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Jinx Build Guide by Guest

AD Carry Let's jungle it Jinx!

AD Carry Let's jungle it Jinx!

Updated on October 12, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,986 Views 0 Comments
2,986 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jinx Build Guide By Guest Updated on October 12, 2013
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Start it Jinx!

I don't want to write 2 much. Jinx is VERY easy jungler due her rising attack speed and kinda strong cc.
I hardly recommend u to start from red. Why red u say? Just because u don't need blue! U really don't need any mana to clean jungle fast and without any problems. So u can make a little gift for urs mid or top teammate and give them blue buff.
Ask ur teammates to help u with no-smite red, then come to golems and smite big ones. Just stand out of their attack range and u will take 0 dmg and kill them easy due red buff, that doesn't let them come spawnplace and heal. It's the pnly secret of junging by ranged champions. I usually have 3 hp pots after first jungle clean and totally it takes me 39-41 sec to finish. After blue it's time to gank out some badasses like mid-top. Start with ur W and harass with minigun. Don't forget to use traps. And when enemy trying to run away switch to rocket launcher. After doing blue u will STILL have red buff due masteries, and if u r going fast - u will have red buff for one more gank.
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After u having lvl 6 enemies will hate u freakin much, because urs ulty secures kills for ur team. After doing madreds and vamp its time to take dragon and snowball all lines. Don't forget to ward ur jungle - lot of bad guys really want to steal ur buffs and can kill u on jungle farm. Jinx is very squishy champ and 90% junglers kill her easy. So be aware.
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It's the most dangerous gamepart for u. Or the funniest. It depends on urs teammates and urs itemset. Don't forget that u r not tanky one and try to keep distance from any bad guys trying to oneshot u. Lategame ur team will have a bit more harass and dmg potential, but less tanky (can be not, if u have tank support and toplane). 2 adc in ur team will make ur enemies bleed and always write "report *championname*" to allchat, making u smile more wide each time. Jinx have very nice AOE dmg, allmap ult and great cc amount. Passive helps u to dive for lasthit and stay alive in mass fights. So, just don't forget to help team and they will help u back.
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U will face a lot of flaming scholars on the champion select. Just ignore - the play 2-3 mounth and even can't imagine that it can work good. Best strategy to win - cooperate. Jinx is teamplay adc and solo she works not so effective.
If u have any ideas or critics - write it down! I'm really waiting for urs feedback!
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Jinx Guide
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Let's jungle it Jinx!

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