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Legendary Malph

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My first build ever, i'll cut the **** and talk about the important stuff. My goal in a game while playing malph is, to win ofc, but also being main initiator in team fights. This build isn't a tank build per sé, but isn't a dps build either. It is however oriented around becoming as tough as possible, while dealing considerable amounts of dmg, and is probably best classified as Hybrid.
I'm sure you all know what Malphite is all about, so I won't be explaining his skills.

If I don't state other options for runes etc. in this build, it probably means I haven't tried them yet. This is what works for me right now.

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The runes I am currently using for malphite are: magic pen for red
Armor per lvl for yellow
Magic res per lvl for blue
Movement speed quints

The magic pen runes are self explainatory, malph his ability's are classified as magic dmg, so magic pen always helps for the extra dmg.

Armor per lvl is pretty clear in my opinion, they provide malph with some extra armor, and thus extra dmg.

I chose Magic res per lvl so I don't have to focus too much on building magic resist items, which allows me to finish this build nearly every game without having too much trouble with the magic dmg.

The movement quints might seem like an odd choice, but in my opinion a slow champion is a useless champion, I love catching up with people that are just out of reach, stealing their movement speed and scoring that ***** that was trying to run from me. These runes help alot.

I first began malphite with CD reduction per lvl blue's, but then realised I was always getting way above the CD reduction cap of 40% using this item build. Therefor I switched them for Magic res per lvl. This doesn't mean they are not a viable option, because it worked out OK aswell.

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Summoner spells

For summoner spells I usually choose ghost and flash. Both are quite good for chasing down enemy's and escaping from them. You will also notice I improved them in my masteries.

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Now for masteries, they might seem weird aswell, but that is perfectly explainable. I use 9-0-21 for masteries. The main goal of these are eliminating the need for any mana regeneration item, and reducing your downtime by a conciderable amount. Note that I pick expanded mind and awareness both and skip intelligence completely. The Magic penetration in offence, I'm sure, makes quite sense to you. I love awareness because of the fast lvling you gain from it. Even when you are getting harrassed sick and are forced to recall alot, this mastery allows you to keep up with the rest and otherwise progress even faster than most.

I have tried a 9-21-0 mastery setup, but it always felt like a fail. After using several abilities I was out of mana already, this forced me into buying mana regen items, like soul shroud, which could've been better spent on armor. It significantly reduces your effectiveness, but it let's you tank turrets fairly early in game.

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Let's talk about items