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Leona Build Guide by ChillSucks

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChillSucks

Leona 3:<>

ChillSucks Last updated on October 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Leona is one of the strongest tanks in the game and can take so many hits both early game and late game. She has an amazing amount of CC and can control a lane. She defiantly has an intimidating presence. At times she can rip through some of the squishes and her passive can help boost you're carries damage. She is personally my favorite tank in League of Legends

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Early Game

Early game you should have started with a standard Regrowth and a pot. This will help you sustain yourself in lane and help you soak up a bit of damage. If you and your lane partner play it right you WILL be able to outlane your opponents. Play aggressively if the players you are playing against are squishy. If they are a bit beefier you might want to be a bit cautious. Make sure you let your partner farm and zone as much as you can. Harassing a bit with your E>Q will just increase your chances. When you and your partner are comfortable try to go in for a kill. You have some mobility and CC and should be able to knock a kill off. Continue to do this and buy wards to maintain your lane.

Leona is a pretty decent roamer with her mobility and with her decent amount of CC. You should try to roam and help other people on your team once you know for sure that your partner will be okay.

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Mid Game

Now you should be a bit tankier and starting to get into a few team fights. This part of the game is usually a bit slow. Go wherever you are needed and continue a steady ward flow for your team. This is also the part of the game where players begin to receive some decent damage. So you should try to avoid soaking up TO much damage because you might not have so much resist yet. But your good amount of CC should help you be able to pick up a lot of roaming kills or kills in small team fights at this time. Just continue to play it out and help your team in any way necessary.

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Late Game

Late game, this is where Leona begins to become a BIG problem to teams. If everything has gone right you should have a lot of resist now. This is where you can pretty much take any damage thrown at you. You SHOULD start to play a bit more aggressive but it depends on how well your team is doing. Do NOT initiate team fights that will kill off your team. Try to set up team fights to where you know you have an advantage.

Ex: Team with a lot of AoE, Set-up a fight in a small packed area in the jungle. With your ult you can keep the enemy team down long enough for your AoE to completely destroy the opposing team.

Try to always CC off anybody on your carries and keep who need to be kept protected, protected. Play it out for a bit and before you know it you should have gotten an easy Victory :3

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Item Builds


You're starting items should just be

I don't really see anything else you can start with that will be decent with Leona.


Generally you should always go PHILO STONE and HEART OF GOLD.
With MERCURY TREADS or NINJA TABI depending on the enemy team.


Core Build: Randuins, Banshees, Shurleya's

Against AD Heavy Teams: Sunfire or Thornmail

Against AP Heavy Teams: Force of Nature or Quick Silver Sash

Other decent items: Warmogs, Guardians, Aeiges

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Summoner Spells

The summoners you generally use are Exhaust and Flash but i'll evaluate all of the summoner spells and explain why some are good and the majority of them are bad for Leona.

Heal: Bad summoner and is pretty useless. Should only be used if you are leveling a new account and don't have much to go off of.

Teleport: Isn't a bad spell but it is useless for Leona to a certain extent. Tele should be on someone else on your team not you.

Clarity: You don't really run THAT low on mana and either way this spell is completely useless.

Ignite: You are a tank. You aren't focused on getting any kills just on helping your team. Usually this is something that will take A LOT of kills from your carries.

Rally, Smite, Revive: These 3 are useless entirely. Unless you want to jungle with Leona. Then thats for another guide 3:<>

Appropriate Alternate Spells


Clairvoyance: This would replace exhaust. Usually this is if you don't have someone taking it already this is a really useful skill that can help you find some hidden enemies and be able to use your Zenith blade to close in on them.

Ghost:This would replace flash. Flash in my opinion is more useful to my play style. But a lot of people enjoy being able to run a bit faster and have the long term effect rather then a short burst. If this applies more to your play style then feel free to use it.

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I'll be updating this guide with screenshots, videos, and revamping it when i have my computer back. Hope you like it :3 and it helps you.