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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wawa Zedor

Let's Amumu together (Jungle+Tank) Updated 3.29.11

Wawa Zedor Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction : Dear Amumu of my heart

The guide is for all those who dreams about power, especially from champions seems don't have. Us the french are specilized in strategies since Napoleon, so read carefully this (pro :) ) guide, you will learn everything about this strange green champion . Amumu is the gentle mummy, seems not being strong enough to survive on the dangerous fields of justice. Like his bro cousin from the children's world winnie the pooh, he seems to need more kisses than smashes but you'll see the other side don't understand well this. So go on, put your best hardened fancy dress costume and try to survive in this world who don't care about kindliness and sympathy. This guide is made for Amumu to survive and for you to surprise you ennemies with more headbutts than hugs.

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Jungling Style : Philosphical

I think about a new style of jungling wich presents many advantages :

- only one back to base to be fast
- no 5 Health potions like in many current jungling style to save money
- aming health regen item for lasting in lane at the begining just after jungling
- aming mana regen item for a good farming style provided you gold

You think this not possible... You're damn wrong ! The answer is tada ! :

The Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone

And with all those incredible kick *** effects it grants you extra gold !
I will explain you how to jungle, philosophically jungle...

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Jungling step 1 : First blue Golem blood

Buy this and only one this and choose the Despair (w) ability . Go to the little bushes just in the middle of sumomners rift, near the blue golem in your side and wait for 1:45 watching ennemies' gank with allies from the middle and the next top or bot lane. 1:45 Go for blue : Hit the blue Golem first pushing the w key to start Despair and use the potion just after. When the golem is at a third of his total life, use smite to kill him. Then finish the two sides little monsters. You gain one level just after killing the last one. Stop Despair choose tantrum ability . Go to the wolves, kill them using both despair and tantrum as often as possible, hitting the biggest first. Go to the wraiths. WARNING : you could be too low HP at this time to defeat them (if you don't follow carefully this guide ! :) ). Keep in mind you should be at least over 270 HP. If not wait a moment for the Regrowth Pedant to regen your life. Kill them using tantrum and despair , hitting the biggest first. You gain one level, choose despair second grade. Go back to base by teleport using the b key. The first and most difficult part of the jungling is over.

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Jungling step 2 : so easy you won't believe :)

Buy the Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone and teleport you on the second turret on the mid lane, counting from the other side, to be near the red bonus lizzard. Go for the red bonus. Hit the lizard and use simultaneously tantrum and despair . Use smite on it just when the two little side monsters are down during the fight. Go to the two golems at the end of the jungle digonal. Kill them using tantrum and despair . You gain one more level. Choose tantrum second grade and go back to the wolves to take advantage of a the double aura red and blue combo. Kill them using simultanely tantrum and despair as usual now and keep on slaining the wraiths. Go to the two golems. They should not be respawned yet. Wait a little. You should be full mana and HP at this time ! (pro jungling style !) Kill them using tantrum and despair . You gain one level when the first is down. Choose bandage toss ability first grade to be able to consider good ganking now.

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Jungling step 3 : Creep & Gank

Feel free to gank weakest enemies on the map since level 5 using bandage toss to stun them. Be aware of the nature of Amumu. He's not a real ganker dps warrior. So be smart and don't loose your time in weak push having the only effect of throwing ennemies in bushes or below their turrets. Nevertheless you can succeed a gank by pushing enemies from behind when they're harassing teammates especially in the 1vs2 lane.

If you're not in good position to gank, you could also make a push to scared one champion. He will remember one jungler could surprise him and could play more defensively.

You should also really help those of your team being in a hard posture. Go there, keep the lane during their round trip to the base, go for jungling just after. That's your Ammumu perfect way of tank life, safe but not spicy :).

Otherwise you could go on jungling. I stop jungling explanation at the two golems just becoming level 5. Then go to the wolves, kill them using simultaneously tantrum and despair . Then blue golem, same way plus smite , then wraiths, then two golems, then red lizzard with smite , then wolves to finish. You should be level 7 at 9:00.

Note : You can jungle faster taking flat runes and not going to the base during jungle. I don't recommend this to you. Because flat runes are usually available for lower level, until 5 or 6 or 9. So using this kind of fast jungling guide will penalize your champion's high level capacities. So... give up.

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The end of jungling : bye bye loneliness

Go back to the base when level 7 to buy Mercury's Treads and items to begin the Aegis of the Legion like the ruby crystal and the cloth armor . At this time, it's the end of all despairs, don't go lonely anymore, as often as possible even when you bought the Aegis of Legion.

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Feel free to reorganize the buying order as you want. Keep in mind the you have to pick the right defensive item for the right situation. The important part of my build are :

- Aegis of the Legion as early as possible to benefit from these zone effects in early team fight and gank. Its a wonderfull starting item.

- Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone for the reason explain before. Better than Chalice of Harmony wich is not upgradable. Can be upgraded in Shurelya's Reverie Shurelya's Reverie later with an unique active intresting, a cooldown reduction and hit points.

- Force of Nature and Frozen Heart supplied all you needed to be tough in team fight, magic resistance, armor and regeneration.

- Warmog's Armor is the best health item. Whatever the stacks, take it at the end if you have enough gold and first buy the Giant Belt Giant. You should be over 200 points of armor and magic resistance at this time so... no need to go further, health is the key to be the toughest ever played :).

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Circumstantial Items

- Banshee's Veil In case of strong AP all over instead of Warmog .

- Thornmail in case of strong AD all over instead of Force of Nature .

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Wards addicted

To prevent ganks, attack from behind, attack from the bushes, to make decisional team fight, to push in the right direction, you should use wards Sight Ward many times, really each times you arrived on the battlefield. Buy them one by one, three by three, if you farm enough and put them in the rift and at strategical places, near the dragon, the baron, and near the red and blue golems. Your tank role predestined you to go into the wild to put them.

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Team Work

The usual use of amumu during team fight is aiming the heart of the enemies pack with bandage toss and grapling them with Curse ... It's not a good idea. I prefere much more to stun enemies in the melee with bandage toss and waiting for allies to trigger on their zone effect before launching the curse . Why ? It's very simple. Amumu ulti duration is 2 seconds and usually zone effects from others champions last much more like Karthus defile ability . So the enemies have to be under attack when they are grapled by you. Wait the right moment. And during curse, prepare to launch bandage toss against one of the entangled ennemies, to finish him or to stun a dangerous dps.

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Easy with Amumu. No need of any Sunfire Cape . Tank the minions before they arrived at the turret. You're a tank, you will survive :) trigger on despair and use tantrum as often as you can. Its cooldown is very short because of the fact that it loose 0.5 sec per times Amumu is hit. You can do it alone when no turret alive is near, beacause it's quick, before going back in a safer place.

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The end...

Enjoy this guide ! Comments are welcome.