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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Lucian is best ADC in patch 4.10 !

Last updated on June 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Varus You gave good poke and burst, can dodge Varus' abilities rather simply by using Relentless Pursuit, has really strong close combat and you trades quite hard. Play aggressive and use pursuit carefully, because it wins the lane once again. Try to get snowball running.
Kog'Maw Kog'Maw relies on his late game damage. Your job is to stop that goal early. Go really aggressive, because this bug only has mere auto-attacks to fight in the beginning. Auto-attack range increases as W is evolved, but the damages are rather minor still. Poke out of lane with Piercing Light and use the Relentless Pursuit wisely for Kog'Maw's slow.
Twitch Twitch relies on AA damage. Pretty much the same playing style as Quinn. You need to deny farm in this lane, because he has quite good late-game. Before level 6 it is very easy to poke/zone with Piercing Light's range and deny escapes with Relentless Pursuit. Ardent Blaze is good way to stop stealth.
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Skill Sequence

Lightslinger (PASSIVE): Rather good passive out of the ones in league currently. Too bad it got nerfed a little, but it's still ridicilously strong after you get items. In early game it's all about winning trades and as Lucian it's impossible to loose fair trade with this passive.

Piercing Light (Q): Your main ability to deal damage and poke enemies. Use it on a minion facing towards the wanted target if you are out of range from just clicking on the actual target. Q + AA + passive is the core of winning trades. Also very useful when farming minions under tower or minions that are out of range.

Ardent blaze(W): Not all that great ability, but I do like it's range. The actual range is the explosion range in the form of star. So even if the range meter shows the max range, but it's just for the shooting star not for the explosion radius. I use this ability mostly BEFORE I start going for the actual kill, if I have clear vision so I can take advantage of the movement speed of the ability and Trinity Force. In lane it's ok to farm minions with this.

Relentless Pursuit (E): The usage of this ability is the key of your positioning. It does work against attack speed slows. It has quite long cooldown, so use it wisely. In lane rush level 2 and use AA + passive + Q + AA to deal close to half of opposing champions health. Only use it offensively when there is no danger of getting caught or you get kill.

The culling (R): Dangerouse ultimate in the wrong hands. If this ability is used inproperly it will cause huge loss of damage. Never use this in close range if you have other abilities up. Perfect usage is when opponent is out of AA range. You can deal lot's of poke combined with Relentless Pursuit to continue chase. Remember to aim the first shot properly.

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Flash is the most important spell in the game and is also the most used. Do not take anything over it! It can save you from tricky situations where you normally wouldn't survive. It is also a last hitting/finishing a champion tool if the enemy is running away from you.

Barrier is a useful summoner spell at any point of the game. It can be used for baiting the enemy in to kill them and for saving you in close-call situations. This summoner spell has become core to most ADC’s after being spotted as useful. It shields more than Ignite does damage, so that's why it is typically taken over it.

Cleanse is considerable against heavy CC bot lane or overall team composition. It removes all CC, so it is a great tool to use against Exhaust in laning phase for example. The question is whether it provides a significant advantage over Barrier.

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>> Fury for some attack speed, which can also be traded for the cooldown reduction, but the attack speed feels better to me and Butcher to help you with last hitting.

>> Then go for Brute Force . Small amount of AD for late game. It's like an extra Long Sword, which is worth 400 gold. Honestly it is kinda meh, but it is necessary for us to get to the next tier along with picking Feast for the extra sustain.

>> Martial Mastery is useful to help with farming: especially under tower. It gives you some extra damage for poking also. Then Executioner for the bonus % damage for the late game.

>> Here I go for Warlord which is rather nice overall. It is nice to increase the total amount of AD further.

>> Here we access the most cost worthy mastery: Devastating Strikes . Lucian benefits little from the ap penetration also due magic damaging abilities. Finally Frenzy, which could be switched around for the 1.5% increased damage, but I feel like Frenzy actually benefits you, even though you don't need the attack speed that much.

>> Finally the last point for Havoc . Not a "wow" bonus, but 3% extra damage for 1 point is OK I guess. Its not really that much if you start to count how much the percentage is from ~2k damage, but it is still worth it.


>> Block and Recovery . The Block mastery is really good. It seems very little, but it is much more useful than you may think. LoLmath has video of it in youtube I believe, go watch it, if you want to see the math behind this mastery. Health regen gives some extra sustain.

>> I take Unyielding to boost the effect of Block even further, making it a total of 3 less damage per auto-attack and some reduction against spells. Next take Veteran Scars for some extra tankiness, so you don't seem quite as squishy.

>> Juggernaut is worth because it takes only 1 point for 3%. Not that much if you compare my example for 3% extra damage from 1000, but this point is a fair ~+20 health in lane early-game.

>> I have covered a little bit about the utility vs defensive masteries in the following tree. It is pretty much up to what you prefer. Both masteries work well and are viable. Some may wonder why I skip over the enchanted armor and magic resist as it's 5%. The reason is, because you will have around 30-100 resists throughout the game and it is a mere 1.5-5 more defense. It's possible to go for it also though.

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Lucian !?


Preferred Role:

Lucian in nutshell:

Lucian is a ADC semi-caster that works well trough any stage of the gamme. Never really falls off and only early game can be a little troubling, but still rather easy. I think he does really well against anyone at bottom lane. The most popular ADC pick Jinx is also quite easy lane, so Lucian is safe pick that doesn't loose lane that hard to any ADC. His abilities are great for farming even if you are zoned and I doubt Riot will nerf Lucian for a while.