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Let the Wukong Mid

Last updated on February 23, 2012
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I'm just gonna make this quick and easy. I love the Wukong and I'm a believer in Wukong Mid lane. Most of the time people would put him top, but he is better facing any lane that have squishy champ. Once he hit lvl 6, his combo can get a sure kill on any squishy champ and suppress their farming and leveling process.

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Pros / Cons

Burst AD Damage
Strong laner, pretty much impossible to gank Wukong Mid
Easy to play, hard to master
Awesome farmer
Super chaser even without Ghost or Flash
Super low cool down

Item dependable
Usually die first in team fight
Hard to convince people to let you mid
Kill alot but also die alot and people gonna call you noob, but that is ok since Wukong style is a Kamikaze type of champ, dive, disrupt, do tons of damage and let your teammate clean up the rest.

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As you can see, I start out with Health regen and a pot other than Boot, Doran Blade or Amor. This way I can get philosopher stone at lvl 2 or 3 and harassing mid with spamming skills combo. This philosopher stone is so good that essentially it's a part of this core build. Wukong is not an auto attack champ, he rely on skills and CDR, with set of CDR glyph you can spam skills to farm and harass and still have enough mana for ganking through out the entire game.

After PS, and a cheap speed boot, your next critical item is the Brutalizer, give you CDR, Armor pen and Attack. A must. You will notice your damages are crazy once you get this. It won't take long for to you get enough money to buy this cause you can pretty much have a guarantee kill once you hit level 6.

Upgrade your boot and get a Phage and then Frozen Mallet. At this point you are pretty much dominating any char. No one can really run away from you. Any running thing that have less than 1500 HP will die once you unleash your combo.

From here on out, your items are pretty much situational. Get Thorn if their are fed AD carry on their team. Then Atmas. If you don't get thorn then you can build Warmog as the last item.

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Skill Sequence/Game Play

As you can see, I upgrade Nimbus first, it's an awesome farming and harassing tool. Pop it then decoy. Keep doing it, and they can't get to your turret. Your Decoy is excellent to pull mobs attention away from the turrets. Nimbus in, Decoy, and whack them. Turrets safe.

If you happen to get assist for a gank before lvl 6, then just wait for skill reset then Decoy, Nimbus, and Crush, and whack and "you have slain an enemy".

On the other situation, you get gank. Well, just Decoy and run safely to Turret, oh yeah. Don't try to push the turret yet, no need for that, just keep mob in the mid, or better if they closer to your turret. Most of the time, your enemy will push, but that is a dead trap for them.

Now once you hit lvl 6, you should have more than 3/5 health, prefer 4/5 health and 3/5 mana bar to unleash your combo. Lure the enemy closer to your side. If they close enough to pop Nimbus then do it, if not, then Decoy, and BAM: Nimbus, Crush, Ignite, Exhaust, Cyclone, whack , Nimbus and Crush again. 7/10 time you gonna hear "you have slain an enemy when cyclone still activate. Keep doing this, until level 10 or 11, their Mid carrier will be under level, under farm and scare of the monkey.

At this point, you can start roaming around and ganking, your Ultimate cool down is around 1 min, super eh? You are now the ganking champ. Remember, at this stage, you will start dying but let me assure you that you will get as least one kill and another assist or 2 every time you die. Fair enough. LOL.

Any team fight, you can initiate or wait for the main tank to go in, you then can Decoy and Nimbus, Crush their squishy and cyclone the entire enemy team. You can stay in the fight, as I usually do, or Cyclone out of the fight then come back in. Just spam your keyboard, no need sequence at this time. Use Decoy but stay in the fight. Your skills do alot of damage to the enemy team. Kamikaze Monkey King.

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Well, short and sweet I guess. Hope you guys enjoy playing the Wukong Mid King as I call it.