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Leona Build Guide by Wainscott

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wainscott

Leona the Instigator

Wainscott Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Leona is a mix of a few current champions, little bit of Jarvan little of Sion and as an instigator of team and 2v2 battles she is seconded to none. But before we get stuck in to this guide such as it is this is my first guide and some area will perhaps as detailed as other but I have had some success with my build and I thought I might share it. Have a read test it out if you want before you vote.

Great instigating attacks
Multiple stuns
Low cooldown on Ultimate with great range

Very low damage mid/late game
Can be difficult to farm

Note you will want to lane with a high damage champ or you will be fairly unsuccessful!

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Unfortunately my biggest failing in LoL is my Runes I always forget to invest in them. I chosen what I think suits the build but I'm willing to accept any suggestions for changes for her.

Leona health scaling is surprisingly quite low so I've boosted health and armor as personally I found that more often than not you are attacked by physical characters so I have focused primarily on that.

Suggestions are welcome!

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Now for the section that we have all been waiting for items.

To begins with Regrowth Pendant + Health Pot this lovely combination allows you to stay in lane, get those early kills, farm a little gold and get those levels without having to recall so you don't feed.

I suggest you go back when you have around 1k gold depending on how much of your gold if you have got more great, this will in tern allow you to change what order you get Ruby Crystal or Giants Belt. In addition to this you will be needing a pair of shoes Leona is slow you'll want these early game to run and hit people or just run away.

Soon as possible after this you want to buy the Warmongers Armour. Now earlier you get this the better as it gets better with the more kills of minions or champs. Luckily for you assists count towards the champ count so lots of health for you! Now this is a key item for keeping you alive

The next key item on this list of Mercury Treads. Magic resistance and tenacity great for a tank! I tried using ninja tabi for a while thing that the extra dodge and armor would be better considering the amount of health and armor I was planning to have but, in team battles being stunned for a long time is deadly.

From this point on you need to flexible. If your facing alot of magic users grab the Negatron cloak then the rest of the requirements of Force of Nature. Now Force of Nature is valuable for magic resistance and gives you that little extra boost of speed. If its a lot of physical attackers go for Thornmail and grab the Chain Vest 100+ armor and 30% damage returned to the attacker, not only does this keep you alive but punishes them for hitting you.

At this point you will prob be cursing Leona for her lack of damage and rightly so! Her base damage sucks and her AP scaling also sucks. Now Atma's Impaler is a wonderful weapon for Leona she will have a huge amount of health and this should give you around 60 extra damage in late game, if you want to get it earlier up to you but I would not suggest it as the damage would not be worth it!

Admittedly I have never had the gold to get trinity force by this point as I have usual won by this point. But this give a boost in a few vital areas for Leona, attack speed for landing that final killing blow, damage which is always nice and Sheen's passive ability of after using a spell improving the damage of the next melee attack by 150% not to be snuffed at.

You will notice that I haven't included any Mana items or Ability Power, first and foremost you are a tank and damage is the job of the other members of the team! On the mana front Leona pool is more enough to keep her in the battle and her abilities are rather cheep even at level 5!

As I have previously said any recommendations are welcome!

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Summoner Spells

Right as with all characters summoner spells personal preference is a major factor.

I personally like heal as in early game it keeps you in the lane and in later team battles might just be a game changer keeping you and others in the team.

Very valuable in early game and good for finishing those characters who you either miss with your Zenith Blade or just cant land that last damaging hit.

Great for chasing down those pesky runners and for escaping when things take a turn for the worse!

This allows you to get were the action is, but personally I tend to stick in my lane until the team fights start

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Skill Sequence

Due to my lack of knowledge on how to build these guides I don't know to link the spells like other guides available. So I shall just summarize.

Shield of Daybreak: Deals extra damage on next hit and stuns for 1.25 seconds! Brilliant spell great throughout the game especially in early stages attract someone under your tower stun em and let the tower to do the work. And ofc can be use for simple stunning to stop them from escaping or just to make a good gank easier. Can be combined with Zenith blade to make a great combo to instigate a fight.

Eclipse: Boosts magic resistance and armor for 3 seconds, after 3 sec bursts outwards dealing AoE damage if it causes damage to anyone the shield lasts and extra 3 seconds. This spell is great for farming, getting your inevitable assists in team battles and also when your trying to chase down that last pesky champ!

Zenith Blade: very much like Jarvan's Lance and Standard combination. It travels through all the Champs dealing damage and dragging you to the last target hit. Very useful for chasing down runners and instigating fights. Worth putting one point in the early game but leave it to the end to finish it off.

Solar Flare: Calls down a AoE damaging solar flare, those caught in the center are stunned and those who are only clipped by it are slowed. Great for stun locking people, causing large amounts of AoE damage and with it huge range great for instigating or finishing of Champs.

When choosing what skills to level focus equally between Shield of Daybreak and Eclipse as these are your bread and butter attacks for solo and team battles, improving suvivablity and causing a little be of mayhem.

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In summary Leona is a fun Champ to play but she is reliant on other players to deal the majority of the damage. Thanks for reading my first guide as time goes by ill try and update this as much a possible as I evolve her play style and gear options.