blade. I rarely use anything else because there's no need, he has great mobility(Q/W), a slow (2nd E) and with a Dorans he has HP, a shield (W) more damage on all his skills and some extra life steal (3% dorans, 3% masteries, 5% rank 1 of 2nd W).

This allows you to be super aggressive for level 2/3 ganks. This is almost guaranteed to give you or your laner FB if followed up correctly.

First return to base I buy level 1 boots, 1/2 red pots and a ward if possible. If you had a successful kill or two then start building your Mandred's Razors/Wriggles as well. Pick cloth armor first if you feel you need the tankiness to gank strong lanes (Such as riven lane, ad nidalee, bot lane, etc) or go for the long sword first if you don't need those and want more burst.

Your next item will either be your Merc Treads, Ninja Tabi or Aegis of the Legion, I tend to build Legion first since it's such a great support item, provides you with tons of tankiness and when ganking lanes, it makes your team stronger and thus - less likely to die. This is a really undervalued item by most players. In team fights, it provides so much to your team, which is actually around 4000-5000g in stats if covering your entire team (including base stats to you). Make sure you let your Support know you're building this!!

Finish boots if not done yet and then move on to the next item. If you're really behind and enemy lanes are fed, get a Phage, if you're ahead/even, make a choice, get the BF sword > Blood Thirster for more damage and sustain. If they're all really tanky, consider a Last Whisper, if you need to be tanky, consider going for a Frozen Mallet->Atmas Impaler.

Don't sell that Dorans unless you -really- need the money/item slot. Wriggles is replaceable late game/end build.

A few end game builds would look like:
vs AD heavy teams (minor cc):
Ninja Tabi, Aegis of the Legion, Blood Thirster, Last Whisper, Frozen Mallet, Atmas Impaler
vs AD heavy teams (major cc):
Merc Treads, Aegis of the Legion, Blood Thirster, Last Whisper, Frozen Mallet, Atmas Impaler
vs AP heavy teams:
Merc Treads, Aegis of the Legion, Blood Thirster, Maw of Malmortius, Frozen Mallet with a final item being either Guardians Angel, Quick Silver Sash, Banshee's Veil or a Force of Nature. If the support picks up an Aegis of Legion by late game, you can replace yours with another item to fit.

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Skill Sequence


Level 1 you will want to get W or E. Depending on if you're going to level 2 or 3 gank. (2 = E, Q @ level 2 after red) (3 = W, E, Q @ level 3 after 2nd wraith camp)

Jungling route = Wraiths > Red (level 2) > Double Golems > Wraiths (level 3) > Wolves > Blue (level 4)

Basically, you will want to max Q as soon as possible but get 1 point in all by level 3. Sometimes I might pick up a few W's mid game before maxing E, if I feel it will help protect carries or lanes i'm ganking.

Always auto attack twice between each skill to gain energy back and keep your attack speed buff up when jungling. It's a bit different when ganking a lane because you might want to get as much burst out as possible, you also may want to get your slow effect off as soon as possible. In most situations, you engage with Q->Q, AUTOATTACK, E->E (slow), AUTOATTACK, AUTOATTACK. If you are level 6, you can put a ward down (or use an ally minion) ahead of them, W to it, R them backwards into lane, Q to them, and Q again. If they're not dead by this point then you've definitely zoned them at least. Gank successful.

Use W to protect allies if ganking lanes and taking a lot of damage, it can mean the difference between dying and getting away with enough health to base.

Use W aggressively (see above) if you can both take the pain.

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Summoner Spells

A lot of people run smite/exhaust. It does work but I personally have never felt the need for it and having a flash allows you to pull off flash kicks or drag/baron steals safely. Soloq is terror for Lee because a lot of players do not realise they should keep close to Lee so he can W out when poking or in a dangerous fight. Thus making the Lee die for no reason!

Take smite for obvious reasons!