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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Juggernaught

long live Karthus

The Juggernaught Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 10

Veteran's Scars

Defense: 19

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 1

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Hi everybody, I would like to start by emphasizing the importance of midding with this build for a couple of reasons. Low health, even with this build, I have about 603 health. Im slow, Im a slow champion, not good when 2 people focus you.I have no solid escape mechanisms, I cant wall of pain often early, too much mana, I prefere ghost to flash for chasing with defile late game and lining up multiple lay waste at all points of the game, so although I do have ghost, I would prefere to use it offensively to really abuse my great range and set up my ult with ignight( works much better with only one champ facing me) And lastly, I simply dont have the mana to deal with 2 champs early.My mana runs dry long before their health does, and clever players will simply take turns being the aggressor against me.Mana is not an issue in mid because i have total control over the minion waves, whereas in a top or bot lane with a teammate, I miss out on crucial minion kills which severely hurts my mana regen. Of course with a jungler, you may have to 2 v 1, but thats fine as you will outfarm them easily and control tempo with your range and lvl advantage. you play defensively anyways, this situation just pushes it on you a bit more.

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Skill Sequence

I think wall of pain is an extremely strong skill,, but, I usually have no need for it before lvl 7 when ganking tends to start happening in ernest (especially after you've either killed or push the opposing mid out of lane a couple of times by this point)Another reason for this is it doesnt help your dps or farming abilities early on and 100 mana sure is expensive. As far as the skill leveling, whatevers clever. If your lay waste harassment is going well, then lvl it up before defile.If you miss one too many, mana troubles are bound to catch up with you. If this happens, simply upgrade defile one ahead of lay waste and focus on bombing the caster minions for a few waves, making sure to keep yourself in constant melee with the opposing melee minions.If the opponent got big with you and you defiled too much, feel free to let them push you to your turret. In most cases, you will still outfarm them by a considerable margin and potentially allow a gank if their in too deep. If your allies are going 1 for 1, or if you get a good requium, this will threaten the gank and should either give you time to re or have someone else pick up mid while you heal.Alot of people like to re, buy items and ult right away.While this can potentially give the side lanes and agressive posture, I dislike this strategy because of the time lost in lane, where in mid thats huge.With teleport, this strategy can work, alone with a sightward in stead of potions lvl 1 to ambush the injured mid with defile and laywast before the ult, pretty much burning all your mana, but leaving mid all yours.My main job is killing their all costs. 1 for 1 trades are great with Karthus due to his passive, and if forced enough early, will have a huge impact in the mid ad late game.

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I have tried out many builds, and no other one is satisfactory for what i need.magic pen is a must, so now i have 21 points left.i could go all offence for havoc,extra minion damage, attack speed and damage, leaving me 9 for magic resist, dodge, nimbleness in defense(or magic resist, armor and harden skin), or utility for improved ghost, 1 into the regen, 2 into the reduced time spent dead, increased xp and neutral monster buff for golem. Offence isnt really and option as all your really getting is the 5% extra damage, which is what led me to this build with the 4% increased ap by lvl 18, which is pretty close to even with all the ap items in the build. The missing 4 dmg to minions, attack speed/damage is covered by ardor as well as most of the havoc bonus, and is replace by 60 health, dodge,(you can go armor instead of health regen to get the lvl 1 harden skin(lvl 1 gives you 1 reduced damage while all other lvls give you .5, not worth it) and the lvl 1 reduced damage from minions by putting only 2 into magic resist) I like to test my luck and late game nimbleness can really save your but,and max mana converted to health regen, which helps out immensely in staying in lane and like all the other, aside from ardor, masteries contribute to survivability early game which is one of Karthus' main flaws.Utility is good, mana regen, more buff duration, cooldown reduction(with seals and masteries 17.1% by 18) and movement speed, but i feel the movement speed is only so so with lichbane inconsistantly in the build, and since I opt for the health instead of movement speed quints where that additional 3% would mean more. as far as a 9 21 offence, defense build, getting tenacity over improved ignight and improved ghost, doesnt seem worth it to me. The extra 10 ap lvl 1 or 2 is great for farming with lay waste and the 4% less damage still seems like a waste since I dont have that much health to use it with until Rod of Ages and later crystal scepter.Both work, but I hate to be out ghosted.