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League of Legends Build Guide Author totalownage12

LISSANDRA, middle ownage.

totalownage12 Last updated on May 3, 2013
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I will write a guide for Lissandra.
It worked very well for me.

Score Card
c: K D A CS
AP LeagueOfDravenx 18 3 8 202
T UltimateNinjaPL 10 7 17 67
S AFK swirls PL 7 6 19 86
AD sambatopatto98 9 6 12 148
S HOLY potatob1tch 12 9 14 113

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For masteries I use 21/0/9.


Summoners Wrath 1/1
Sorcery 4/4
Blast 4/4
Arcane Knowledge 1/1
Havoc 3/3
Mental Force 2/3
Spellsword 1/1
Archmage 4/4
Executioner 1/1


Summoner's Insight 1/1
Meditation 3/3
Mastermind 1/3
Expanded Mind 3/3
Runic Affinity 1/1

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For runes I did use..

Greater Quintessense of Ability Power x3
Greater Mark of Ability Power x9
Greater Seal of Ability Power x9
Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9

Basically full AP runes :)

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For summoners I chose Flash and Ignite to finish off them kills nicely. c:
Also flash is good to escape a bad situation.

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For items I started with :

Elixir of Brilliance
3 health pots
3 mana pots.

Elixir of Brilliance is really good item to start with cause it increases AP and its important to do more damage in early game so you can get ahead of your enemy.
Mana pots and health pots are to stay longer on the lane.
Asking me why I buy so much mana pots? It's because Lissandra really drains mana, since her q is not on high cooldown and you'll want to do as much damage as possible to bruise enemy.

Then I did start with Sorcerer's Shoes (For some reason I didn't take next ap item). And bought another Elixir of Brilliance.
Then I bought Fiendish Codex for some cooldown reduction. And also again did take Elixir cause I want to be ahead of enemy in AP damage way. I know I waste my gold like that but I really like to use this elixir on Lissandra :)
I did stay on lane how long I could and did save up and build my items into Morellonomicon which is really good for harass. I did die at minute 24 so I made sure to buy myself a Zhonya's Hourglass so I could stay alive a little longer.

Basically things I built was :

Sorcerer's Shoes
Zhonya's Hourglass
Fiendish Codex
Rod of Ages
Liandry's Torment.

I would build my Fiendish Codex into some other item but I had no time cause it was winning time :))


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