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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Live and Die by the Blade A In depth Talon Guide

Last updated on July 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Talon with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
LeBlanc This match up is probably the best, now that they removed her silence it's a easy win. Just jump on her and kill her every time she walks into lane. A leblanc of equal skill is lose this lane every single time.
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Why play talon

Despite what most will say talon is a great assassin that's extremely strong in the right hands. He probably won't land the best kda consistently because of his yolo playstyle. Typically you dive onto the adc and one shot them, but the beautiful part about talon is his ulti and rakes will melt every other member near the adc. A talon that's slightly ahead can sometimes land a kill on both the adc and mid laner depending on both sides itemization. I consider him to be the best at getting to the adc and killing them however he lacks the escape that leblanc and zed have. A lb or zed can kill the adc and then get out of the fight were as talon will kill them and then not be able to do much more than that. however it's not that easy for leblanc to get all the way back to an adc without losing a lot of her damage output and zed can kinda use his shadow to get a little closer but that isn't always enough and zed doesn't have the damage than talon does. Talon can be shut down but typically stays relevant unless there is a lulu that can just ulti anyone to save them.

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Items and why you should be careful about some of them.

Last Whisper: Careful with this item, a lot of the times it's tempting to get however keep in mind most of the time you want to kill the adc, and adc's don't have much armor. Percent armor pen is bad and anything more than 50 armor pen is going to be wasted.

Black Cleaver: This item was the item talon used back in the day of league of cleavers however you have to understand why this item is good on talon before you can use it effectively. Talon hits multiple times with every spell he has that does damage. His q bleeds and every tick of the bleed counts towards getting that 25%, same with his rake and ulti, which both his twice. But don't forget that percent armor pen is not that good, 25% of 50 is 12.5, youmous gives 20 flat, and considering your not going to be doing a lot of damage after hitting them 5 times it's not always the best item. All and all you can expect 22.5 pen from this item, but your combo is e-w-w-aa-q-r-r meaning you're only going to be getting a value greater than youmous on your ulti's damage, but considering you don't have that armor pen at the beginning it's basically wasted. Plus youmous gives a movement speed increase which is amazing on talon. The slot can be better used for the most part.

Triforce: This item is extremely good on talon, however don't get it. The stats it provides are useless besides the buffed aa. You're q will hit like a truck but seriously ap and mana aren't needed Talon is not very mana hungry unless you spam rakes 24/7 and even then by time you run out of mana you should probably just back. This item gives little to no combat stats and isn't worth the massive amounts of gold. If you're 45/0/20 and have enough gold to hard buy it and it isn't a ranked game I say go for it. Otherwise stick to the basics.

Moba's vs Swiftness: Moba's are cheap. I typically get moba's when behind and swiftness when ahead. Moba's lowers your damage output because once you engage in combat you lose a lot of movement speed meaning if you don't kill the adc with your basic combo, don't even waste your time trying to get additional aa's in to kill them, because it's not happening. However moba's give more movement speed than swiftness does and are really good to engage with, however try not to be engaging team fights because you are squishy and will die really fast, and no one will be able to follow up because you will just be out running your entire team.

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Give feed back to anything you want to know that's left out from this guide there are many plays that you have to learn just by playing talon that are extremely situational. A good talon player understands that his life is worth sacrificing in order to carry out his mission. Getting ride of the most fed player on the enemy team/the enemy adc is your most important goal. When super behind or when your team is losing teamfights even without the enemies key player try to stay next to your adc and kill whoever tries to touch them. Typically doing that will win you a team fight and can turn a losing game into a winning one if done early enough. Make sure to itemize for that if that's what you're going to be doing. If that's your plan then grabbing a last whisper and a black cleaver is recommended, in that senerio you want to be doing as much damage as possible through even the tankiest members of there team.