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LoLCheater installation and Fog Of War Cheat Preview

Last updated on January 2, 2013
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Step 1) Download LoLCheater's Latest Version (Updated 2/1/2013) From Here:
Step 2) Run LoLCheater and give it some time to trace lol Client , you might need to disable your firewall or your antivirus by that time because LoLCheater from now on is an illegal game exploiter and its blocked by some antiviruses.

Step 3) Now that LoLCheater is up and running,run lol client and create a custom game, I wouldn't reccommend anyone to try LoLCheater for first time in a normal or in a ranked Q

Step 4) Start the game and try some of the cheats.

Step 5) Enjoy.....

Cheat list:

1) Faster LvLing : This cheat gives you the buff of the utility mastery Awareness (+5%) and Zileans passive buff (+2%).If you have the mastery activated or a Zilean on your team you will not gain the extra xp twice.
2) More Gold: This Cheat gives you more money by faking to the client that you have bought the items that give you extra gold per second (Heart of Gold Kage's Lucky Pick. etc...) = +2g per sec. Again if you buy any of the g per sec items you will not gain the extra gold twice.
3) Cd Reduction : This cheat works the same way as the previous one , you get the cd reduction buff as if you had bought the items that lower your cooldowns.
4) Fog Of War : This cheat removes the Fog Of War and lets you see the whole map as if the whole map was warded.
5) Jungle Timer : This is a tool that helps you jungle by telling you the respawn times of jungle monsters.

6) Oracle: This cheats enables you to see stealth champs as if you had bought oracle.
7) Teleport: This is the best cheat,yet the most dangerous one because its the only cheat that other players can notice , so i suggest using it only when you are in stealth and you are sure that other players will not see you teleport from one place to another on mini map.


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