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Leona "The Iron Hawk" Tank/Support

Last updated on June 19, 2012
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The Queen and her Dog

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Hey Summoners,
My name is Jaquen and i'm a fellow League player. (Who would've guessed)
This is my build for a 2 person team playing bottom lane with Leona and Warwick. I have played up to 10 games in a row and had Leona with an average of 6/4/20 and Warwick having 20/4/8. This build is for those players who want to deal heavy damage and take it without flinching. This Leona can walk into a 4 v 1 Gank and come out with 4 assists and maybe 1/2 health left. I'd love to hear what you think about this build and tell me if you give it a try.

Now this guide is all about Leona; mainly, i will refer to Warwick's part in the team along the way, but won't be going into depth with his, lane skills and runes and masteries. Once you play this team with Leona as the head then you'll see how Warwick adds a whole new level.

Cheers all, Jaquen
Enjoy the Guide

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Runes and Masteries

The Runes and Masteries hopefully don't need too much singular explaining as i'll be going into the tactics later and you can see how they come into effect. But here's a quick rundown.

-Resilience, to give you that low level Armour edge.
-Shielding and Warding, you'll find that this build gives Leona all the Armour she needs, so it's good to keep her MR up with it. (Even if it is maybe 50 or so less, it still helps)
-Quint of Insight, Solar hits a little harder.
-Quint of Keeping your MR in check.
-Quint of Destruction, Just for bustin' *****es.

Offense- You want your Leona to Tank but also get plenty of assists, this even 15/15 between Offense and Defense means that she can still pack a punch with "Eclipse" and "Solar Flare". These masteries give you the boost in breaking down doors and kick *** punch you need to fuel this Golden Lady.

Defense- Basically the opposite mix to the Offense, this gives you plenty of earlier level defense and allows you to stay in lane a lot longer (Especially with the health regens) so that you never miss a good opportunity to stun and destroy.

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Leona will be needing all the jumped up gear she can get her hands on and this build has offered me the best. I know there are summoners out there who have wanted a tank that can actually tank huge hits and stay in the fray fairly strong. This is the character for you. Here's a rundown of the items needed and when to play for them.

Start of with buying a Regeneration Pendant. This will start you off nicely with the Health regen needed to stay in the lane. The armour from the runes/masteries means your already a high rolling lvl 1.

(The way to earn the cash quickly to buy all the gear will be explain in the Tactics section later. So for now, just read through this buying guide now, and make sure to read the tactics later; might help, you know....monies and stuff.)

Next Item to grab is the Philosophers Stone, it's pretty cheap because of the Regen pendant and this little beauty pumpes you with a nice slot of Health and Mana Regen. Also, remember you are playing support; so the gold per 10 is great for getting to your next buys quickly.

The next two buys can be done either way around. For games where you have a very offensive opposite team; I would pick the boots path. But if things are pretty lax and your fine in lane. Then go for the Heart. So, for this guide i'll go with the offensive team Leona; if things turn for the worst.

Grab yourself the Boots of Speed on a trip back to the Nexus whenever after the Philo. These are nice but your a fancy lady, (Or manly,, playing a woman......) So you'll want to upgrade to the Ionian boots of Lucidity, these give enough speed out of the movement section and the extra cool down makes it that your Solar Ult and Zenith Blade are up quick as possible.

Next grab the Heart of Gold; this priceless object buffs up your health a little and gives you another Gold per 10 boost, making that you can rack up a stash pretty quickly. Because what you really want is what it builds into.

Now with your Assists/Kills/Minion Kills you'll wanting to grab the Locket of the Iron Solari. This item could not be more perfect for Leona, it basically is made for her (In name and in worth.) Most other guides leave this till later. But getting as your first offensive move is fantastic. You'll keep bumping up your Armour and a little bit of health. The Health regen is great as it benefits both you and your allies who you'll be supporting. But the Active is the most important; in all team fights i find that i will use W and *Insert Locket Of Iron Solari item slot here* (For me it will be 3) This gives you and your team mates plenty of Health/Armour/Shielding for taking down any opponent or surviving a Gank.

After having these buffs for helping out the team, now it's the time to step into the spotlight. And not in a triumphant way, It's time to get ready to get ***** slapped continuously; but the best part is, They'll feel it more than you.

Grab the Chain vest and Cloth Armour to keep your own Armour high. (Leave your MR for later as Eclipse should be keeping you safe in case your ever attacked by an AP player.) Move from these onto Thornmail Armour; This is where the pain begins. The 100 Armour means your taking into hits like a pro; And the fact that you deal back 30% of the damage they hit you for. (So make sure your getting hit, Not your teammates.) And even better is the fact that you will be dealing it back as Magic damage, which means even if you come up against another tank with huge Armour, they have to watch both sides as they hammer down on you.

