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Low Elo Trundle Guide

Last updated on April 29, 2016
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Hey guys my name is Lord Trundle im a Trundle main in Silver-Gold Elo, and today im gonna show you how i play trundle in these Elos with great effect.

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In Silver Elo i always run scaling runes and mastery simply because games in this Elo always carry out for so long.
I run
scaling AD reds
scaling Armor yellows
scaling MR blues
scaling Health quins
if you wanna run the standard runes its
AD reds
Armor yellows
scaling MR blues
atk spd quins

and for masteries 12/0/18. Pictures will be posted below >>>>>>>
you can also run scaling HP yellows on the flat page just because he scales really well with max HP because of his passive and W.

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For items you can go a more damage intensive build or a tank intensive build. here are your choices below

for damage you can switch out the swiftness boots for berserkers , and for tank build either go Ninjas for strong auto attack comps. Example double ADC or vayne/trist ADC. or go mercs for heavy CC teams. * personally i think tenacity is one of the most undervalued stats on a tank because heavy CC destroys tanks.

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Skill Sequence

Always max Q E W and R when its available.
You also can max E Q W and R when its available if your getting ganked alot or if you perfer zone control over damage.

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Passive. Your passive gives you a small health for ANY thing that dies around you, wards minions champions ETC. from anywhere of 4-8% of your MAX HP on trundel, this is why max hp is soo good on him.

Q. Your Q is a chomp that has a slighlty larger attack range than your normal auto attacks which also resets your auto attack. normally you wanna AA then Q then AA again. It gives you bonus AD takes away some of the champions AD that you used the ability on, and slows them for a short moment.

W. Your W is an AOE buff that increases atk spd, move spd, and all forms of regeneration. This is an ability that i always have up 100% of the time if i know im gonna be smacking a tower, or am in any sort of prolonged fighting. This is especially good if you have alot of AOE dmg on our team that can hit a tower, and kill minions at the same time as it will heal you for a **** ton for every thing that dies around you, effectively healing you while seiging, or tanking a tower.

E. Your E is a displacement ability that counts as a knock-up and terrain which is good to know if you have a vayne on your or the enemy team, and if you have a yasuo on your or the enemy team becasue E pillar can be used by vayne to stun someone into it, and yasuos can use the E pillar knock up to get off an ult if they are quick enough to use it. It will also draw tower aggro if used under the enemy tower, It will also cancel any channel effects. I.E WW ult Malzhar Ult Xerath Ult, even backing to base. Keep in mind this will also cancel your own teammates actions. " The Troll King "

R. Your R is an insane ability. This is what makes trundle the "antitank" Always use this ability on the tankiest champion on the enemy team. It will give you 40% of their armor and MR and reduce their's while transfering it to you, 20% right away and 40% over time, it will also drain 25% of their max hp. These values increase with level of course. You dnt wanna use this ability right away, unless you need to quickly burst down a priority tank on the enemy team quickly with your team as it will remove a large amount of their defensive stats.

His kit. Trundle's Kit makes him an insane duelist, and makes it almost impossible to 1v1 him when ahead, and your also able to 1v1 when behind because of this kit depending on how fed they are, and what champion it is.

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Creeping / Jungling

With trundles passive and high sustain, you should always steal a gromp or krugs if your jungler is okay with it, and if the time is appropriate when your on your way back to lane as it wont effect your health pool much.
I normally take the came when im walking back to lane, or when my lane is pushing/ im being zoned and i cant do anything in lane.

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Pros / Cons

super tanky if build in that matter
has a lot of damage even if build tanky
anti tank
lots of zoning
easy to lane with
great sustain
good at tower diving
really ****ing annoying with his taunt and E
really hard to gank with his E
can easily 2v1 with his ult
can be a really strong split pusher.
can fill almost any role
like most bruisers/tanks he is easily beat with kiting and CC. This is why i always believe building tanks with high mov spd, and tenacity is the best way to build tanks because they all are countered the same way.
has a slow start to him until first item/ pre 6.
has a hard time vs champs that can pick and choose when they wanna fight you. IE olaf, garen, nasus.
can be mana hungry in long fights.

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Team Work

In team fights you have a few things you need to do to be very annyoing and useful.
1. Always ult the tankiest target on the team.
2. use ur E as an insane zoning tool especially in the jungle.
3. your Q is almost like a mini exhaust use it on the ADC, or who ever is targeting your ADC
4. Tank/ Front line all ****ing day in team fights.

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In the end no matter how you build trundle he is gonna be a really annoying anti tank bruiser who is tanky and high in damage, he is amazing in team fights because of all his zoning buffing debuffing and armor spreading abilities. You will easily win lane if you just farm for a little while and basically wait until level 6. very similar to Garen. Once your 6 you probably will not be able to be defeated 1v1 so long as you dnt feed, and is also a very safe pick against poke lanes because of his lane sustain with LS and his passive. You can use trundle as a safe pick, a split pusher, a tank, a high damage dealing duelist, or an Anti tank your choice. With over 200k mastery in trundle, and over 200 ranked games played with him, i can honeslty say he is one of the most fun champs to play. Have fun rekting tanks 1v1ing carries, and most of all have fun trolling in the summoner's rift ! :D


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