Okay, now it's time to back up that MR, take another Regeneration Pendant to keep you Regen up and to lower the price of the FoN. Then whenever your done kicking *** with your team, come back and grab the Force of Nature This is also another key part oft his build; because it really keeps your MR and Health regen in the high ranks. With the 40 health regen and the extra 0.35% of your max health (Which becomes a fair bit since you'll be repping around 2.8k health easy.) Means you've good nothing to worry about when getting jumped by some AP terror.

Next part of the plan is to keep making sure that if the enemy decides to hit you, they've make the wrong decision. Pick up a Giants Belt and build that into the Sunfire Cape this is again going to give them hell with the 40 burn damage aswell as your Thornmail. The extra Armour and health is useful as it'll boost the effects by the FoN's max health regen.

Lastly, you've had that Philo sitting there for a while. Sure it's nice but a necklace isn't quite good enough for our Queen. What we need is a crown. making the Philo into Shurelya's Reverie is a great idea. But Leaving it till later means you get your main goals accomplished first. This item again pushes your Health and Mana regen higher; aswell as another bump in health for the FoN. The best part of this item is the active. It will boost yourself and nearby allies movement speed by 40%. Now if your using this build hopefully you have Warwick as a partner, and his attack speed is fantastic; and running almsot as good. So using this will make him whip across the battlefield like lightning, and on top of that. If he gets a ill while under your active buff, you get the Assist. Even if you didn't touch them. The Queen should always send out her hunting dog.

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Summoner Spells

For Leona:
Clarity - Because sometimes early game when holding lanes for while the only thing your missing is Mana, and your going to need that mana for Zenith and Eclipse.

Heal - You are a team player/support. Always keep this handy for team fights (Used on your self can be meh, but in a 4v4 fight, the effect can turn the tide of the battle)

For Warwick:
Ghost - Leona stuns, Warwick finishes; he wants all the speed he can get, this is not for running away mainly. This is because we don't want enemies thinking they are safe...ever.

Heal - This is really just a conjunctive effect for Leona, both pulling Heals at the same time means that in lane they can hold for a long time and it really makes the difference when a surprise Gank or slightly uneven fight starts going the opponents way.

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The Tactic...or the The Game Plan (Take your pick, it really doesn't matter

This is the Tactic for Playing the Queen and her Dog. This works really well if Leona is happy taking assists and letting Warwick feed for his OP state. This is used between Levels 1-9, then you should be able to move as a team between lanes Ganking and getting Kills/Assists as well as being able to watch your lane. By the time you've reached level 14 you'll be a pro enough team to roam the Battlefield Farming/Jungling (Do this only for buffs, please, it's not worth it otherwise) and killing every Champ that thinks he has a chance against you.

Part One: The Face Off
Take your items and head to bottom lane, wait in the first brush. If the enemy decides to move into your brush, you can destroy them by using Zenith and having Warwick tear them apart with Hunter's call. (Your Runes and Masteries mean Warwick can rip through armour and your should be a pretty untouchable lvl 1.) Otherwise just kill minions, always go for poke damage, but never get them towards tower range, try and keep them on your side, even if it means backing off.

Now once you've been leveling a bit (lvl 6) and have your Ult and might have a few items, the killing begins. Have Leona wait in the brush and have Warwick play bait. Stand him a bit to close and run away, but have the enemy follow away from there turret. Then quick as can be have Leona use Eclipse, and then Zenith (Doing this means by the time Eclipse explodes the Enemy has little/no time to escape it) The stun with mean Warwick can turn and get a Hunter's call and Hungering Strike in. As soon as the enemy is unstunned (or straight away) call down the Solar Flare, stunning them again, and have Warwick suppress them with Infinite Duress, if they're not dead already, you should be able to pull another Eclipse.

If they try to run, Warwick will have there blood scent, and you can stun them with Zenith, giving Warwick an easy chance to get closer and slash a bit with hungering blow. (Doing this will kill them 80% of the time if they are nearer to your turret. And even if another champ is trying to help them. Most times they will hit for you (useless on their behalf) you can stun them if they go for Warwick, and once one is down just turn on the other. One will be dead before the other one even knows what hit them, trust me.

Part Two: The Tank Team
After doing this to kill them a fair bit, work on your builds and go around Having Leona Gank (As she stuns and Solar Flares) and have Warwick run straight at them, they will go for Warwick thinking he's squishe, but as soon as they get close, they are stunned, have a solar flare and a Warwick suppressing them. When they run, Warwick hunts them down and Zenith stops them in their tracks. They Die. That's the End Game

Part Three: The Freedom
Now go ahead and use these tactics to destroy the opposing team, 6 of the 10 straight games in played getting around 5/4/18 or so (Which made me want to write this guide) Just Leona and Warwick tanked the enemy team and destroyed the Enemy Nexus around Lvl 16, at Lvl 16-17 the two of you can take Baron for your team, making it that the Enemy team doesn't know your getting it. You basically can go where ever and kill whatever.


Hope you enjoy kicking ***.


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